Shojo Calibur IO

Set to release this fall

Japanese developer INTENSE reveals the gameplay for its new multiplayer action game Shojo, which is set to release this fall for iOS and Android devices. It looks like a kind of battle royale game in a small arena.

Character designs can look cute or funny, and it reminds me of old school mass pvp games i have played in the past. Looking forward to the english version if it ever comes.

Shojo Calibur IO


“Shojo” is an action RPG, which supports a maximum of 12 players to battle on the same field.

Players can collect items during battles, which grants you different abilities and power.

The score collected during battles can be used to nurture your characters.

Shojo Calibur IO

The game also features a 4vs4 team battle, where you can form teams with your friends.

Shojo Calibur IO

You can also customize your characters with different accessories and color editing.

Shojo Calibur IO

The story mode is completely separate from the battle system, where you can start the battles without reading the story.

Shojo Calibur IO

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