Royal Crown – Hero Tier List and overall guide

Royal Crown Mobile Game

Rukh is an assasin with magic type damage. He is quite hard to master because he has low defence with no escape skill. Very fragile in early game, needs a lot of items to fight with tankier heroes. You must be able to effectively use his E skill.

Passive: Explosive Reign – This skill takes 3 stacks to activate, once activated passively, instantly deals 25% magic damage and an additional 80% damage over 3 seconds. Cannot be stacked while taking damage.

Q: Rush – Moves caster forward, dealing magic damage along the way

W: Fury – 2 hits. 1st attack increases movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds and deals magic damage. 2nd attack deals magic damage for 2 seconds and reduces enemy movement speed by 40%

E: Flame Sphere – Summons a sphere to target area dealing magic damage. Sphere last 2 seconds and can be destroyed by skills. It creates a shield when destroyed and deals damage to surrounding enemies. Throwing hits target into the air and stuns them as well as resets cooldown for Rush.

Ultimate: 5 hits that hit enemy into the air, creates a shield and slows enemy movement speed by 50% while skill is in use.

Odri is the best healer in the game. Great in 3 v 3 teams. A must have in your team. Great for team fights because of her heals, disables and top level healing.

Passive: Increases healing effects by 15%

Q: Binding light – attacks 2 enemies and make their skills unusable as well as immobile for 1.5 seconds

W: Redemption – Creates a shield that explodes after 2 seconds and damages enemy when it explodes. Increases target movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds

E: Repent – Heal or damage 4 times. Effectiveness increases by 25% each time. Stops when target is more than 9m away

Ultimate: Healing prayer – Pushes away nearby enemies. Restore hp of nearby allies every 0.5seconds for 3.5seconds.

Royal Crown Tip #1: How to survive in battle royal?
– Full of individual characters of Champions! Use diverse skills to win the battle.
– Obtain gears by opening the chest, hunting, and PVP to become stronger!
– Additional help: DIY is one way to survive longer. Cooking, making Skillbooks, and more!

Royal Crown Tip #2: How to earn Crowns?

When you claim what you already owned, it turns into Crowns. You can use Crowns in Crown Shop.
*Some accessorizing items can be obtained more than 1. In this case, you will need to have the same 21 items to collect crowns.

Royal Crown Tip #3: Free Champions.

You have a chance to use 2 free Champions every day. Free Champions are changing every day. (*Champions you owned can be included.)
New Champions can be purchased by Diamonds or Golds.

Royal Crown Tip #4: Storage Chest.

Everything you owned needs your personal touch! From the Glider, Mount, Freefall Trail, Cooking, Loot Chest, Wards, and to Spray!
Go to your Storage to check out what you have owned. NOTE: All Champions share the Storage items.

Royal Crown Tip #5: About Battle Pass.

You will meet the new Battle Pass with the new Season of Royal Crown.
Earn Battle Stars to raise your Batte Pass tier to get tons of presents! Battle Pass of the season can be purchased and used only during that season.

*You cannot claim any previous season’s goods once the season ends. Don’t forget to claim all the Battle Pass goods before the time ends!

Royal Crown Tip #6: Quick Slots.

You can register a maximum 6 items in your slots.

If your slot is empty, the consumable item you obtain directly goes to the slot.
Open inventory(i) if you wish to change the slot item.

Consumable items have their own positions in the slots:
 – 1 to 3: Totem, Scrolls
 – 4: Food, Eatable materials
 – 5 to 6: Potions

Royal Crown Tip #7: Attacking the Knocked out player.

In Squad battle, you can move after a while when the Champion heath gauge is zero.
On mobile, you need to tap Champion facial button if you wish to attack knocked-down Champion.

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