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Are you on a quest to find the best tennis dampeners?

Then you’re in the right place. Because I have done the hard work for you and have reviewed many products to bring you the best tennis dampeners.

best tennis dampener

There is only one tennis dampener after 10+ years of playing full time that i can truly recommend anyone and that is the RTP ShockSorb Vibration Dampener, if you want to purchase it click the link above or click this one RTP ShockSorb Vibration Dampener (Pack of 2) for a pack of 2. I have full confidence that this dampener will be the best you have ever used as well.

A few things that i personally think this tennis dampener did well on.

  • It will never fall off the strings, never, because of its material ( which i will explain below) it is a really tight fitted, slightly sticky rubbery material.
  • It has really really good vibration dampening, it is similar to me using 2 other random dampeners together to achieve the same level of shock absorption.
  • Despite its slightly more expensive pricing, it is a very good investment.. you never have to get another 1 because it never gets lost while playing, unless someone steals it. So much better than buying multiple packs of 2 dampeners.
best tennis dampener

A few pointers describing the dampener from its website :

  • the material used is patented and used in space shuttles and guns to absorb shock and isolate vibrations.
  • they have done 2 years of blind tests and received amazing feedback
  • Some testers were able to reduce their tennis elbow, wrist pain and shoulder pain to 70% better or almost no pain at all even while using full polyester strings
  • Distinct satisfying pop ( not the dead feel of traditional dampeners)
  • Does not tear in the middle with its tear-proof core
  • Feels like the ball stays on the strings longer giving more feel
  • Simple and classic design, easy to put on and take off
  • Outer shell makes it far more resistant to dampener falling off

check out their kickstarter page at

on instagram at @Roadtoprotennis

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