Tokyo Necro Suicide Mission Guide x Taimanin Asagi Collab

Tokyo Necro Suicide Mission Guide x Taimanin Asagi Collab



Before downloading please register to DMM on their website. HERE tells you how you can create a Japanese DMM account.


Windows用 / Mac版 ¦ For Windows / Mac Users

※インストール方法はこちら ¦ How to install here.


There are two versions of the game, one being NON-ADULT while the other is for 18 and above.



Once on their website click whichever device you will be using. Choices are a Browser, DMM Games Player (Using Bluestacks when you download the game) and Mobile devices.

Choose the one in the middle to DOWNLOAD the game for the DMM GAMES PLAYER, you will get two more options to choose from.

LEFT ONE is to download the game via DMM and the one on the RIGHT is for people who HAVE NOT downloaded DMM GAMES PLAYER yet.

Click the left one and your DOWNLOAD should start in your DMM GAMES PLAYER. Once finished the game should start and you should have a new window with the game open via Bluestacks. Bookmark the sites as you will need to go to their website each time you have to start the game.

Gear Upgrade Guide

by SirPac0 on reddit

You can find his twitch here.


Not all weapons are created equal. All weapons have different stats that they can contribute to your unit as well as different skills. Below is an example of a 5* weapon at lvl100.

Each weapon has 30 quality levels and 5 skill levels. However the * rarity of the item dictates the max level the item can be.Example being a 4* weapon can only reach lvl80 and not lvl100

Leveling up your weapon

When feeding material into your weapon there are a few things that you want to keep in mind as you work to make it more powerful. Depending on what you give your weapon as fodder depends on what it will try to improve. You want to focus on feeding the weapon the materials needed to increase all of its areas that can increase. Those areas are base lvl, skill lvl, and quality lvl.

Base Level

Everything increases base level. You can feed weapons or exp crates or quality crates. If you feed weapons of the same class then they will give a small boost to the exp they would give normally. HOWEVER the exp crates on average give the most exp. Exp creates look like this image and range from 1* to 5*.

Skill level

Skill levels can be raised by feeding your weapon other weapons, or skill crates. Each weapon or skill crate you put up to feed into your weapon will raise the chance to level up the skill by percentage.

The better Quality the material is the higher the percent chance to raise the level is. Also if you feed weapons of the same class the percentage to skill up improves a slight bit.

If the attempt fails to upgrade however there will be a bonus added to the weapon to have a higher chance of reaching that level up on the next attempt. Skill crates like the exp crates range from 1* to 5* and look like the image below.

Quality level

This is going to be probably the most time consuming to level and yield the smallest return on investment, but still pretty crucial if you are wanting to maximize a weapon to its fullest potential. First way is to feed it a copy of itself. Second way being to feed it a Quality crate of equal star rarity. Each material is a 1 lvl increase. Quality crates look like below and range from 1* to 5*.


You can find Quality crates and Exp Crates both in the guild shop. Each one takes a different currency but i do not recommend buying the exp crates from guild shop. That currency is best used for something else.

At this moment I do not know of a Great place to farm skill upgrade crates but when I find a spot i will update this post.Equipping Your weapons

Now that you know How to power up your weapons, you might find yourself asking what are the best weapons to equip. The answer to that question is not an easy one to answer because depending on the unit you might want to stack more health or more attack power. Like we went over earlier each weapon has different stats. Your best bet starting out is to sort your weapons by atk power and get everyone to the highest atk you can. As you progress through the game if there is a unit that keeps dying then you might swap out some atk weapons for some HP weapons.

Tokyo Necro Suicide Mission Guide x Taimanin Asagi Collab

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