Top 7 Tennis OverGrips for Sweaty hands and comfort

Problems with an old tennis over grip

You found some spare time to play tennis? Great! But you better check your tennis overgrip first! You do not want your grip to be interfering with your tennis game! A worn out grip can cause many issues!

  • Blisters
  • Hand slipping off the grip
  • Gets wet fast
  • Starts peeling off
  • Too sticky
  • Too thin, no cushioning

Why you need a tennis over grip

Tennis over grips and replacement grips have the ability to make you feel more alive when holding it.

First of, an old or new over grip does not help with blisters. Playing more tennis will help you get harder skin to prevent blisters.

Next an over grip will help with your hand slipping off the grip depending on what type of over grip you are using, it varies from tacky (sticky) to absorbent.

Next, a new over grip also helps you feel the bevels easily especially when you have not played in a long while and might forget the placement of your fingers when the grip is overused (thin or too rounded around the bevels).

Lastly, the grip might be too thin and cause your palms and fingers to feel uncomfortable while hitting.

Best Tennis Overgrips

Getting a suitable tennis over grip applied to the handle of your racket is something you need to experiment on and really put your thoughts into it.

With the variety of different grips to choose from, it makes life hard. From colorful ones to sticky ones. This is a very important step in your tennis journey as it benefits your game greatly.

What is a tennis over grip ?

A tennis overgrip is a soft, padded, cloth-like tape with different coatings that is wrapped around the handle of a racket to help improve your grip.

You can buy them from all kinds of sports places and all kinds of brands like Gamma, Prince, Wilson, and even from places like Aliexpress in a variety of materials, patterns and prices. As with a lot of things in tennis, it’s a case of choosing the one you like personally and will be happiest using.

Advantages of using a Tennis Over grip

Better Grip/Feel

One of the most important points of using a tennis over grip is to give extra tackiness, comfort or absorption to the handle of your tennis racket. This is the greatest advantage as it will keep the racket positioned in your palm better.

It allows you to then feel the bevels better so you can position your fingers in the correct way and also to ensure racket stability when hitting a ball. If you are not using one at the moment, please try, and you will feel a huge difference in your game.

Sweat Absorption/ Tackiness

Lets face the fact. We all sweat. Some people have sweaty palms. Some get sweaty palms when nervous. We have all been there at least once in our lives. Unless you play outdoors in zero degree weather. Even top professional tennis players constantly change their overgrips.

I used to replace my overgrips before every match during tournaments and that was considered conservative. My peers would change every hour or two. It was of utmost importance as we did not want a slip to cause us the match or point. We want to be in control of things we can have control over.

Similar in effect to the previous point, tennis overgrips will give you a better grip and stop your racquet from sliding about in sweaty hands at crucial moments. This might not sound like much but once it’s saved you a game point or won you a match then you will see the importance.

You may have to try out a few tapes to find the right style for you. Some people prefer that their grip get extra tacky when their hands get sweaty while others just want the moisture to go away.

Many tennis players have a general idea of what level of tackiness or absorption they want in their overgrip. So make sure you experiment and find the most comfortable one for yourself.

Comfort / Cushioning

Tennis is an intense sport. Hitting strong forehands and backhands, returning big serves or hitting huge serves causes high impact on your joints, from shoulders, elbows, wrist, heck in fingers. The amount of cushioning can really help you absorb some shock.

The factory handle and base grip on your racket are pretty comfortable for some, but for most, its too thin and too hard. Wrap it with a preferred overgrip of your choice and you will feel the difference in comfort immediately.

As tennis overgrips are made from a soft material, they often give added comfort and pleasure to using your racquet when out on court.

With the amount of time and money you spend out on court, it is very important that you invest in an overgrip that is worth it, so as to make it as pleasurable an experience as possible.

Each tennis player has their own sweet spot for the amount of cushion that they think is acceptable on a grip. Make sure that you are getting something that is going to suit your needs on the court.

Expanding the grip circumference

You sometimes may find that even though you carefully and correctly chose your grip size, either L1 L2 L3 L4, you may still find that your handle is a bit too small for you to feel comfort and stability.

This makes your racket move when you hit heavy shots or off centered shots.

The solution is to fill it up with another overgrip to make it thicker, a really cheap way to fix your grip.

Preserves the original grip handle

If you use a racket without an overgrip, the base grip is bound to wear out, and it is more expensive compared to an overgrip. Consider getting an overgrip to protect your base grip from wearing out.


There are 2 types of people when it comes to bevels. Some players love to feel the edges of the bevels, while others love it rounded. It really depends on personal preference.

So make sure you choose your overgrip thickness with much thought. For me i prefer to feel the bevel’s edges so i can properly place my fingers depending on what shot i might used.

Best Tennis Grips and Over Grips Reviews

More often then not, you are going to need a grip replaced. Other times you may just need some overgrip tape.

So, which grip and overgrip should you buy? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Check out the best grip replacements and overgrip tapes below.

Wilson Cushion Aire

This is base/replacement grip by Wilson. It feels like a giant pillow under your hand. The replacement grip is super spongy and very comfortable, however it is quite thick, so it really depends on what you prefer.

The Cushion Aire features a perforated surface that is designed to increase the moisture absorbency of the grip.

This grip has a tacky surface to help you secure your grip and make sure that you don’t lose your handle on your racket. But honestly, you do not use a base grip for such factors since it is always under your overgrip.

It is mainly used for comfort, shock absorption and thickness. This is honestly one of the most comfortable replacement grip i have used.

Tourna Grip XL

Tourna Grip is awesome for those with extra sweaty hands. This overgrip tape is designed to get tackier the more you sweat. Do not worry about your hands slipping of this grip, because it never will.

This grip tape is a pretty thin grip tape. If you do not like the bulky feel of a cushioned grip-tape then the tourna grip is going to be a better option for you.

This grip tape will add a whole lot of extra dryness that you need without taking away from the handling of the ball.

However one problem with this grip is that once it is wet, it tears pretty easily, so you might have to spend a lot of money buying rolls and rolls of tourna overgrips.

Wilson Pro Overgrip 12 pack

Wilson pro overgrip 30 pack

wilson pro overgrip 50 pack

wilson pro overgrip 60 pack assorted

Wilson Pro overgrip is a very basic overgrip tape. This is my favourite overgrip and most of my peers use this as well.

It is very comfortable, with good absorbency, minor tackiness. This grip is ideal for all levels of play and players who feel like they need a combination of everything in one.

The basic design of these over grip wraps by Wilson doesn’t affect the performance. The surface doesn’t get sticky or slippery with use, and maintains its surface very well. This is a grip i highly recommend for everyone to use.

Head Prestige Pro

This over grip has enhanced grip, it is made from a special tacky elastomer material, which offers more grip and control with everyshot. It also holds tight through intense rallies because it absorbs more moisture.

There is a lack of cushioning on these wraps so if you are looking for something that will soften the hardness of your tennis grip this overgrip will not do that for you.

The lack of cushioning can be annoying for some, but for those who prefer a firm grip on their racket, this overwrap is perfect.

The nice thing about the Head Prestige Pro over wraps is that they are long-lasting. They are not going to wear out on you after just a few uses. If you are looking for more durability in your overgrip tape, then look no further.

Yonex Super Grap 30 pack

Super Grap enhances the playability of your racquet. It absorbs shock and perspiration giving you excellent control and feel. Yonex super grap is one of my preferred overgrip as well, very similar to the wilson pro comfort!


All of the products that are in this guide are great. It really is a matter of preference. If you don’t like ultra-tacky tape, or extra cushioning replacement grips, try one of the others listed. They will all revive the life of your tennis racket and give your game new energy.

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