Sinoalice tier list 2022

SINoAlice tier list

There isn’t really a tier list.

All jobs are even and the multiple characters serve as a way to share buff nodes and use them on stages/events that favor that particular character.

What makes you powerful is your weapon grid and it is recommended that you to decide what role you wanna play and reroll for at least 2 powerful weapons of that particular type.One full pull on a banner costs 300.

Weapon pairing

Pair swords with hammers

Pair guns with spears

Pair Grimoires with Musical instruments

Never pair Staff with other weapons. Let the healers heal, if you try to heal as a sorcerer for example it is not going to be good.

Orbs are also an entirely different type of weapon.Since support jobs (Minstrel, Sorcerer, Cleric and Mage) only have access to weapons that don’t do dmg because grimoires debuff, instruments buff and staves heal, orbs are basically the only way you have to cause dmg during pve content if you want to choose a support job.

So technically you also don’t pair orbs with anything because you only use them on pve. If you’re on gvg as a sorcerer, just perform your role properly. Yes, you can equip orbs and help with dmg, you can equip staves and help with healings, but don’t. Your guild will appreciate much more if you just stick with your role.

What if i want to focus on being a healer ?

Reroll for 2 staves.

Why pair weapons?

I want to focus on sword, should I roll 2 swords?

Sword is Single Target physical damage. So assuming you wanna focus on being the damage dealer for your friends, you’re gonna run a breaker job (proficiency on swords) and complement it with hammers (aoe physical dmg).

A Breaker is the same regardless the character, and only matters for area specific buffs. (Alice gets bonuses in her story and events centered on her for example)

All jobs are useful because they provide character wide buffs. So for example, if you get HP +50 on the healer Alice jobs, all Alice jobs get HP+50, so you want as many jobs as possible.So just rerolling for any job to start off is fine.

The initial roll pool only has 3 jobs. Minstrel Gretel, Healer Alice, and Breaker Snow White. Of those, Gretel and Alice are probably preferred for their utility (Musicians have stronger buffs and Healers are always useful). Snow is fine, but there are more attacking jobs than any other kind.

SINoALICE #1 Tier List 2020

Support and healer which is a better job to start with in the early game?

Is it possible to get more than 1 job per pull, is it worth it if you get 2 jobs but no SS rank weapon

There are R jobs as well as SS jobs. Weapons are the the priority as they determine progression with upgrades and limit breaks.

Between support and healer that’s a tough choice, both can use buffs, debuffs, and heals, but they are weaker without the aligned class. Heals are important early game because they can get you through content quicker but support is just as important late game. There will be most job types for each character so do not worry during the early game.

SinoAlice x Nier Automata collab

Sinoalice x nier replicant collab

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