Sword Master Story Tier List

Sword Master Story Tier List

You, the only Swordmaster of the Empire!
Betrayed by a trusted colleague and a fugitive.
Begin revenge with the help of the goddess!

Sword Master Story is a gacha game created by Super Planet where you play as the one and only Sword Master in the world who fights for peace after the betrayal of your empire.

Join friends in a guild, raid dungeons for gold and loot, battle world bosses along with other players in the game for epic rewards, and test your skills against fellow players to climb the rank to PVP champion. Try out the Tower of Chaos for increasingly powerful rewards!

Tier List





Vivian – SS

Yui – SS

Aina – SS

Joan of Arc – SS

Athena – SS

Kalisia – SS

Lucifer – SS

Artemis – SS

Dark – SS

Ares – SS

Dark Lord – SS

Gaia – SS

Seriously, all the 5 star characters are over powered.

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