Ways to reduce unforced errors in tennis

how to reduce unforced errors in tennis

60% of tennis points are made from unforced errors, and the more errors you make, the weaker your mental strength and the lower your confidence. However, every error avoided has the same effect but in reverse. So play the statistics game, play high percentage tennis!

So, how do you reduce unforced errors in tennis?

1. More Spin ! Top Spin !
How can topspin reduce unforced errors in tennis? Topspin on a shot imparts a downward force that causes the ball to drop, due to its interaction with the air.

It brings the tennis ball down when it clears the net, you can hit your strokes hard a few feet above the net and it will still land in, if your tennis technique is good ! Thus topspin is a very good way to reduce your unforced error count.

2. Hitting over the center of the net
How can hitting over the center of the net in tennis reduce unforced errors? The net is 6 inches lower in the center, so aim for the center to stop those strokes going into the net too often!

Plus you stop your opponents from moving you around with angled shots! Reduce your errors by making them make the error.

3. Hitting cross court
How can hitting cross court in tennis reduce unforced errors in tennis? Going down the line is OK, but going for it all the time is a BIG NO. The distance the tennis ball can travel is shorter and the net is higher!

So keep your tennis strokes cross court and go for the down the line only when you smell an opportunity! This high percentage play will help you reduce unforced errors in your tennis game

4. Hitting to the center of the court when on the run!
How can hitting to the center when on the run reduce unforced errors? When on the run, it may be hard to hit the tennis ball accurately, so aim for the center of the court to get the ball back!

But prepare to have to use those legs A LOT! This will give you more confidence on defense and reduce your unforced errors.

5. Reduce your Power
How does reducing power reduce unforced errors in tennis? Reduce your power if you feel like your balls are going long often if you cant hit top spin yet! This greatly reduces your unforced errors because by reducing power, you gain more control over your shot. 

6. More Space 

Aim shots a meter inside the sideline and baseline and you’ll increase your consistency. Many players try to for the lines too much and that is a sure way to lose as fast as possible. Pick a safe target and give your opponent a chance to miss by making them run instead !


Many times when players get pushed back by heavy, no, even regular high balls or lobs, they try to hit it down. You should play smart by putting it back high and deep to get yourself a short return to put away!

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how to reduce unforced errors in tennis

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