Who is Alpha ( The Eminence in Shadow)

The second-in-command of Shadow Garden, as well as a descendant of the elf hero, Olivier. After being cured of Demon Possession by Cid Kagenou, she devoted her life to his cause, becoming the first member to be recruited into his organization.

Alpha is a young voluptuous beautiful female elf with long golden blond hair and blue eyes, as well as a slender figure with a large bosom. Most notably, she has often been described as strongly resembling her ancestor, the Hero Olivier.

In her civilian outfit, Alpha normally wears a revealing dark decorative gown with opera gloves and high heels, along with a choker and necklace.

During Shadow Garden activities, she adorns the customary slime bodysuit with the chest area exposing her cleavage, as well as unique decorations patterned around her uniform. Additionally, she wears a domino mask attached with a flower to hide her identity.

Alpha is driven by revenge against the Order of Diabolos, for the suffering she endured when she was a child. Hence why she is determined to make Shadow Garden prosper in order to fulfill that goal and looks down on those who get in her and her comrades’ way.

However, Alpha is more than that. She is compassionate and loyal to Cid and her comrades of Shadow Garden. Alpha has the utmost faith in her master, knowing his full strength, but there are times she is concerned for his safety and well-being and pleads for him to trust her and Shadow Garden. Her faith is so strong. She’s even willing to give her life to him and nearly did so when it looked like Shadow abandoned her and Shadow Garden.

As the head who spearheaded most of Shadow Garden’s operation, she always ensures that those under her command return safely and refuses to give them an order that she would not be willing to do herself. She extends this kindness to the victims of the Order of Diabolos as perfectly shown when she kills a mutated girl, knowing how much suffering she was going through.

Possession & Exile

During her early childhood in the country of elves, Alpha was living a relatively normal life, even becoming acquainted with the girl who would become Beta. Unfortunately, upon discovering that she was afflicted with Demon Possession, the young elf was exiled and forced to flee from her home. Eventually, she became captive to a group of bandits while the Demonic Possession progressed to her entire body.

Rise of Shadow Garden

Fortunately, the young elf was discovered by Cid Kagenou, who defeated her captors before healing her Demon Possession and restoring her body to normal. Swearing her loyalty as repayment, the girl, designated as Alpha, was recruited by Cid, who revealed the true nature of Demon Possession, as well as the existence of the culprits behind the conspiracy, the Order of Diabolos. Upon learning the truth, Alpha agreed to join his cause, formally creating the initial formation of Shadow Garden.

Afterward, Alpha, being sheltered and guided by Cid, trained to improve her swordsmanship and magic, while also learning different various skills from her master. Eventually, she was reunited with Beta, before being later joined by Gamma and Delta. Together with Beta and Gamma, the three discussed and planned the structure of the organization, using their leader’s Shadow Wisdom. In the meantime, both Shadow and Alpha continued recruiting members, lastly enlisting Epsilon, Zeta, and Eta.

Assault on the Order

After Cid’s elder sister, Claire, was kidnapped by the Order of Diabolos, Alpha led the investigation to track down their location, although her master quickly ascertained their enemies’ position himself. Later, as Shadow Garden assaulted the Order’s hideout, Alpha led the other members in slaughtering the guards before confronting the culprit behind the abduction, Viscount Olba. Although she was easily able to overwhelm him, Olba barely escaped capture after consuming drugs to enhance his strength. Despite the Viscount’s getaway, Alpha nevertheless was confident that Shadow would handle him, believing that he had already foreseen their enemies’ movement. Subsequently, her faith was soon rewarded, as Cid successfully defeated Olba and liberated his sister from captivity.

Following their success, Alpha and the other girls later requested a meeting with their master, showcasing the results of their research into the Curse and the Order. In conclusion, the seven determined that they would need to disperse in order to rescue other victims as well as continue investigating their sole enemy. After receiving Shadow’s permission, Alpha tearfully departed along with her allies to begin bolstering their resistance.

The Kidnapping of Alexia Midgar

Alpha later reunited with Cid after learning of his suspected involvement with the abduction Princess Alexia Midgar, particularly her master’s relationship with the royal member. After both suspected the Order’s involvement in the kidnapping and conspiracy against him, the young elf then departed to gather their forces to counterattack the cult and rescue the princess.

Later, observing Shadow Garden’s operation’s progress, Alpha intervened during Princess Iris’ battle against the demonized Emilia, the experimented daughter of Olba, opting to dispatch the child as mercy before disappearing.

Midgar Academy Terrorism

Absent during the terrorist assault on Midgar Royal Spellsword Academy, Alpha mets with Gamma after the incident. Gamma informed her of the situation. Despite Shadow Garden being framed as the perpetrators by the Order of Diabolos, she nevertheless resolved to continue following her master’s will, ordering Gamma to gather the Shadow Seven before departing.

Holy Ground Infiltration

After sending a letter to Cid to come to Lindwurm, Alpha meanwhile examined the murder of Archbishop Drake, however, her focus remained on the truth regarding the Hero Olivier and the Holy Ground.

As such, after Shadow defeated the Witch of Calamity Aurora during the Trial of the Goddess, Alpha and Shadow Garden seized the opportunity to investigate the Holy Ground, forcibly bringing acting Archbishop Nelson, as well as Princess Alexia and Rose Oriana unexpectedly.

Within the Holy Ground, Alpha revealed her lineage with Olivier, as well as her ancestor’s history and goal of the Order of Diabolos until Nelson attempted to retaliate. Along with Delta, the two repelled the Knight of Rounds’ onslaught before retreating upon the completion of their investigation.

Later, after the destruction of the Holy Ground by their master, Alpha was briefed on the situation by Epsilon who then announced the results of their research, revealing Aurora as the true identity of Diabolos.

God of War Tournament

After Rose escaped from the God of War Festival, Alpha approached the fugitive princess to offer her the opportunity to join them to rescue the Oriana Kingdom against the Order of Diabolos. Upon Rose’s acceptance, Alpha then guided the former student council president to their hidden base, Alexandria, where she entrusted their latest recruit to the instructor Lambda for training before departing.

Great Trade Alliance Conflict

As the conflict with Mitsugoshi Company’s rival, the Great Trade Alliance, escalated, Alpha and Shadow Garden noticed the increasing circulation of counterfeit banknotes into the economy, which consequently could ruin both companies if left unrestricted. However, their attempts to locate the source of the forgeries had failed due to the interference of a mysterious guard named John Smith. After dispatching Delta resulted in her presumed death, Alpha then confronted the new adversary, only to discover that Shadow was the true culprit. Demanding an explanation, she attempted to subjugate him to force an answer. However, the Seven Shadow was ultimately defeated and left by her master.

Following the confrontation, Alpha became heavily depressed while the counterfeit situation continued to worsen, believing that her master had abandoned Shadow Garden. Fortunately, upon receiving a decrypted message previously given by Shadow earlier detailing his motives, she was exuberant that he had not betrayed them and even supplied them the funds to resolve Mitsugoshi’s financial crisis. With her faith reaffirmed, Alpha then departed with Shadow Garden to retrieve their master’s capital after reuniting with Delta.

Subsequently, Shadow Garden was able to locate and collect the stash before infiltrating the Great Trade Alliance leader, Gettan’s residence, discovering a letter addressed to his former fiancé, Yukime, the White Monarch of Outlaw City. Later, Alpha approached the fox lady, giving her Gettan’s letter before revealing Shadow’s connection with the Mitsugoshi Company and his plan to establish their strength. Despite the revelation, the two agreed to form an alliance against the Order of Diabolos and departed together to discuss their plans.

Powers & Abilities

Alpha has shown to be a powerful swordswoman, able to easily disarm Iris Midgar, albeit by catching her off guard, and defeating a monster that the Midgar Kingdom’s strongest warrior was struggling against in a single blow. Even her master, Shadow was impressed by how much she had grown in power and skill. Like all members of Shadow Garden, being one of its founders, she possesses excellent stealth infiltration skills. Alpha is also a competent leader.

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