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Let’s talk about Hero Jobs in the world of Shining Beyond! A core staple of any RPG game, Jobs define each hero as the basis for their Skills and Abilities.Introducing the Hero Job tree in Shining Beyond:

Shining Beyond Tier list CLICK HERE

Shining Beyond Tier list CLICK HERE

Hero Job Tiers

Each hero starts from one of four Basic Jobs: Rogue, Squire, Archer or Acolyte. They will be able to advance further, accessing the Advanced and Expert job tiers.

Basic Tier:The jobs in the innermost circle make up the Basic tier (Rogue, Squire, Archer, Acolyte)

Advanced Tier:The jobs in the next layer make up the Advanced tier

Expert Tier:All the jobs in the outermost layer make up the Expert jobs!

Your Hero’s Path and Progression

You will be able to choose different paths to advance, as you work your way towards your desired Expert Job. Take for example, Olivia, who starts off as a Squire

Progression along the job tree is easy. When you master a job, you’ll be able to advance to an available job on the next tier.

Shining Beyond Job Skills

After advancing to the next job, skills learnt from your previous jobs are still active. You retain access to all skills from each of your currently active jobs. The path you choose matters as well:

To become a Dark Templar, you can get there from either the Zealot or Crusader Advanced jobs.

On Path A, Olivia will learn the skill sets of SquireZealot and Dark Templar Combined.

On Path B, Olivia will instead have the skill sets of SquireCrusader and Dark Templar Combined.

In the beginning, you can only have one Basic, one Advanced, and one Expert job active at any given time, though future advancements may allow you to have more than one of each!

Boosting Skills through Runes

Job Skills are great, but special Runes can make them greater! Runes in Shining Beyond can offer a way to boost the power of your Job Skills or even grant additional effects.These Rune bonuses stack with your Job Skills levels, allowing you to reach new levels of power!

In Shining Beyond, You determine the best progression for each of your heroes. Hero Jobs are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customizing them

Pre-battle – Grand Trials

Before jumping into battle, you’ll be allowed to choose Grand Trials to undertake. These trials will offer great rewards if you can overcome difficult challenges.

Each Grand Trial offers an additional challenge to players, making the mission a little more difficult. They might grant advantages to your enemies, or disadvantage your own team in some way.

[Greater challenge, Greater rewards!]Stacking multiple Grand Trials will accordingly make the mission more difficult, but will also reward you the best possible chests from each mission!

For each Grand Trial on a node, there are as many Grand Chests to claim, but each chest can only be claimed once.

Battle – On to the Action

Each mission will challenge you with combat against enemies and unique tasks to complete as you work your way towards the final objective.

Randomly generated dungeons

The most unique feature in Shining Beyond is that no two missions can ever be alike. The layout of each mission is randomly generated from a series of pre-designed rooms.

The intelligent AI system pieces together each of these rooms to create a brand new experience for you, ensuring freshness and replayability each time you enter a mission.


Players will navigate these levels with the aim of completing the final mission objective. Every room contains unique encounters ranging from enemies to quests and perhaps even treasure. Move between rooms by swiping in your preferred direction once you have cleared the current room.

When enemies appear, your heroes automatically engage the closest enemies. You can direct your heroes to focus your attacks on specific targets by tapping on them.You also have the ability to move your units anywhere within a room by tapping at that location. Useful for avoiding enemy skills!

SkillsThere are two ways to cast your Heroes’ Skills. When a skill is ready, tap and drag to manually cast the skill on your desired target, or simply tap on the skill and the AI will cast it upon its preferred target.

All skills require a ‘Casting Time’ before they are used. If you time it right, you can interrupt any enemies trying to cast their skills! Beware, however – as they can also do the same to you.This makes each battle very skill-dependent – once you master the system, you may be able to take on stages of higher difficulty even while under-levelled or under-geared!

Event Rooms

Event Rooms are special encounters that periodically appear while exploring a level. What happens in these rooms may completely surprise you!They may be Chest Rooms that offer you a DPS(Damage) Challenge…

They may contain NPCs that require your assistance or escort..

And might even contain special Shrines that grant effects to the entire level, affecting all players and monsters.

The possibilities are limitless, and ensures that no two missions are ever completely alike.

Objectives System

Rather than simply defeating the Final Boss of each mission, the Objectives System in Shining Beyond may require other specific tasks you must do in order to clear the missions.

Co-OpThe Co-Op system allows you to link up to two friends to explore dungeons in real-time. Each player is free to roam as they please, allowing you to freely explore the level before you combine your might to take on the big bosses!

The Energy cost will only be deducted from the player hosting the game. Co-op play works in everyone’s favor

!Auto Functions

If you prefer a more hands-off experience (or would rather let the AI do the heaving lifting), you might appreciate the Auto-Pathing and Auto-Skill functions.

Toggle Auto-Pathing

With this option on, the AI determines the optimal route to take through the mission, and navigates through the level on its own.

Toggle Auto-Skill

The AI determines when and where to activate Hero Skills once they are ready.You may choose to activate either option, or both at the same time, depending on how much control you prefer to have.

Tap on the ‘Hero’ Button on the game’s Landing page and it will bring you to the Hero Management page, where you can view all the heroes in your collection.

Tap on any hero, and you’ll be able to see all detailed information on them. Let’s take a closer look at Makoto, our assistant for today!


Level UpOn the INFO tab, we can Level Up or Promote our heroes.

Use XP Potions on Heroes to Level Up!

PromotePromote Heroes with their own shards to increase their Rarity and total power!Promote Heroes with Shards!Promoted Heroes have increased stats and may change their look!


On the ‘SKILL’ tab, we can view all Skills currently learned by this Hero.All your skills at a glance!Tap on any skill for a detailed inspection


The next tab, ‘GEAR’, lets us access our Gear, Runes and any Fashion skins that this Hero can equip.


The ‘JOB’ tab allows us to increase the Job levels of our heroes and promote them to higher Job tiers.Collect Job Relics to increase Job LevelsGain new skills as you advance your Heroes’ jobsView the full Job TreePreview new skills gained from Job PromotionTap on each skill for a detailed description


You can also interact with your heroes in a number of fun ways. Tap on the hero to watch an expressive emotion! Each hero has a range of fully-animated emotions that you can cycle through with each tap!

Tapping the ‘ARENA’ button from the game’s landing page brings you straight to the Arena, where you can pit your team against other like-minded champions (all in good fun, of course).


Before we begin, we can set up our squad specifically for the Arena by pressing the ‘edit’ button to the left of the ‘Battle’ button.Choose your heroes…And your optimal team formation!When done, we can simply tap ‘Confirm’, and proceed to hit ‘Battle’ on the main page to select our first opponent!We’ll be offered a choice of three opponents. Pick the most suitable out of the three, or tap ‘Repick’ to reshuffle the matchup for a small cost (which may not be gold in the final game).Choose a suitable opponent, or repick a new set~


In battle, we retain control of our heroes (Choose the best moment to unleash their skills and dodge incoming enemy attacks!).Within battle, you can also toggle the battle speed and skill auto-cast. A countdown timer is displayed, along with bars showing the total remaining percentage of health each team has. If the battle is not decisively settled, the victor will be the side with the higher health percentage remaining by the end of the time limit.In the above battle, we win by time-out!


We will be shown a breakdown of rewards and battle performance after each match.Your performance determines the final reward!We can review battle statistics, sorted by Damage Done, Damage received or Healing to see how much work our heroes are putting in!Sort battle statistics to review your units’ performanceIn this Arena, we’re rewarded simply for battling! Head back to the main Arena screen to see the milestone rewards we’ve unlocked. The rewards and requirements shown here are not final just yet, but the more we battle each season, the more rewards we earn!

The main Arena screen also grants access to ‘HISTORY’, ‘PRACTICE’, ‘SHOP’ and ‘LADDER’ .‘HISTORY’ displays a record of all of our previous Arena matches.

PRACTICE’ is a mode that grants no rewards, but allows us to test our teams against other players with no risk to our Ranking.‘SHOP’ brings us to the Arena tab in the shop, where we can spend our hard-earned Arena Currency.

And finally, the ‘LADDER’ tab shows us our current League Ranking, our Arena Record and Ladder Reward for the season.

Simply hit ‘ADVENTURE’ on the home page, and we’ll be brought to this screen (Which you might remember from an earlier preview!)

From here, we can access all the different Mission regular missions the game has to offer (Excluding Events, but that will come later).Selecting CAMPAIGN will bring us to the furthest mission we’ve managed to complete so far.

Notice from the bottom left that completing missions grants us milestone rewards based on the number of stars we’ve managed to obtain.

Tapping on each node shows us the mission requirements on the hero setup screen, where we can also edit our team lineup and battle formation. We can also view the Loot from each stage and a preview of which enemies to expect.Back on the campaign map, we can tap on ‘WORLD MAP’ in the top right to check on our progress, and revisit chapters that have already been cleared!

ADVENTURE’ also grants access to Daily Dungeons – extremely important avenues for resources as Gold, XP Potions, Gear, Runes and Job Relics.Each dungeon offers a specific resourcePerhaps most important of all, is the ‘IDLE’ feature.

We can access the ‘IDLE’ interface by following this big blue portal.Idle battles bring in rewards even when we are away from the game!Idle Battles are exploratory missions where heroes battle without our input, even when we are away from the game.Here, we choose which mission to send our heroes to Idle Battle at. The Battle Power of our Exploration Squad and Bonus Rewards is determined by the total party strength (all heroes in our roster). A higher battle power means a faster rate of loot generation!

Loot such as gear is affected by the stage that our heroes are idling at. Harder stages naturally bring better loot! We can preview the possible loot from a stage before deploying our heroes.Rewarded for doing (almost) nothing!If we find ourselves up against a difficult stage, Idle battles may provide the much-needed boost we need to clear it! Always aim to climb as far as we can in the campaign to make Idle battles as efficient as possible!

Shining Beyond Tier List

Shining Beyond Tier listCLICK HERE

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