Slay the Spire Mobile Silent Card Tier List

Slay the Spire Mobile Silent Card Tier List
S — BASE: Amazing use case, incredible in every deck
POTENTIAL: A card which single handedly defines and carries its archetype deck
C — BASE: decent card, but pick these only for synergy
POTENTIAL: even in its archetype, this card is only decent
BASE: rates the base power level of a card in an “average” deck.
POTENTIAL: rates how good/necessary the card is in it’s specific archetype deck, which I will mention in the comments, I only fill in this grade if it is significant
A — BASE: great general use, strong in almost all decks
POTENTIAL: Very strong or important/key card for the archetype
D — BASE: bad card, only slightly better than strike/defend
POTENTIAL: potential will probably never go this low
Upgrade priority is ranked from 1-5, and ranks how good the upgrade is, not how good the card is.
B — BASE: good general use cards, overall solid “deck filler”
POTENTIAL: A good/synergistic card in the archetype deck
F: Even worse than strike/defend AVOID THESESilent Archetypes: poison, machine gun, block control, discard, every deck
Ironclad Archetypes: Strength, block control, exhaust, machine gun, every deck
The Silent Cards:BASE:Up. Priority:POTENTIAL:Archetype/Comments:
Adrenaline!S1every deck, machine gun
ApotheosisA+every deck
NeutralizeA2machine gun, every deck
AlchemizeA1every deck, A+ once upgraded
EnvenomA1A+poison, machine gun
FinesseAevery deck, machine gun
Thinking AheadAevery deck, machine gun
Escape PlanA-4machine gun, every deck
BiteA+4if you still have strikes, take bites
Flash of SteelA+machine gun, every deck
Master of StrategyA+machine gun, every deck
Secret TechniqueA+every deck, machine gun
Secret WeaponA+every deck, machine gun
Cloak and DaggerB2B+machine gun
Dagger ThrowB3B+discard
Bouncing FlaskB2A-poison, block
Infinite BladesB2A-machine gun
Die Die DieB3solid overall
DoppelgangerB1B+machine gun, A once upgraded
JAXBA-machine gun
BlindBB+needs draw
Dramatic EntranceBB+needs draw
Calculated GambleB4A-discard
Dark ShacklesBhard to evaluate this one
CatalystB1!Spoison, pick AFTER poison cards
PanacheB-A-machine gun
Bandage UpB-B+needs draw
Good InstinctsB-B+block, needs draw
Swift StrikeB-B+Needs draw
Deadly PoisonB-2B+poison, block
DeflectB-2B+block, needs draw
Flying KneeB-4
Poisoned StabB-2B+poison
Endless AgonyB-2machine gun, discard
Bullet TimeB-1A-very deck dependent
Tools of the TradeB-1A-discard, A once upgraded
SliceB-3B+needs draw
TerrorB+1only pick 1
BackflipB+2Amachine gun, block
Quick SlashB+3A-machine gun
DistractionB+1machine gun, every deck
Noxious FumesB+2Ablock, poison
Well-laid PlansB+3every deck
After imageB+2Amachine gun
BurstB+1A once upgraded
Glass KnifeB+2solid overall
Deep BreathB+machine gun, every deck
Jack of All TradesB+every deck
Mind BlastB+
Dagger SprayC3
Piercing WailC4
All-Out AttackC4
FlechettesC2B+very deck dependent, heavy skills
Heel HookC4A+A+ if “on” (lots of weak in deck)
Masterful StabC4B+hard to pull off, sometimes
Phantasmal KillerC2BDeck dependent
Storm of SteelC2…weird, must upgrade
Sadistic NatureCBif you have a TON of debuffs
Underhanded StrikeC-5Bdiscard
EnlightenmentC-Bif you have high cost cards
A thousand cutsC+1Amachine gun
Dodge and RollC+3B-block
OutmaneuverC+2Bdeck dependent
Sucker PunchC+2Bwith weak/debuff synergy
Blade DanceC+2Bmachine gun
ChokeC+3B-machine gun
Crippling PoisonC+2
FinisherC+3A-machine gun
Leg SweepC+3B-machine gun
Corpse ExplosionC+3B+poison, only pick 1
MalaiseD2i think its a trap
Riddle With HolesD4B-strength deck only
NightmareD1A-crazy with strong 0 drops (distraction, adrenaline, etc)
Wraith FormD4B-machine gun, too slow! it’s a trap.
AccuracyD-5Aneeds very heavy shiv deck

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