Tales of Crestoria Fast leveling Guide

Fast progression guide

Fast leveling guide

Getting strong friends

Getting powerful friends in your friend list is extremely important for power up dungeons or raids because early on because you will not have a full single element team and it’s easier to clear tough dungeons by using the support characters from your friend list

Get 1-2 Heroes who can build more hit counters

The more hits your characters perform, the higher the damage. This is very important when using characters like velvet who has high attack but low amount of hits.

Using characters like yuri first, that produces a huge number of hits with their arts is a good choice as they empower your high damage heroes like velvet to produce more damage.

Plan Your Attack

Heroes in tales of crestoria who have higher Over Load cost Mystic Artes can be used to deliver finishing blows.

You could also keep your Mystic Artes before a boss goes into BREAK attack mode and then unleash everything to kill it.

Lastly, you can use basic attacks that produce the most hits first, so that stronger basic attacks get powered up by the hit counter.

Farm Power-Up Dungeons

Gather all your EXP potions here

tales of crestoria beginners guide

Remember to farm the Tales of Crestoria Memoria Stone dungeons too, since most of SSR and SR Memoria Stones provide really good raw stats.

Use Codex to determine which characters or Memoria Stones you want to level up

By going into the Tales of Crestoria Codex, you will be able to see every single Memoria Stone and Character that’s available in the game. From there, you can see what their stone at max level provides and if its worth upgrading

Participate In Tales of Crestoria Raids As Early As You can

You can earn books to increase your character art skill levels and materials required to ascend your characters which increases their max level.

Progress Through Tales of Crestoria Arena

Arena has great rewards. After each arena battle, you can obtain rainbow leveling materials for both your characters and Memoria Stones.

There are also weekly ranking awards which give Gleamstones

Lastly by battling in the arena you obtain Tales of Crestoria Arena Medals which can be exchanged for Arena Summon tickets from where you can summon for more Memoria stones and unlock Chronos Memoria Stone and Character.

Chronos is one of the best PVP characters

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