Who are Baam parents

Who are Baam parents

Possible theories:

Theory 1

Is he Arlen Grace’s child?

“She offered her child to the God outside of the Tower with hopes that the God’s power would return the child to life. She further prophesied that the child would return to the Tower, obtain the Thorn that would be left behind by the God’s messenger, take revenge on those who caused her suffering, and ultimately lead the people of the Tower to greater heights.”

Theory 2

I definitely don’t think it’s impossible that he’s the child of a random nobody and I really dislike the thinking that all people of great power are from powerful lineages. Case and point: Urek Mazino, Enryu, Grace Mirchea Luslec, Molic One P. GR, Yu Han Sung etc. these are all powerful people who have not come from a powerful family and are powerful in and of their own right.

We already know that all known Irregulars in-universe (excluding Rachel) are overwhelmingly powerful and/or possess incredible and unique abilities, so it would stand to reason that Baam is the same. Enryu could create 9000 baangs and life itself, Phantaminum is an Axis, Urek Mazino was already monstrously powerful the moment he entered the Tower. Baam’s uniqueness as an Irregular would be he’s a shinsoo genius and can mimic shinsoo techniques after seeing them once.

With all that said, I no longer think I’ll be too surprised if Baam does come from a powerful lineage.

Theory 3

By far the most popular specific pairing for Baam’s parents is Eurasia Enne Zahard and Enryu. Unless someone tells you about this pairing it isn’t exactly obvious but it seems way too conveniant in many regards, as it could conveniantly (in my opinion too convenaintly) tie many events that we know very little about together. From Enne’s father Gustang supposedly knowing of a way out of the tower and at the workshop battle potentially showing interest in Baam and being responsible for getting him Enryu’s thorn (could be doing that for a great number of reasons, though). Also Enne being the daughter of 2 heads of the 10 great family who are both excelling at Shinsoo control and having Zahards blood to top it off mixed with Enryu’s unrivaled Shinsoo mastery, it actually seems too conveniant if Baam’s mysterious natural talent for Shinsoo control comes from pretty much the most talented monsters in that regard ever. Honestly any specific pairing in itself still seems very unlikely but I’m gonna throw out some assumptions that at least point towards something I guess (but the assumptions themselves very well might be wrong so don’t pretend I act like I’m presenting facts).

1) Baam was expected to enter the tower as an irregular.

The mysterious cave outside of the tower with the symbol of Zahard in it and Rachel one day ‘finding’ that boy in complete darkness and deciding to stay with him and raise him and knowing the night on which he was born (that might just be randomly decided , though). Her knowing about the tower (calling Headon a Fae) and the outside (stars) and one day she resolves herself to enter the tower and on that very day she enters it as an irregular. My assumption is that she either was to make sure he  never enters the tower or to make sure he develops the desire to climb the tower on his own(personally think it’s the latter) and she made herself a substitute for his desire to climb the tower. We also have FUG saying they were waiting for this to happen for a very long time (might very well be long before he was born so it wouldn’t necessarily have to have been him) and we have Yuri going to the first floor, after somebody told her (maybe she started running when Rachel entered and she was close to begin with and it might very well just be somewhat of a plot hole as to not confuse the reader with too much information) and we have FUG already set up at the floor of tests with Evankhell missing right at that time.

To conclude this I think the expectation for him to become one is only realistic when at least one of his parents was an irregular as well. Urek seems to be the least likely and I also don’t think any of the 10 great family heads is likely as well. Some think he is the son of Zahard, but I don’t know if SIU wants his own little Star Wars story and we also have Ja Wagnan, who might very well fit the bill and wouldn’t that also make Baam sort of immortal/invincible within the tower, seems kinda boring to me, but that’s just my personal opinion. Phantaminum, to me, is like the manifestation of SIU’s health concerns or simply a tool for him to end the story whenever he wants to. He’s a complete joke and has no central role in the plot, except for one incident, so that he at the very least has a part in the story and so that SIU has a connection to other TUS stories if he wishes to continue with them. So if we say nono to the family heads, Zahard, Urek and Phanta only Enryu remains on our list.

2) Baam has a special relationship with the princesses of Zahard.

While he seems somewhat popular in general (Yeon and Xia Xia (rabbit girl)) he seems to be particularly popular with princesses, which is a also used as a plot device. Yuri for example can’t really tell why she is willing to risk that much (jokingly saying he has potential to become handsome) and Repellista seems extremely excited over the upcoming events (might have different reasons). Androssi also couldn’t really tell why she liked him, but she’s also risking a fair deal to be close to him, after she worked so hard to get the title of a princess. Koon was also jokingly foreshadowing Baam’s meeting with Adori and him only being surprised by winning her over, too (might just remain a joke, though).

Baam was also able to ignite the Black March and while it is not certain whether you have to have at least some of Zahards blood to ignite them (like Anak Jr.) it is at least something to consider here as I don’t think Black March, for example, is caring enough for some random kid, who you arguably could hardly call handsome at that point in time.

(this point has nothing to do with Enryu at all, except maybe that he is said to be handsome)

Some people also have Luslec as a potential father on their plate, and that would surely make for some surprise when the adoptive son turns out to be the real one. There is also another great family head completely unknown and it could actually be just about anybody or while very anticlimactic he could also be an artificial being or someone with a very insignificant origin.

Theory 4

First of all, Baam’s parents are called Arlene and V.

You might find the name Arlene familiar, because of thr Hand of Arlene. The Hand of Arlene part of the story is when Baam is encounters Novick and Ran, and finaly sees Koon. All this happened because Casano was there and Horyang was so eager to find him.

The webtoon doesn’t say what V’s real name is, just that all his friends call him V.

Arlene and V were friends and teammates of Zahard and the ten great families as they went up the tower. Zahard apparently fell in love with Arlene, but Arlene was actually in love with V. V and Zahard were rivals but friends.

To make it short, Arlene and V had a kid named Baam, but Zahard was so furious he killed the kid. V died fighting to Zahard, I think. Arlene put some kind of preserving power onto Baam to preserve his body.

Arlene went from town to town to find someone who could bring her precious child back to life. Apparently, she suceeded, and Baam is Baam. Somehow Baam ended up trapped in that cave, I don’t know how because it doesn’t mention it.

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