Treasure eating stingray

Treasure eating stingray

Treasure Eating Stingray is an unique Shinheuh that belongs to Po Bidau Gustang, The Family Head of Po Bidau Family. When the Hidden Floor was on the edge of collapsing, real Zahard mentioned it as Gustang’s Treasure Eating Stingray.

It looks like a large stingray with a hole instead of a head, it is blue with a white gray belly. The large hole are used for attacking or to suck in treasure that it or it’s owner desires.

The Stingray may be a Shinheuh, but it might also acts as an inventory being able to “store” several items in its stomach. However, it has also basic combat capabilities which it uses to gather treasure and protect its owner. It seems to have some form of intellect, since when it found the fight with Twenty-Fifth Baam unfavourable it backed down and escaped. [4] It also holds loyalty or is forced by Gustang to do his bidding, since it only collects the items that Gustang wants.

 Other ability:

  • Invisibility: The Stringray is invisible for most of the times. It’s presence cannot be detected. Even Androssi Zahard and Twenty-Fifth Baam.
  • Shock Wave Wind Attack: The Stingray can burst or blast a very powerful shock wave from it’s hole. It can make even crack on the ground like an earthquake.

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