Table tennis footwork basic fundamentals

Table tennis footwork basic fundamentals

In all sports, especially table tennis, footwork is one of the most important aspects besides many others. Why?

Footwork is important as it is used in every shot and every point played. You always need to have your feet in the correct position if you want to produce the most effective table tennis shots.

If you do not have your feet where they need to be, then not only will your shot be of low quality, but the rest of your shots and your game will be messed up. If you cannot get to the ball in time, then you will not be able to hit shots effectively.

When you have your feet in the right place, your shot will be much more powerful and spinier. Which will enable you to get your opponent out of position.

Now, what I want to show you is the way to having the correct footwork.

There are many different aspects to footwork that you must have. These are the more basic and fundamental ones that you must have.

Bend your knees

The first one is to always have your knees bent. If you do not have your knees bent, it will be so much harder to move your feet. click here to find out why you need to bend your knees


Another important thing you need to know is where you last hit the ball so you can recover to an optimal position for the next shot.

Most of the time the ball will be coming back diagonally from where you hit it to. So this will help you predict where the ball will be going to next about 70% of the time.

Weight transfer

Finally, weight transfer is another very important thing. Without correct transfer of weight, your body will be off balance and you will not be able to execute shots effectively.


In conclusion, I believe if you work on improving these fundamental areas of your footwork, your game will improve, and will take you to the next level.

Tools to improve footwork

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