The Promised Neverland manga ends Chp 181: reviews spoilers

Emma’s heartbreaking sacrifice revealed.

Emma Sacrificed her memories with her family for all of them to survive. So she can never remember them. However upon meeting them after they found her, she could feel a an enormous “finally found her lost family” feeling creep up and will be staying with them from now on.

A majority of TPN’s characters weren’t properly fleshed out or even given the spotlight. And that is one of its greatest flaws and missed opportunities.

We have characters like Emma, Isabelle, Krone, Norman, and Yugo who were given enough panels and chapters to really show their motivations and development, however most of the other characters were not really properly show cased, granted they have probably too many kids to go through…

Ray, however, seemed to lose his presence as the arcs went by. I feel like the Finale is the most independent action and lines we’ve seen from Ray in while. He was one of the main characters however he was not as developed as Emma or Norman, if the manga could be better, it would definitely be having a few chapters on his own.

Ray was one of the most interesting characters because of his backstory but he was thrown into a side character after the goldy pond arc.

And then we have characters like Mujika who had an important role, but essentially became a plot device near the end. Sonju also felt like he lacked any real presence, which is a shame cause I love his character design. They could have had a whole arc by themselves, what they were aiming for, how did they survive etc.

And then there are the rest of the children. Even Gilda and Don. I was disappointed that the author didn’t try and explore the cast they already had, before they added way to many. Like I would have loved to see Anna and Nat get more involved in things.

At a certain point, there were so many kids and teenagers that the narrative couldn’t possibly try and incorporate all of them.

In my opinion, the reason the cast turned out like this was because the narrative became way too focused on and centered around Emma. I like Emma just fine, but she basically controlled the entire plot.

Of course, she’s the main character, that’s expected. But because everything revolved around her and her decisions, that took away the potential independence and identity from most of the other characters. Ray’s my favorite of the three, but I mostly remember him in the final arcs for just listening to whatever Emma’s plan is without question.

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