Sinoalice Master Point Guide

by Albertus Handi on facebook, credits to altema.



This method will yield you more than 800 mastery points and it requires only 6 ap per run; around 6-10 mins.
Compared to 5-10 with full manual run which cost 2 times more stamina and more effort, which only yields 600 mastery points.

What you need

1. Your main account can access 1-10

2. 2 or more orb/artifact weapons, (not leveled is better) if you can clear the boss in 3-4 shots, consider bring more) if have it leveled consider to bring only 1 (if you can 1-2 shot the boss)

3. 4 smurf/clone/alter account


1. Start creating new chara.
2. Gacha doesn’t matter as long you get 1 wand/book/instrument in any rarity
3. Do all the tutorial (purifying and 1-1 story)
4. CLAIM your pregist gift. We need the sorcerer Pinocchio.
5. Equip your sorcerer pinokio with only non damaging equipment. The number doesnt matter (wand for more safety tho)
6. The important step: use your sorcerer Pinocchio to do a quest. Any quest.
7. Get the account id
8. Go to your MAIN account and FOLLOW your Pinocchio. (you dont need to follow back)
9. Go to your coop seting and set him as cpu.
10. Repeat 1-9 4 times
11. Setup your main acc to cleric/sorc/ministerel
12. Load it with non damaging weapon, as many as you could. And equip 1-2 orb weapon (depend on your power)
13. Go to 1-10 with your 4 coop Pinocchio.
14. Press auto.
15. Wait till the battle done
16. Profit.


You got mastery points from sp that you’ve spent in quest.

So, more exp you consume, the more mastery you get.

With this setup, the only one that can so damage is you. Since the

Pinocchios not equipped with damaging weapon.

And you only have 1 damaging weapon. So to kill a monster , you need to use ALL of your skill and reload your weapon.

If you have ~10 weapon equiped, you will spend around 15×10 to kill a monster. Thats 150 sp = 150 mp

And in the 1-10 you have 6 small monster and one boss.

Assuming you oneshot everything its 150×7= 1050 (but orb sometimes do AOE so yeah the number gonna be lesser than that)

The real problem is the time limit 10 mins per quest. If you cant finish on time, please add more orba in your grid.

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