Technomagic Kingdom Guide

Kings raid Chapter 10

1. How to Enter

– Chapter 10 can be entered through the scenario located in the Primeval Lands after clearing Chapter 9 scenario 9-23.

– A chapter shortcut will be made available in the [Portal] > [Chapter] menu after it has been entered at least once. 

2. Chapter Notes

– Like Chapter 9, Chapter 10 can be played with a maximum of 6 Heroes. 
– 4 Heroes can be assigned to the main team, which can be manually controlled, and the other 2 Heroes can be assigned to the sub team which will fight automatically during battles. 

– Node movement will be carried out by a fixed Leader Hero for enhanced scenario immersion.

– As you progress through the scenario, the Leader Hero may change to a different Hero, and certain Heroes will join your journey. 
– Upon clearing all scenario nodes, the Leader Hero of your choice will be displayed. 

3. New Items

– You can obtain new T8 legendary gear items. 
– This new gear will become dramatically stronger in Chapter 10 and the Technomagic Kingdom Raids. 
– We recommend trying this new gear out if you have trouble progressing through Chapter 10 with your current gear. 

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