SINoAlice Reroll Guide, Beginner Tips and Tier List

SINoAlice Reroll Guide and Important Tips

Sino Alice Rerolling guide 

Should I reroll?

You do not have to but it is recommended so you can save time and money

What should I be rerolling for in sinoalice?

TLDR : ROLL FOR 2 to 3 SS WEAPONS OF THE SAME TYPE (example: 3 swords)

Many people would roll for a Job Weapon (SS Tier) in order to unlock a new Job. It is recommended to roll for as many SS tier weapons of the same type. (3 is what you should aim for but you can stop at 2)

The weapon pool for this roll is very limited so do not fret about getting the “best” roll

SINoAlice beginner guide

At the start, you want to play missions and do all the exp/mats dungeons when they open. Play missions to get armor and nightmare drops to increase your total “total power”. Work on upgrading your weapons or you might want to try gacha-ing another 10 rolls to see if you can get an upgrade for your weapon.

What you should do

  1. Events
  2. Main Missions – Magic Jewels
  3. Grind materials – upgrade gear
  4. Cleaning – EXP and AP
  5. Colosseum

Basic Tips for sinoalice

Once you’ve picked your starter, clear Chapter One Paragraph One for every character to unlock them. You will have infinite “purification” until you reach rank 20.
Missions are straight forward, using weapons costs SP, you have pool of 200 SP which replenishes 10 SP every couple seconds, and you have a time limit to complete the mission.

battle guide done by Prickly Noodlez‏ @rahmennoodlez

SINoAlice Reroll Guide and Important Tips
OrcsWeak to Magic (Polearm, Bow, Gun, Orb)
PlantWeak to Magic (Polearm, Bow, Gun, Orb)
HoundWeak to Physical (Blade and Hammer)
BirdWeak to Physical (Blade and Hammer)
GhostWeak to Physical (Blade and Hammer)
LizardLower their Magic Attack (Debuff)
GolemUse Elemental Weakness and Debuff
DragonLower their Magic Attack (Debuff)
SnakeLower their Physical Attack (Debuff)
WispLower their Defence (Debuff)
SpiderBuff your Magic Defence (Buff)

Always farm EXP dungeons

Whenever you can, you should always farm these dungeons because they provide you with a lot of resources. It is also recommended that you do these dungeons with friends because clearing as a group allows for faster runs and since dungeon are only available in 30 min time frames.

Don’t waste purifications.

The purification feature allows you to refresh your AP as well as provide you with EXP for faster leveling up. The function is free for the first 20 levels and should only be used when you run out of AP. After level 20, you get a free purification every 8 hours and if you want to use the purification while it’s on cooldown, you need to use a ticket. You are able to get 1 ticket per day by completing daily missions.

Sinoalice PVP Colosseum

Every day for 20 or 30 minutes you join your guild-mates in a competition against another guild where you try to build us as many points as possible.

In Colosseum you have to fight until the time limit is reached and you have 400 SP instead of 200 SP.

Instead of regenerating SP like in story, you have to do another type of the purification mini-game. To win you want the highest score and to build up points you damage your opponents.

There are also special timed sections where you will want to use certain weapons. They give huge bonuses to the selected weapon types in the match for winning shinma.

To win a shinma it is basically just a race to use more of the select weapons before your opposing guild. Shinmas are always one support weapon, one area-of-effect (AOE) damage weapon and one single-target (ST) damage weapon. The damage weapons are always of opposing types so if the AOE is hammer class then the ST weapon will be bow/guns.

Successfully downing all of the opposing guild vanguard gets you to their guild ship. You have about 40 seconds to completely empty the ship HP and steal a large portion of points away from your opponents. Again, to win the match you must have the most points at the end of the time limit.

Once you find a guild you need to determine your role. For example, Vanguards specialize in physical (hammers/swords) or magical (spears/bows) and require high stats and HP.

How do I increase my Total Power in sinoalice


There are 3 things that contribute to your TP and the biggest contributing factor would be your weapons grid. You want to keep adding in new weapons as your max weapon’s cost increase by rank as well as increasing your weapon’s level as much as possible using EXP Weapons that can be obtained from both normal story drops, EXP dungeon drops, and from the coin exchange.

However it is not recommended that you use EXP weapons on A rating items because of their lack of power in the mid to late game.

The second contributing factor to your TA would be your armor. At the moment there are four different types of armor that you can get: Helmet, Chest, Boots, and Gloves. These weapons can be upgraded using EXP Armor items and can be obtained from story drops, EXP Dungeons or the coin exchange. 

The third contributing factor would be your nightmare(summons).These summons can be obtained through story drops,event dungeons, and from both the coin exchange and the event coin exchange.

How should I spend my Crystals in SINoAlice

Crystals are the most important resource in the game because they allow you to refresh your stamina(AP) as well as do everyone’s favorite thing (Gacha rolls) to obtain more weapons.

It is highly recommend that you save these crystals until you understand what you are doing in the game. What are your short term or long term goals and banner updates.

Sinoalice Items

This wiki provides a complete list of the weapons in the game as well as what they do. Yes there are exp fodder for Weapons and Armor and Jobs

WIKI here

There are 8 types of weapons in total, with associated Skills that aid you in battles.

Melee Weapons
Ranged Weapons
Musical Instruments
Magic Tools
Exorcism Weapons

Limit Break is the fusing of a duplicate weapon in order to increase its level cap. Each duplication gives a Weapon 5 more Weapon Levels and 1 more Skill Level for Story, Colosseum and Colosseum Support.

To evolve a weapon you can infuse a Weapon that reached its level cap with Evolve Materials matching its attribute to promote the Weapon to a new Rarity rank.

Sinoalice Jobs and Classes

To briefly add on, the character for your job doesn’t really matter. In terms of power,  just know that the characters that you get from Gacha are better than the characters that can be obtained throughout story mode(Gacha Jobs have better raw Job Skill bonuses from leveling). 

Each Job has 10 base Skill Levels, which separate into Job Skills and Shared Skills.

Job1-2-5-9-11Boost Specialized/Equippable Weapons
in the respective Character’s Area.
Shared3-4-6-7-10-12Contribute to the total power value (without Weapons).

You can Limit Break a Job with Arcana; each Arcana gives you 2 more Job Skill Levels.

Arcana for each Job can be obtained via completing Main Missions (clearing an assigned chapter) or doing Medal Exchange.

Offensive Jobs can equip BladesMelee WeaponsRanged Weapons, and Polearms.

Supportive Jobs can equip GrimoiresMagic ToolsExorcism Weapons, and Musical Instruments.


Leveling in sinoalice

Leveling is extremely easy until rank 20. Cleaning is free and AP is abundant. Leveling up is important because it will increase your Max Weapon Cost. Having more Max Weapon Cost = more weapons = more everything


SINoAlice Reroll Guide and Important Tips

At the top right of your main menu screen, you can click on an icon called purification. Each small kill provides +2 AP and +2 EXP. Killing a bigger mob gives you +2 AP and +20 EXP.

Combo’ing three of the same color mobs by dragging your finger on the screen will give you one ball in your gauge.

This is very good if you need EXP and AP. It is free until rank 20 and gets an 8 hour cooldown after.

Sinoalice how to get gold

Currently in the game, there are only 2 currencies you can get. Gold and Magic Jewels. Gold is used to Upgrade, Uncap and Evolve Gear. Gold is obtained by doing missions or doing the Daily Gold Event Quests.

SINoAlice Reroll Guide and Important Tips

Magic Jewels are obtained by doing Missions or using real money. You are able to get 5 Jewels per mission as long as you complete the 3 challenges. You can use 300 Magic Jewel to do a 10 draw.

Sinoalice Weapon Grid Guide

Put as many weapons on your grid that match your class as possible with as high as rarity. This is is how you get stats, and stats get you more damage/buffs/debuffs/heals.

Put as many weapons on your sub-grid as possible. Type does not matter, so auto-fill is best here.

For damage classes, build grids to be elemental balanced to be able to deal with a variety of enemies until you know the mission element well.

SINoAlice tier list

There isn’t really a tier list.

All jobs are even and the multiple characters serve as a way to share buff nodes and use them on stages/events that favor that particular character.

What makes you powerful is your weapon grid and it is recommended that you to decide what role you wanna play and reroll for at least 2 powerful weapons of that particular type.

One full pull on a banner costs 300.

Weapon pairing

Pair swords with hammers

Pair guns with spears

Pair Grimoires with Musical instruments

Never pair Staff with other weapons. Let the healers heal, if you try to heal as a sorcerer for example it is not going to be good.

Orbs are also an entirely different type of weapon. Since support jobs (Minstrel, Sorcerer, Cleric and Mage) only have access to weapons that don’t do dmg because grimoires debuff, instruments buff and staves heal, orbs are basically the only way you have to cause dmg during pve content if you want to choose a support job.

So technically you also don’t pair orbs with anything because you only use them on pve. If you’re on gvg as a sorcerer, just perform your role properly. Yes, you can equip orbs and help with dmg, you can equip staves and help with healings, but don’t. Your guild will appreciate much more if you just stick with your role.

What if i want to focus on being a healer ?

Reroll for 2 staves.

Why pair weapons?

I want to focus on sword, should I roll 2 swords?

Sword is Single Target physical damage. So assuming you wanna focus on being the damage dealer for your friends, you’re gonna run a breaker job (proficiency on swords) and complement it with hammers (aoe physical dmg).

A Breaker is the same regardless the character, and only matters for area specific buffs. (Alice gets bonuses in her story and events centered on her for example)

All jobs are useful because they provide character wide buffs. So for example, if you get HP +50 on the healer Alice jobs, all Alice jobs get HP+50, so you want as many jobs as possible. So just rerolling for any job to start off is fine.

The initial roll pool only has 3 jobs. Minstrel Gretel, Healer Alice, and Breaker Snow White. Of those, Gretel and Alice are probably preferred for their utility (Musicians have stronger buffs and Healers are always useful). Snow is fine, but there are more attacking jobs than any other kind.

SINoALICE #1 Tier List 2020

Support and healer which is a better job to start with in the early game?

Is it possible to get more than 1 job per pull, is it worth it if you get 2 jobs but no SS rank weapon

There are R jobs as well as SS jobs. Weapons are the the priority as they determine progression with upgrades and limit breaks.

Between support and healer that’s a tough choice, both can use buffs, debuffs, and heals, but they are weaker without the aligned class. Heals are important early game because they can get you through content quicker but support is just as important late game. There will be most job types for each character so do not worry during the early game.

SinoAlice x Nier Automata collab

Sinoalice x nier replicant collab

You can check out the Nier Automata and Nier Replicant Collab link here

Credit to Language & Hirostine from reddit

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