Who is Mercphobia Fairy Tail

Mercphobia is a character from the popular manga and anime series “Fairy Tail” created by Hiro Mashima. He is one of the Five Dragon Gods, ancient and powerful creatures that are revered and feared for their immense magical power. In this blog post, we will explore the background, powers, and more of Mercphobia.


Mercphobia is the “God of Water Dragon,” and as such, he has the power to manipulate and control water. He is the strongest member of the Five Dragon Gods, and his magic is considered to be on a level beyond any other water-based mage in the series. Mercphobia is also known for his calm and rational personality, which is unusual for a dragon.

Mercphobia was once a friendly dragon who lived in a village with other dragons. However, he became increasingly frustrated with humans as they continued to encroach upon dragon territory. This led to a confrontation between the dragons and humans, which resulted in the deaths of many dragons. As a result of this, Mercphobia became more aggressive and began to see humans as a threat.


As the God of Water Dragon, Mercphobia has control over all water-based magic. He is able to manipulate water in various forms such as ice, steam, and vapor. He can also create large-scale water-based attacks and can even create tidal waves. His magic is so powerful that he can create a rainstorm with enough force to destroy buildings and cities.

One of Mercphobia’s most notable abilities is his ability to control the ocean itself. He is able to create giant whirlpools, which can drag entire ships and their crews to the bottom of the ocean. He can also manipulate the tides, causing massive floods that can destroy entire cities.

Mercphobia’s powers are not limited to water alone. He can also control and manipulate air, allowing him to create powerful storms and gusts of wind. He can even use his powers to control the weather, allowing him to create powerful thunderstorms or calm the ocean during a hurricane.


Unlike most dragons in the series, Mercphobia has a calm and rational personality. He is not quick to anger and is often seen as being logical and level-headed. He is also very intelligent and is able to make quick and informed decisions when needed.

However, Mercphobia’s calm demeanor should not be mistaken for weakness. He is a very powerful dragon and is not afraid to use his powers to defend himself or his allies. He is also very protective of his territory and will not hesitate to use force to protect it.


As a member of the Five Dragon Gods, Mercphobia is an ally of the Dragon Slayers. He also has a close relationship with fellow Dragon God, Aldoron, and the two have been seen working together to maintain the balance of power in the magical world.

However, his aggressive and territorial nature has caused conflicts with other characters in the series, including the protagonists of Fairy Tail. This has resulted in many battles, some of which have been among the most intense and dramatic in the entire series.


Mercphobia is a fascinating character in the world of Fairy Tail. As the strongest member of the Five Dragon Gods, his power is unmatched. His ability to control and manipulate water, air, and weather make him a formidable opponent in battle. However, his calm and rational personality make him a unique character in a series that is often filled with hot-headed and impulsive characters.

Overall, Mercphobia is an essential part of the Fairy Tail universe. His power, personality, and relationships with other characters make him a complex and interesting character that fans of the series love to watch.

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