Savior Fantasy Full Guide and best class

Savior Fantasy, a next-gen MMOPRG of Steampunk and Fantasy.
Explore this fully immersive fantasy land and embark on an extraordinary journey.


Players start their journey from [Waltzie Academy], to become powerful young sorcerers who utilize magical weapons to pave their own way onto the battlefield. In this mystical journey, our young sorcerers will meet friends, myriads of pets and partners to fight against evil forces from the abyss.

  • -Features-
  • Magic Campus Style and 360°Full View
  • Extravagant graphical display overhauled with perfect 3D graphics that mold the world into shape. It’s made to provide an exquisite and fun gaming experience in the hands of the player
  • Gorgeous [Waltzie Academy], unprecedented scenes and battle animations are all in the palm of your hand!
  • Unique Character Customization System, various stunning clothing, 2 unique characters for your choosing.
  • Customize your very own face; Mix and match with Costumes, Weapons, Hairstyles with even their colors at your will; Cute Skirts, gorgeous gowns, mighty weapon. Create your own unique combination whenever you’d like and let your character shine under the spotlight.
  • Both Spirit Swordsman and Shadow Dancer are distinct from one another, each having their own unique backstory and skills waiting to unfold. Mix and match them and craft a style of your own for the battlefield. Distinct growth routes built with in-depth cultivation gameplay, each class having their very own legend to fulfill on the battlefield.
  • Oath and Gesture System filled with love, display your truest form of affection to your loved ones!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, all I want is none other than you! Bring your loved ones to a romantic wedding hall, swear your oath to one another under the witness of your friends and family. Exchange a sacred kiss with one another and interact with romantic gestures that come with Exclusive Gear to boost your battle capabilities!
  • Myriads of BOSSES and modes, treasures and rare items within your grasp at ease!
  • Delve into the dangerous Devil King Guardian Areal. Robbing, attack reduction, critical and etc. are all tuned possible here, utilize them all to completely fend yourself against the forces of evil perfectly.
  • Fair pairing system with myriads of Fight Systems for choosing, massive maps waiting to be unveiled. Access Guild Squad gameplay and bring your friends over for endless fun, the more the merrier!
  • Fun Mentorship System, battle side by side with your tutor!
  • You need help from your parents at home just as much as you need Mentors when you are in-game. Powerful Mentors will provide adventurers different power buffs that ease their journey in this evil-filled, vicious world!
  • Mounts, Partners and Pets ready for action!
  • Say goodbye to traditional RPG gameplay, introducing the all new Assist System where Pets, Mounts and Partners form powerful formations together to assist you in your battles. Cultivate them at will and create your very own godlike-strong team for impeccable mobbing efficiency.
  • Mighty Partners, Cute Pets and ever changing styles await your discovery. Not to worry, they’re loyal to you until death!

Full Guide

Wings System

The Wings System insists on a cool and gorgeous appearance, with strong and unique features. The wing system can be unlocked when the player reaches Lv. 40.

1. Wings Stats

Wings Stats can provide four basic stats buffs, which are HP, DEF, HIT and TEN to a character.

2. Wings Skill

At the same time, Wings will also bring 5 different Wings Skills for players:

3. Wings Item

We even provide advanced evolution and stats potential buff tools for Wings.

Plume: Qualification types are altogether categorized into Radiant Plume, Blazing Plume and Gale Plume, where different Plume Buffs are totally different, even the maximum number that can be used by each Plume is completely different.

Wings Refine Crystal: Consume Wings Refine Crystal for Wings can provide Refine pts, increase Wings level, unlock Wings skill for Wings. Wings Refine Crystal is also categorized into Pri. Wings Refine Crystal and Adv. Wings Refine Crystal, which provide different EXP.

Tip: Use Pri. Wings Refine Crystal may receive Refine Pt. bonus and doubled EXP; Fill the Refine gauge and continue consuming Refine Crystal to improve Wings Level for its stats Buff.

4. Wings Transmog

Players can activate other Skin models of Wings by obtaining corresponding Chakra and there are more cool and gorgeous Wings models waiting for you to choose! After the Wings Transmog, not only the basic stats can be added, the EVA rate can also be improved.

M. Envoy System

M. Envoy is a personal guard that follows its master to gallop in the battlefield, and also an intimate partner that accompanying its master to watch moonlight. In this magical world, M. Envoy will accompany its master to practise and travel around Fantasy Land.

In Savior Fantasy, M. Envoy can be advanced through evolving crystal, and set a total of 7 stages of different M. Envoy. Players can increase their bonus stats by advancing or evolving the M. Envoy and obtain different pet skills.


Players can also activate M. Envoy skin by obtaining M. Envoy Chakra where they can have their own ways to “Change” and “Transform” the M. Envoy, This enables players to have different M. Envoy experience. Players can even obtain enhanced stats through the advancement.


M. Envoy that fight alongside with players all the time are not unarmed as it also has exclusive M. Staff. M. Staff can bring full range of bonus stats for the M. Envoy.

At the same time, the M. Envoy has its own exclusive Throne and Accessory.

H. Spirit System

H. Spirit accompanies player into main quests, challenge and clear the H. Spirit Stages to make them yours and journey with them together!


H. SpiritH. Spirit grants HP, ATK, Hit and Block 4 base stat buffs to character. Upon H. Spirit activation, the player will receive their skill and stats, skills with the same effect will only have the highest skill level applied. Each H. Spirit grants the Chosen One stackable stat buffs. Activated H. Spirit can star up by consuming H. Spirit Soul, the more H. Spirit Soul it consumes the higher the Star-up success rate. Failing to star-up will also increase the Star-up success rate, the increased success rate is cleared upon next successful Star-up. When a H. Spirit reaches 10-star, consume H. Spirit Soul to Breakthrough, a successful Breakthrough grants massive stat buffs and it will proceed into next tier.

Valor:Each H. Spirit has their very own exclusive Valor, and these Valor also possesses skill and stats where these buff stats are stackable. The Valor can be improved by consuming the Valor Core, the more it is consumed the higher the improvement success rate. Failing to improve will also increase its success rate, the increased success rate is cleared upon a successful improvement.

Mentor System


Mentor System Page

The lowest unlocked level of Mentor System is Lv. 351 (Peak Lv. 1), where players can choose a female or male Mentor. Once the choice is made, it cannot be changed. Mentor activation will provide players with four stats buffs, namely the ATK, DEF, HIT and TEN.


Male Mentor Page

The Mentor can upgrade star levels by consuming Full-Mark Paper. After reaching 10-star, the next stage Mentor images can be unlocked.


Female Mentor Page

The Full-Mark Paper can be obtained by killing World Boss, Time Rift, Boss Abyss, Interschool Boss and Personal Boss greater than equals to Lv. 351 boss.

Starcore System

The Starcore Function will be available as player reaches Lv. 50 , tap and cultivate them to increase character critical attack damage.

1. Starcore Stats

Starcores grants player HP, ATK, Block, and CRI, 4 base stat buffs.


2. Starcore Skills


Starcores provide players 5 different Starcore Skills:


3. Starcore Item

Starcore Items grant Starcore Evolution Advancement and Stat Potential buffs, they are divided into Bead and Starcore Refine Crystal.


Bead belongs to Potential Orb Type, it is further divided into Star Essence, Radiant Sun and Crescent Shine 3 types. Different Bead stat buffs differ from one another along with their respective max usage.

Starcore Refine Crystal is used to refine Starcores, granting it EXP to level it up and unlock Starcore Skills. The Starcore Refine Crystal is also divided into Pri. Starcore Refine Crystal and Adv. Starcore Refine Crystal,each grant different amounts of EXP.


4. Starcore Transmo.

Players can use corresponding Starcore Chakra to activate other more powerful Starcores! Upon Transmo., the Starcore can be further advanced for more stat buff!


M. Opus System

The minimum level unlocked by M. Opus system is Lv. 350, activated M. Opus can provide players with bonus stats and passive skills to increase the player’s damage during C.S battle.

Entry: [Right Side of the Main Interface] – [Treasure] – [M. Opus]


M. Opus Main Interface

1. Can enhance the HP, DEF, PVP ATK and PVE DEF these four types stats of buffs through spending Verdant Institute, Violet Institute and Lapis Institute.

2. The usage of Knowledge Crystal can increase M. Opus level, the Crystal can be obtained from the Study.



3. A M. Opus that has reached a certain levels can unlock new image and unlock new new DEF/Invade skills.


N. Opus Passive Skills

4. M. Opus can provide DEF Passive Skill as well as invade Passive Skill, DEF skill can only be used in current server main city, while Invade Skill can only be used in C.S. main city.

Index System

The Index System will be fully opened upon reaching Lv. 260. Those Index characters that are seen during the exploration can help to increase HP, ATK, DEF, HIT, Block, CRI, and TEN Stats.

Entry: [Character] – [Index]


Boss Index Page

The Index is categorized sequenced from low to high quality as Normal, Rare, Precious and Legend Index; They can be repaired and activated, polished, group up for massive stats.


Event Index

Index shard is divided into 12345678, from left to right, up to down, the stats that can be obtained after shard location and shard repairing are corresponded. After all shards in the Index are repaired, you can use the Index shards to do Index polishing. After the the specified Index are thoroughly repaired or polished, extra stats can be obtained for Index group. Special reminder: quests with similar relationships are easier to be combined.


Index Group Page

Index function has its own bag and all Index shards will appear in independent bags.

Proceed to World Boss, Abyss Boss, Market, Peak Hunt and God Hunt to obtain Index shards. Index can be sold in the market.

Savior fantasy class guide: coming soon

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