Technomagic Kingdom Raid Guide

Technomagic Kingdom Raid

1. What are Technomagic Kingdom Raids 
– Technomagic Kingdom Raids are raid content where you can obtain Technomagic Gear and materials for gear enhancement. 
– There are a total of 3 raids and you can obtain different types of gear from each raid. 

2. Raid Entry

– The Galgoria Raid is unlocked upon clearing scenario 10-9, and the Ascalon and Siegfried Raids are unlocked upon clearing Chapter 10. 
– You can access the raids through [Portal] > [Raid] > [Technomagic Kingdom Raid] once the raid has been unlocked.

– You can choose the difficulty level and enter the raid on Single/Party Mode. 

3. Hero Entry Limit

– There are a total of 6 Stages in the Technomagic Kingdom Raid. 
– A total of 7 Heroes can enter each raid and there is a Hero Class Limit for each stage. 

(Hero Entry Limit)

– Example: You will not be able to select and add more than 3 Priest Class Heroes to the team in Stage 1. 
– You will only be able to select 1 Hero per class for Stages 5, 6. The entry limit system will be applied to both Single/Party mode. 

4. Obtainable Items

– Galgoria: You can obtain ‘Perseverance’ gear items and gear enhancement materials. 
– Ascalon: You can obtain ‘Authority’ gear items and gear enhancement materials. 
– Siegfried: You can obtain ‘Hope’ gear items and gear enhancement materials. 
– You will have a small chance to obtain ‘Reclaimed’ Technomagic Gear from Stage 3 and onward. 

5. Raid Characteristics

– Galgoria binds the Hero that has dealt the highest DMG with its ‘Swamp Imprisonment’ skill.
– DMG dealt by all non-imprisoned Heroes will be increased during that period. As such, you will find it easier to clear the raid with more damage dealers.

– Galgoria has an extremely high HP recovery ability. Use Heal Rate Reduction effects to successfully defeat Galgoria.

– Siegfried will be able to revive 2 times when near death. 
– Protect your Heroes from Siegfried who will become stronger each time after being revived.

– Control Mana so that Siegfried cannot earn the ‘Divine Rampage’ effect. 
– You will be able to reduce Siegried’s Mana faster with Heroes that have high Block.

– Ascalon can attack Heroes regardless of its position using the ‘Dimension Barrage’ Skill. Quickly defeat the waves before Ascalon can stack ‘Dimension Interference.’

– You must quickly take down the synthetic Demon Beasts summoned by Ascalon to successfully defeat Ascalon.
– You will have to face a stronger Ascalon if you do not take down the summoned synthetic Demon Beasts within the time limit. 

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