State of Survival Best Character Guide 2021

State Of Survival Character Guide

Hero grades

There are 3 grades of heroes in this game. Rare, Epic and legendary

Character Traits

  • Hunter – ranged troops will get a buff
  • Infected – troops get buff when attacking the infected
  • Gather – increases gathering speed
  • Siege – Troops get stronger when attacking cities
  • Rally – troops get buff when participating in rallies
  • Infantry – infantry troops gets a buff
  • Rider – Buff’s rider troops
  • Patrol – stronger troops while protecting base

The Variety of Troop Types

There are three main military buildings in State of Survival, the Barracks, the Range, and the Garage, used for training shotgunners and shield troops, snipers and bowmen, and ATVs and bikers, respectively.

Every unit has its own strengths and weaknesses, which are important to consider when it comes to attacking other players as certain types of troops are strong against some soldiers and weak against others. Some units even have special properties and function differently than others.

Best Character In State of Survival

Some of the best hero compositions in State of Survival include:

  • Sarge, Rusty, and Ghost: Specialists at blocking the enemy’s path and whittling down their health with sheer endurance.

The Defensive Team (Sarge, Rusty, and Ghost)

These three heroes are quite weak on their own. However, when using their skills in unison, they can block the enemy’s path, and keep them at a safe distance. Sarge’s Gun Turret skill places a turret that can keep an area safe from zombies, while Ghost’s Paint Block sets up a barrel that zombies must break in order to advance.

When the barrel breaks, it releases a pool of paint that slows down anyone that steps on it. Meanwhile, Rusty, armed with his trusty shotgun, can attack several enemies with a single shot, and also stun them with his Impact Blast skill. Overall, this team is great for dealing with weaker enemies in large numbers.

  • Miho, Mike, and Wolfe: A setup that excels at blocking bosses and dealing absurd amounts of single-target damage.

The Single-Target Destroyers (Miho, Mike, and Wolfe)

With plenty of single-target damage, a great debuff that increases damage received, and a meat shield that can keep enemies at bay, this team composition excels at dealing with smaller crowds, but shines when faced against tough bosses, mostly due to Mike’s single-target DPS, as well as Miho’s powerful debuff.

Wolfe is there to keep the enemies at bay since he can reliably stun many enemies with his Ground Slam and can even come back to life once per battle when killed.

  • Trish, Zoe, and Ray & Rolex: Well-rounded composition with healing, CC, and damage.

The All-Rounders (Trish, Zoe, and Ray & Rolex)

Healing, AoE, single-target DPS, this composition has it all, and will likely carry you through most of the Explorer Trail.

There really isn’t much to it; Ray can stun enemies in an area, while Zoe does a ton of damage with her basic attacks while also summoning a crossbow turret to guard areas. Meanwhile, Trish can slow down enemies and even assist allies by healing them.

State of survival tier list

All heroes are useful – some are good at gathering, others are good at fighting infected. You just have to know who to use in what situations.

As you can see, some units are better suited for engaging other troops on the map, while others are ideal for fighting other players in PvP. For instance, shotgunners are strong against rider heroes, while bikers deal increased damage to hunter-type heroes and have a chance to ignore other troops and damage these heroes directly.

Other troops, like ATVs, are more straightforward in their purpose as they simply deal increased damage against infantry-type units, making them ideal for open combat.

Getting Started in State of Survival

As a mobile strategy game, the objective in State of Survival is to build and develop your base in order to grow your armies and increase your power, with the purpose of defeating other players and establishing dominance in your server. However, developing your base requires both time and resources, and while the former is entirely up to you, the latter depends also on your town and troops.

Before you start attacking other players, it’s crucial that you know your own army inside out. Here’s a rundown of all the troops you can recruit:

Infantrymen – these are your Grunts, Heavies, Rushers, Blasters, and so on. On all tiers, there are two types of Infantrymen. Some of these units are good against Ranged (Grunts), while others fare much better against Vehicles (Heavies). Basically, your army’s frontline has to contain both types of infantry if you want to survive the onslaught. They have the highest Health and Defense out of all unit types, but the lowest Attack and Lethality potential.

Vehicles – these are, by far, the coolest ones you can recruit, complete with quads or bikes that are just out of this world. Again, one kind is great against Ranged, while the other are meant to run down opposing Infantry. We’d prioritize the latter category on a 2/3 ratio, since clearing your adversary’s frontline will maximize your damage potential. In turn, this will exponentially increase their losses. In terms of stats, Vehicles have average Health and Defense, with a good deal of Attack and Lethality.

Ranged – these units are the backbone of any exceptional military force. As usual, depending on who you recruit, they’ll be stronger against Infantry or Vehicles. They have incredibly low health, but really high Attack and Lethality. If you manage to keep them alive long enough, they’ll slaughter everybody in sight.

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