Yupir’s Labyrinth Guide – Exos Heroes

Yupir’s Labyrinth Guide - Exos Heroes

It is a Tower-mode similar to other gacha games.

There 2 modes; Easy and Hard.

You can earn Xes hhere

You can only complete Easy mode once per account

Hard mode record will be reset monthly.

Subjugation record (Hard mode) is reset daily.

Enemies have high Dodge rate.

This is where you can complete various dungeons to earn rewards.

The team specified for Yupir’s Labyrinth will be used.

You can enter by tapping the Challenge button in the World.

Combat Power penalties do not apply here, so you will need to employ various strategies that are appropriate for each dungeon.

Levistones are used to enter.

Easy Mode (Unlock at Chapter 4-x)

This is a dungeon designed to be easy to clear.

There is no monthly clear record resets for this dungeon.

The levels, once cleared, can’t be reentered until your record is reset.

Your reward varies, depending on your current difficulty level.

LevelSpecial EffectReward Xes
1Immune to Magic based damage10
2Nothing Special10
3Nothing Special10
4Invincibility for first 10 turns20
5Nothing Special20
6Nothing Special20
7Nothing Special30
8Increase attack when damage received30
9Left Boss Immune to dmg when Right Boss is alive30
10Cast Blind on Party40
11Immune to Physical damage40
12Immune to Physical damage40
13Reflect + Immune Buff (3 hits)50
14Two Bosses (nothing special)50

Can be completed with a level 50 team.

Hard Mode (Unlock at Chapter 6-16)

June 2020

This is a dungeon designed to be difficult to clear.

Your clear record is reset monthly.

The levels, once cleared, can’t be reentered until your record is reset.

You can check your Allies’ clear progress and team information.

Clear the final level to enter a special dungeon.

You can Sweep this dungeon once a day.

Your reward varies, depending on your current difficulty level.

Your subjugation record is reset daily.

LevelSpecial EffectReward Xes
1Nothing special10
212 turns invincibility20
3Nothing special30
4Only Ice units can deal damage40
5Nothing special50
6AOE Shock, nothing special60
7Only Dark units can deal damage70
8High ST damage80
9High AOE damage90
10Defense Buff (Bring piercing)100
11Cast an Attack debuff on your team reducing damage to 1. Debuff is not cleansable.Only use your skill if your character(s) are not affected by debuff110
12Immune to Magic damage120
13Boss has decent AOE damageHas 2 lives, kill it twice130
14Immune to basic attack140
15Boss reflects damage150
16Increase MaxHPHigh Block RateGains damage immunity at 10 charges (gains a charge every time it gets hit)Suggest bring lesser units to allow boss to expand his charges so you can deal maximum damage when he is not immune or, bring buffers and healers to avoid doing damage and giving him a charge160
17AOE Poison, nothing specialHe is immune to some attacks but I’m not sure what is it as it does not occur often.170
18Left Boss (wings) healsRight Boss (bow) does very high ST damageFocus on killing Right Boss first, when Right Boss is below 20% HP, Left Boss will suicide and heal full HP to Right Boss180
19Only Earth units can deal damageInstant DeathCan be Poison190
20Only Fire units can deal damageImmune to Skill Attacks200
21Buffs Dodge (4 turns) and Invincibility (2 turns) when you perform Skill damageBuffs Defense (4 turns), Block (4 turns) and heals self when you perform normal attack,High ST damageYou need to plan carefully whether to allow her to heal or use another character’s Skill damage to catch up with the healed HP210
22Only Light units can deal damage100 – 50% HP > Magic damage only50 – 0% HP > Physical damage only220

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