Who is Teacher – Reincarnated as a sword

How was Teacher created

How was Teacher made

First is Fenrir. Originally a Divine Beast of the Goddess of the Silver Moon, Fenrir was made to consume and purify pieces of the Evil God as such he was also made with high resistance to the Evil God’s control, he also has the ability to take the skills of those he has eaten, specifically the crystals from monsters.

The first piece Fenrir consumed went well with Fenrir being uncontrollable to the Evil God’s influence, but he gained a desire to eat more of the Evil God’s pieces even though he hasn’t finished purifying the piece yet.

At the second piece eaten, Fenrir became violent and more driven to consume the pieces. The third piece had Fenrir being borderline out of control with the fourth piece causing him to go out of control entirely and now being labelled as an S-Rank Demon Beast by the people.

The Goddess of the Silver Moon then begged the Goddess of Chaos for help.

At around the same time, the Godsmith Elmera finished making the Wisdom Sword Cherubim, but was deemed too powerful by the Goddess of WIsdom and ordered it to be discarded.

Saddened by this, Elmera then decided to at least give Cherubim a purpose by using it to fight the rampaging Fenrir.

The Goddess of Chaos intervened and proposed to Elmera to make use of Cherubim as a container for Fenrir’s soul and help him recover which Elmera gladly accepted. Fenrir’s soul is taken from his body and sealed into the repurposed Cherubim with Fenrir’s body being sealed underground, with the area now being referred to as Marou Plains/Demonic Wolf Plains.

The repurposed Cherubim lost its name with only fragments of Cherubim remaining in the sword, which would be then be given by Teacher the placeholder name of ‘Announcer’. Unfortunately it turned out that a piece of the Evil God has wormed its way into Fenrir’s soul and was still corrupting him further even when sealed inside the sword.

The gods are capable of giving orders that cannot be refused to those who are their kin, originally the War God that later became the Evil God helped in the creation of the world. As such everyone born in that world can be distantly classified as their kin, when they became the Evil God they now re-specialized in control, giving commands that everyone born in that world cannot refuse.

This is where Teacher finally comes in, as someone born in another world he is immune to the Evil God’s control and as such be able to keep the Evil God piece fused with Fenrir’s soul in check, so the Gods needed a soul from another planet to be the dominant personality for the sword.

The Goddess of Chaos then asked for the assistance of the Goddess of the Underworld who was in-charge of managing souls everywhere. The criteria they chose for is that the soul should be recently deceased, not overly zealous, not overly atheistic, still being kind and willing to be sealed in the sword.

Teacher is actually the 3rd person they have chosen but the first one who was actually willing to be sealed. The God of Swords also chipped in since he is the God of Swords, fun fact they are called Godswords in the first place in spite of some of them not being swords is because the God of Swords was the primary god that fought and defeated the Evil God so the Godswords were named in his honor, with the first Godsword Alpha being used to emulate his power.

Teacher then needed for most of his memory to be erased so he wouldn’t go mad when he wakes up as a sword, but still has enough memories to give him context, such as how he died, and a memory of him talking with the Goddess of the Silver Moon, Wisdom, and the Underworld to give him motivation to seek it out, this ties into Teacher going out to fight and learn more, eating crystals to get stronger which will help Fenrir recover.

The process to seal Teacher’s soul inside the sword took a lot of power from the Demonic Wolf Plains, it’s why the monsters were weakest at the center and slowly got stronger the further you go from the center in spite of it being directly on top of Fenrir’s currently sealed body. The Forest of Silence where Fran and Teacher met was made to prevent strong monsters from going out.

In short, Teacher is a collaboration effort of multiple gods. Fenrir gives the ability to gain skills from crystals (Silver Moon), Fragments of Cherubim assist teacher when using skills and gives announcements (Wisdom), Teacher’s soul is immune to the Evil God’s control and sealed as the main personality of the sword (Underworld), self-evolution system used on the excess power gained from crystals (Chaos), being a sword (Swords), and possess a piece of the Evil God (Evil God, admittedly not on purpose though). Add another god, specifically the God of Beasts and Insects, down the line due to Fran, a beastman.

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