Slay the Spire Mobile Iron Clad tier list

Slay the Spire Mobile Iron Clad tier list

Iron Clad Mobile card tier list

Tier (T)Potential (P)ArchetypesNotes
SAmazing, must buyCornerstone, defines/carriesStrengthPotential is scored only when significantly different from Tier.
AStrong, flexibleVery strong or important/keyBlock (control)Upgrade priority (1 = highest) reflects extra power from the upgrade.
BSolid deck materialGood/synergisticExhaust
COk, pick for synergyDecentMachine gun
FVery weak, cautionThis card is never worth itUniversal
Battle TranceA+2don’t pick too many
BiteA+4if you still have strikes, take bites
Flash of SteelA+Universal
Master of StrategyA+Universal
Pommel StrikeA+1machine gun
Secret TechniqueA+Universal
Secret WeaponA+Universal
Shrug it OffA2block
Thinking AheadAUniversal
AngerA-2machine gun, strength
Body SlamA-!S1block
FeedA-3Better early
InflameA-A+2strength, machine gun
Spot WeaknessA-A+2strength, machine gun
BrutalityB+A1hp loss deck
Deep BreathB+
Double TapB+!S1strength, if you have HUGE dmg
Infernal BladeB+A1A upgraded
Iron WaveB+A-3block, heavy attack deck
Jack of All TradesB+
MadnessB+A+with high cost cards and/or draw
Mind BlastB+A
Seeing RedB+A1Universal, most of the time.
BlindBNeeds draw
ClashBA3it’s an A in heavy attack deck.
Dark ShacklesB
Dramatic EntranceB
Feel no PainBA2exhaust
FlexBA2machine gun
Good InstinctsBB+Needs draw
Heavy BladeBA+3strength
JAXBstrength, machine gun
Perfected StrikeBA2Pick if it deals like 24+ damage
Swift StrikeBB+Needs draw
BerserkB-B+1deck dependent
BloodlettingB-A-1hp loss, deck dependent
BludgeonB-2better early
ImperviousB-B+2block, synergizes with barricade
Limit BreakB-A4strength
PanaceaB-synergizes with reckless charge
Power ThroughB-A3block, exhaust
Reckless ChargeB-B+5if you do a lot of burst damage
Bandage UpC+BNeed draw
DropkickC+A+5A+ if you have lots of vulnerable
Dual WieldC+B+1watch for OP combos
Fire BreathingC+B+1machine gun, upgrade
IntimidateC+B3if you rarely play all your cards
RuptureC+AHP loss build-around card
Twin StrikeC+B3strength
Wild StrikeC+B-2exhaust
BarricadeCA1block, only pick if you make TONS of block
BashC2your original copy is enough
Blood for BloodCB-2?? Is this card ever great?
CleaveCB3strength, if you need AOE
EnlightenmentCAA in high cost decks
ExhumeCB+1exhaust, can’t infinite combo ):
Fiend FireCB2exhaust
Flame BarrierCB3block
HemokinesisCB-4hp loss deck?
JuggernautCC+3a bit of a trap; half-decent in block
PanacheCAmachine gun
RampageCB3decent combo w/ headbutt
Sadistic NatureCB“debuff” deck, generally don’t pick
Sword BoomerangCB+3strength
WarcryCA-1must be upgraded
ArmamentsC-B+1must be upgraded
CombustC-C+5hp loss deck?
Dark EmbraceC-A+1exhaust, prioritize upgrade
HavocC-B+1must be upgraded
Burning PactDB+3exhaust; otherwise, weak draw
CorruptionDA2exhaust, S+ with “dead branch”
Demon FormDC3trap. costs too much, pick spot weakness/inflame instead. half decent in super control deck
DisarmDC5maybe decent in the block deck?
ImmolateDA-4exhaust, A- with lots of wounds
RageDB+4machine gun
Searing blowD4
Second WindDB+3exhaust, synergy with clash
Sever SoulDB-5exhaust, worse than second wind
Shock WaveD4
True GritD-B1exhaust, must upgrade

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