Romancing Saga Re:universe #1 Tier list and Guide 2021

Romancing Saga Re:universe #1 Tier list and Guide 2020

The SaGa game series was given birth inside Japan alongside legendary titles such as Final Fantasy and Mana series. Various iterations of the SaGa game series would receive millions of purchases.

In particular, Romancing SaGa Re:universe had been downloaded over 19 million times in Japan since it’s 2018 launch. Japan’s population is somewhere around 125 million so the game had been downloaded by almost 1/6th of Japan’s population.

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Character Basics

There are 11 stats you can look at.

  • HP: Max HP. If it reaches 0, you are KO’d and are knocked down 1 LP.
  • LP: Life Points. If it reaches 0, you can’t be raised (please don’t be scared: you don’t lose the unlike SaGa games!). All heals cost 1(or 2) LP, by the way! Despite being able to heal KO’d characters back up, you are still using LP!
  • BP: You start with 7BP (might change with formations) and get 3BP per turn. Each skill uses different BP costs.
  • Strength: Affects weapon damage from: (Swords, Greatswords, Axe, Spear, Club, Claws/Fists).
  • Constitution: Affects defense against physical damage
  • Dexterity: Affects weapon damage from: (Guns, Bows and Rapiers).
  • Agility: Affects Evasion, Turn Order and few types of attacks.
  • Intelligence: Affects Magic Damage in general.
  • Spirit: Affects Magic Defense in general.
  • Love: Amount of HP you can give from heals. Has numerous HIDDEN effects.
  • Charm: Amount of HP you receive from heals. Also increases avoidance/hit rates of status ailments.

“So what am I summoning for in romancing saga ?”

You are pulling for “Styles”, or characters notified on certain point of their lives. This is easily indicated by their sprites updating as time goes on. This also includes the RomaSaga 1 crew having two variants that share their “name”.

Each Style has stat bonus in percentage and flat values (95% + 15 int means a (Base int)*95% + 15 intelligence boost). You can find multiplier bonus on their status screen for the style and find style flat bonuses on the “level rewards” section.

This means that characters will have differing stats depending on their style. One SS Polka has Int focused bonuses for his mage-tank role. Another SS Polka has Constitution and Strength for his Parry-tank role.

Each style also contains 3 effects that all unlock at level 30. This can be from inflicting ailments each battle start to having more damage at 100% HP or dealing more damage when doing a certain damage a boss is weak against.

Each style finally comes with 3 moves. One is low BP (3-5BP cost), one is medium BP (6-12BP) and one is high BP cost (13-18). You can reduce these BP costs later with enhancements later. Each of these moves have a “level” that increases their efficiency (well… most of them) as level goes up as you use them more and more.

You can inherit one skill that a character has universally learned. So a SS Ellen (“At the Abyss Gate”) learns Megaaxe, she can inherit it to her SS Ellen (“This backpack is heavy”).

Gacha system

What the gacha is for is “Styles”. Styles come in three ranks: A rank (Bronze), S rank (Silver) and SS rank (Gold). The gacha rate is 5% Gold, 12% Silver and 83% Bronze.

When you try to summon, you will be brought to a tower piece with the Professor doing an experiment. There are three parts of the summon:

  1. Before summon. If Bernie and other pets walk through, there is a bigger chance of a fakeout. Two of them tends to signal a banner character.
  2. When you press the switch, the current will go into the machine and either not do much, electrify or explode the machine in orange light. No electricity = Nothing guaranteed. Blue Electricity = S rank guaranteed. Orange Explosion = SS rank guaranteed. The sound clip used can easily predict this also.
  3. The professor can have a light bulb spark on top of her as she kicks the machine. It instantly upgrades the tower from No Electricity to Blue or Blue Electricity to Explosion.

The on-banner rates tends to be 1.00% for one SS character each. It also tends to have updated off-banner pools frequently for characters who weren’t Seasonal or “Award”/Anniversary celebration characters. Each pull gives 100 coins, where you can trade for goodies. Banner characters cost 15,000 coins, so 15 multis = one guaranteed character.

How to raise a Character: Basics

Characters can raise their base stats through these methods:

  • Clearing a dungeon
  • Expeditions
  • Unlocking stat nodes
  • Equipment

Everytime you clear a dungeon, you have a chance to get +1-3 (depends on hot time) to get a certain stat. You can get multiple increase of stat per run but the chance is high-low depending on your current stat total.

We will talk about how different style variants affect stat totals later but to easily tell if you have stat to grind is by seeing the party members light “aura” in party select. If it is sparkling yellow, that means you have stats to grind. If you see green particles, that means you’re nearing the limit.

A character shares a EXP pool for all their versions. So what one style gains, it can be used for another style. This includes stat gains also and even shared skill levels.

You can use EXP to level styles to increase a style to level 30 to unlock their 3 passives, more stat bonuses and weapon mastery levels. You can break level cap to 50 through puzzle pieces, which will be talked about later, but know that the most important parts of a character at the start isn’t locked by the shards system.

Stat Grinding Cap List:

  • [Up to 6-2-5 VH] (~740 HP | ~46 Stat) (Launch old stat cap)
  • [7-2 VH] (~760 HP | ~49 Base Stat)
  • [8-2 VH] (~780 HP | ~52 Base Stat)
  • [9-2 VH] (~800 HP | ~55 Base Stat)
  • [10-2 VH] (~820 HP | ~57 Base Stat)
  • [11-2 VH] (~840 HP | ~59 Base Stat)
  • [12-2 VH] (~860 HP | ~61 Base Stat)
  • [Gaiden 1-2-3 VH] (~890 HP | ~64 Base Stat)
  • [13-2-3 VH] (~920 HP | ~67 Base Stat)
  • [14-2-3 VH] (~950 HP | ~71 Base Stat)
  • [15-2-3 VH] (~990 HP | ~74 Base Stat)
  • [Gaiden 2-2-3 VH] (~1020 HP | ~77 Base Stat) (Current JP Stat Cap on 20mil DL Celebration)

Add +20HP and +4 stats from Stat Nodes and you get:

Total Stat Base from stat raising + nodes: ~1040HP and ~81 Base Stat cap.

How to raise a Character in romancing saga: Expeditions

Expeditions unlocks over story, and acts as the easy way to get everyone you pull up to speed. As you get through certain parts of the story, you unlock longer and bigger stat cap/gains.

The most recent one, Underwater cavern, unlocks a LOT of stats. It is advised to complete 10-2-5 VH as fast as possible due to this. Expeditions also give minor rewards like EXP, gold and stat pots.

There is expedition skip tickets. This adjusts with time left, so half-done expeditions cost less tickets than just started ones. There’s an option to use jewels, but you SHOULD NOT DO THIS AT ALL COSTS. Tickets are readily available and obtainable through events and logins. Just use Jewels for stamina instead if you are that desperate for stats and auto-grind a stage.

How you can tell if a character will gain much is through two options. There’s one option in character select that lets you exclude characters who are past the stat caps. Another way to see is to see the characters “aura”. If you see shining light, that means they will benefit. If you see a frustrated squiggle mark, it means they have nothing to gain and should be switched.

How to raise a Character in romancing saga: Stat Nodes

Let’s say you reached the stat caps of a character and would like to go beyond a bit.

The best way to do this is by checking out the “Reverse/Back Dojo” after you beat Very Hard story to a specific point. These Back Dojo have four differing difficulties with rewards everyday and features a decently difficult group of mobs. Thankfully, it tells you their stats beforehand so you can prepare, but you should at least prepare.

You get purple/green colored rewards. Purple material are used for “Bronze” titles and green material are used for 8 colored “Jewels”. For now, there is only Bronze and no Silver titles yet.

You use 3 bronze titles and 2 jewels to raise a stat cap by 4. This can be done for each stat, costing a lot of EXP and gold (being a pretty decent gold/exp sink) that can raise during battles. Unlocking all of them gives 20 HP for now (which is pretty decent as a reward).

When starting, focus on what brings you the best results first: Agility if you are going too slow, strength/int if you want to hit harder, Love/Charm if you want healing to be better, etc.

How to raise a Character in romancing saga: Equipment (Appraisal)

Every story stage (and some event stages) has a chance to drop a equipment. This equipment can be B-SS rank, with the biggest difference being the amount of reforges/stars you can give to the weapon.

There are two attack values: Physical and Element.

  • Physical Attack affects your main physical damage. This affects even spellblade/hybrid damage in general and will be your main focus for people like Gustave, Ellen or Monica.
  • Element Attack affects your main magic damage. This will be the main focus of people like Blue, Rogue, Undine, Miriam and many more mages. Said element matters a lot, with Rocbocquet having to decide from either Dark or Water staves to focus on one or Koumei having to decide between Fire or Light.

Each weapon can come in a “variant” with two types: “Str” vs. “Str+”. The Plus gives additional stats without affecting the weapon in general. So + variants are generally sought for Stat-optimization purposes. SS Weapons do not come with variants and will feature their own statlines.

Armors can come in a (+) variant also that increases their stats. Armors generally give stats and resistances to certain damage types. Said resistances rise when leveled.

How to raise a Character in romancing saga: Equipment (Leveling)

How to optimally raise weapons/armors:

There are two important parts of a weapon/armor: Levels and Stars.

  • Levels are obtained by going to the smith and fusing weapons/armors/orbs into what you want leveled. This generally increases the Physical/Element attack values or the resistance values (Accessories cannot be leveled).
  • When level 5, the cap, is reached: you can “uncap” the weapon, giving it increased base stats and reverting the weapon to level 1 with a star. The EXP required is the same, affecting not much besides generally increasing the total value you get from the weapon. How many times you can uncap depends on the rank of the weapon/armor with S ranks being able to uncap 3 times and SS ranks being able to uncap 4 times. This heavily affects performance and is why event SS equips are sought after. Materials for this are from Archeological digs.

Extra tip: same type weapons or armors give 1.5x exp when fused to one another. Fuse fodder spears of inferior attributes to the STR+/Element+ spear you grinded to maximize efficiency.

How to raise a Character in romancing saga: Equipment (Holy Stones)

Every now once and then, you will see a “Holy Stone expedition” event open up with red/blue/green gems. These are “gems” that you can equip on your equipment to get numerous effects.

These events are much bigger than you think despite their 3-day periods. One of the biggest reasons is what the effects do. One type gives 10% mitigation to all damage sources, while another gives increased physical damage (up to 15%) if you equip the right weapon-type gem onto said weapon.

These gems have up to 10 levels and require “fragments” to level (which can be grinded).

These events have two types of fights. One is where you regularly fight monsters in the cavern and gain pickaxes, fragments and a chance to get a holy stone of the particular colored cavern you grind in. If you gather 100 or 1000 pickaxes, you can go use them to gather either 1-10 holy stones or get 1-10 iterations of 1250-7500 fragments.

You will probably still grind holy stone caverns for fragments even after you finish getting the holy stones you need for your parties because there is a lot of equipment you will need to finish.

Romancing Saga Re:universe #1 Tier list and Guide 2020

Auto 101: BP Reduction

There are three differing costs of skills per style. To reduce them, you need to use books and crystals.

Books are obtained through events and weekly means (Robin Cup being the best source). The first move will always use the brown book. The second will use the blue book. The third will use the orange book.

This costs gold and acts as almost a sink also, but the orange books can be sold for 100,000 gold (being a great source of gold in general if you got nothing to BP reduce). You can edit how much BP a skill uses in auto through the character menu. So you’re not screwed if you realized that one BP reduction fucks up auto.

Crystals are obtained from story/events. The first two tiers (Dust and Circle Shards) can be obtained from Hard mode and Very Hard mode of story in certain parts. They have numerous colors and each skill requires different colored dust/shards/crystals. How you get the third tier is through events only whether you beat Romancing difficulty or get it from the shop.

  • Dust is only needed for the first BP reduction for the second and third skill.
  • The Circle Shards and Dust are needed for the first BP reduction of the first skill and the second BP reduction of the second and third skill.
  • The third skill’s last BP reduction will require gems and circle shards.

Be wary on what you use the gems on. They’re very limited. (Few good examples are Southern Cross, Bolt counter, etc.). Some skills like Parry or Heals should be priority.

Auto 101: Formations

Before we go through everything: 

Yes, you can just use Free for All and win everything. No, it isn’t easy. It is a wasteful idea.

Formations can edit two things:

  • Stats (certain position gets increased or decreased stats, which both can work in favor).
  • Aggro rate (In Imperial Cross, the front guy gets the most aggro, differing aggro rates in general).

In general, I tend to run the “Phoenix” formation and the “Deadly Earrings” formation. However, each fight can use differing formations due to how some moves hit rows/columns/all. This is especially important in autos, as you don’t want to put everyone in a free-for-all when the enemy is an angel mob that constantly uses Waterfall slash (a column move that would hit EVERYONE).

Each party slot (used to be 10, now it’s 15) can have their own formation with their characters. You can press the “Edit formation” button to the right to adjust locations of party members.

How to raise a Character: Level Breaking

Every character has differing styles. Said styles will always come in level 30, but can be limited broken to level 50 give a few goodies (Also, disclaimer: It costs HELLA gold, acting as a gold sink):

  • First of all: More stat multiplier/flat bonuses. This is explainable by itself.
  • Secondly: Weapon mastery. You get weapon mastery EXP points for each level you get to with certain weapon types. This increases Skill Damage and Overdrive Damage % increase for everyone in said weapon. Each style gives the same 5 Weapon Mastery EXP, so it is advised to raise A/S-ranks instead of leaving them to dry.
  • Third: Gems. Level 50 also gives 50 gems.

To limit break, you need jigsaw/puzzle pieces. There are two types of them: style-specific and rarity-specific. 

  • Style specific one basically works with one style only. This can be obtained from events, shops and the front dojo. The front dojo is a slow grind that lets you trade gold for these style specific pieces for 5 characters.
  • Rarity specific ones rely on color. Gold = SS, Silver = S, Bronze = A. You can get gold ones from login, some events (including recurring ones like the weekly 10-fight gauntlet battle festival) and be traded from the silver fragment shop. 

The silver fragments are gained from selling pieces, so you can trade level 50 SS/S/A style pieces for silver fragments that goes to Gold pieces. It refreshes frequently also. What I tend to do is trade all my S/A style pieces and just use universal silver/bronze pieces for my S/A ranks and get gold pieces for my SS ranks. Others just 50 S/A ranks first. Up to you.

How to level a Character: Sources of Jigsaws

To recap… The sources of Golden Jigsaw puzzles (AKA SS Universal materials) are:

  • Battle Festival (Every week at Saturday/Sunday, 55 jigsaw or 110 jigsaw per final round)
  • White Fragment (Sell jigsaws, get fragments that are exchangeable for Golden Jigsaws)
  • Events (event shop sometimes have 30-50)
  • Login campaigns

Sources of Character-specific Jigsaw pieces are:

  • Events (debuting characters get like 20 as a starter)
  • Dojo (Get all 5 dojo dummies built and start early! This helps out a lot!)
  • Gacha coin shop (Not recommended to push) or Dupes (Also not recommended)
Romancing Saga Re:universe #1 Tier list and Guide 2020

Romancing saga re universe: Progressing through the Game

Early Game: Get your Expeditions unlocked. That’s it. (from 0 to 33-34k CP in terms of JP)

Clear story, get stuck, grind a bit/use expeditions/exploit weaknesses, continue. 

Your goal is to unlock at least the last expedition. Hit the ground running and make sure to be frugal with gems.

Mid Game: Mid-game is when you are starting to reach a slant (35k to 45k CP in terms of JP)

You’re finishing off story, you are starting your weapon attribute grind, you are getting BP reductions done and starting to level 50 your first main character. Keep climbing and start getting milestones (Few are: Beat chapter 15 VH, Obtain teams for each attribute type, Get to tower floor 60-70 consistently, Get to 10th battle festival, Be able to do Reverse Dojo 3rd level easily, Be able to do Robin Cup 6th-7th difficulty easily)

Your goal is to be able to start beating events up to Romancing Difficulty consistently for 1000 gems each battle event.

End Game: This is when you are basically grasping for stats. (45k-52k CP in terms of JP)

Romancing Saga: Robin Cup

Robin Cup unlocks in 5-2-6 VH, it is a gauntlet of 3 fights against a pre-set team of a specific “theme” of monsters. Imagine it as a 3v3 with their “3” being teams of monsters while your “3” is a party of 3 characters. The biggest difference is that you also start with 15BP instead of 7BP.

You have 3 teams of 3. They all share a pool of equipment, so you can’t triple dip on one SS staff. However, the characters you use in each team is important. When the 3 characters in the first party is KO’d, the second one comes out. However, on the slot they arrive, the 2nd party can use the 1st party skills (Example: So If I had [SS Blue], [SS Polka] and [SS Ellen] in one team and then [SS White Rose], [SS Miriam] and [SS Gustave] for the second. [SS White Rose] would use her skills and then can use one skill from [SS Blue]’s skillset after). This makes placements really important for Robin Cup in general.

There are three fights against three waves of mobs. You can see the mobs by looking at the tournament brackets. And it’s different for all times. You have party slots for your 3 teams of 3. This makes it easy to build counter teams for specific “opponent” during the Robin cup. AKA a water crew for fire dogs, a holy crew for undead/demons and fire for plantlife.

You only have to do this once a week, and there are different difficulties. However, if you do the highest one, you get the weekly rewards from the lower difficulties all at once, so only one run is fine. Rewards are pretty great, ranging from Gold, character fragments, stat break material to BP reduction skill books.

Romancing Saga: Back Dojo

Back Dojo unlock after completing enough VH Content (I’m guessing chapter 7-8 VH because I can’t remember)

This mode is a 5 party fight against one wave of powerful mobs. And when I mean powerful, I mean mini-boss level. The mobs and awards refresh by day. So one day might have two mobs, another with nine mobs and another with three. However, don’t take these mobs for granted, they are brutally strong sometimes.

The biggest factor here is stun/sleep/paralysis. Honestly, being able to take out a mob out of the fight by consistently stunning or having access to an AOE stun against a group of nine mobs is huge in this mode. This also makes parry a very amazing skill to have as you can tank a lot of attacks if you put someone like SS New Year Polka or SS Release Albert in a high-aggro spot in a party. Remember that AOE’s still exist, however.

Reward are stat node materials. There are 4 difficulties but you need to only do the highest once a day as their rewards are all given at once. AKA a Tier 3 clear gives Tier 3, Tier 2 and Tier 1 daily reward.

Welfare Romancing Saga Characters List (JP updated)

Disclaimer: The first three is for on-release styles, not their respective newer versions.

Jungle Expedition (2 per day): SS Albert, SS Katarina

Battle Festival (Friday-Sunday): SS Blue, SS Cat, SS Charl

Robin Cup (Once a week): SS Alkaiser, SS Gustave, SS Ellen

Story: SS Rouge (1-2-12 Normal), SS Lute (8-2-1 VH), SS Fat Robin (1-1-1 VH), SS Terry (4-1-5 VH), SS Salamander (2-1-3 VH), SS Ward (10-2-4 VH), SS Bai Meiniang (11-2-1 VH), SS Zhi Ling (12-2-3 VH).

Galahad: SS Galahad (Ice Sword Event).

Newcomer Missions: SS Sophia (Spiral Corridor version)

I underlined characters you should be interested with on release. SS Albert has Parry, an amazing damage nullification skill for a turn. SS Cat is great for Aurum farming with her Aurum passive (S rank Guella Ha has a Aurum passive too). SS Blue and SS Rouge are great mage styles to have. SS Gustave, SS Ellen and SS Lute are solid characters to have in case.

Sources of Gems

This is how you get gems (frame of reference, multi = 3,000 gems):

  • Story Stage: 100 gems (one-time)
  • Story Cutscene/Event Cutscene/Event Stage: 50 gems (one-time)
  • Daily Quest: 60 gems (daily)
  • Weekly Quest: 500 gems (weekly)
  • Floor 10/20/30/40/50/60/70 of Spiral Corridor: 200/300/400/500/500/600/600 gems (Monthly) including initial clear (10 gems) and tickets (3x per floor, 5 = summon).
  • Level 30/50 Style (50 gems per style, one-time)
  • Reaching certain weapon mastery ranks (10 gems each iirc)
  • Week Login (~200-400 gems)
  • Logins for Events (??? amount, but is pretty generous)

Estimates were generally 6,000-7,000 gems monthly if you do everything. Even more if there’s a celebration as they basically just hand out jewels in bulks (20mil celebration started with like 6-7k given out). As such, they should be only used for Gachas (high priority) or Stamina (if 2-3x stat grind is on).

Daily/Weekly Routines

What you should do:

  • Check and redo expeditions. Daily quest builds into it.
  • Check dojo and refill dojo stamina to get more puzzle pieces.
  • EXP/Gold dungeon twice a day. This builds into your Daily/Weekly missions (Tip: Bring the release SS Cat or S rank Guella Ha to the Gold dungeon if you’re confident to get more gold).
  • Back Dojo everyday to get purple/green materials
  • Battle Festival at least once for weekly during FRI/SAT/SUN (Also gives gold puzzle pieces)
  • Robin Cup once a week to get Robin coins for Gold/BP reduction books/etc.
  • Snake dungeon if you reach ticket limit of 10 (Tip: Hold onto at least 6-8 for 2x eggshell drop)

After everything is done:

  • Event grind at least or stat/weapon grind to get the Weekly missions done.
  • Finish teams for boss challenges for coins to get more unique formations.

Notable Characters in JP – Categories

Romancing Saga Re:universe Tier list

List of Limited Styles:

When you pull, pull for what you are missing. If you are missing light element users, go for light element users. If you are missing healers, go for healers. Don’t tunnel vision on top tiers.

Styles are split from 4 categories.

  • Award/UDX Exclusives – Anniversary/Celebrations of bookmarks. Limited.
  • Seasonal – Holidays. Limited.
  • Normal Pool – Past non-award or non-seasonal characters. In off-banner pool.

Therefore, you should really shoot for Seasonal or Award characters.

What you want to look for is:

  • 6BP ST nukes
  • 4BP AOE attacks
  • Stun/Paralysis/Charm/Sleep
  • Etc. (HP steal, stat debuffs, multi-hits, Morale up)

Notable Characters in JP – Award

Out of anyone I’d suggest one character out of anyone… Her → 

Undine (The name of our enemy is “Volcano”). (1Yr Anni) Insane AGI with a 3BP high probability Stun water spell. She can basically stun infinite one mob from Back Dojo or even make some story/spiral corridor runs a joke. Access to Heal or a medium-BP cost AOE water spell from her S/A-rank makes her VERY versatile. It’s to the point I would probably say she is the most game-changing out of anyone. Tension IV, chance of Int increase to self and Spirit debuff to enemies also makes her great.

Other Notable:

Byun’ei (Admirable Advent) (20mil DL) – Amazing AOE/ST Wind Mage. Has insane AGI and INT increases and a 8BP ST nuke alongside quickness debuff and damage nullification chance when hit. Has Tension IV and Magical Movement, increasing her damage potential hard. Access to a free grindable SS Wind Staff during her release made her even better as a deal.

Barthelemy (“Even for twisted hearts…”) (1Yr Anni) – Pretty great INT + AGI 4BP all-hit alongside Tension IV + Assault III leads to a first turn damage increase of 45%. Amazing character for mob grinding, but he isn’t as great as Byun’ei or Undine when it comes to boss or dojo fights. Also has a self-buff that gives him access to counterattack.

For these:

Holy King (Overthrow the Four Devils!)  (1.5th Anni) – The first of 4BP cycling with a 5BP STR/DEX/CON/INT buff, very strong Pierce user in general. Comes with a strong 10BP cost SS Demon/Immortal-killer nuke and a free SS-rarity spear just for her in an event

Madeleine (The new Whirlwind) (20mil DL) – One of the few AOE 4BP Thunder skill alongside high AGI, STR and DEX makes her very good. Tension IV and Yuken III (Damage up when HP maxed) with a counter chance makes her great.

Thomas (“You should try reading”) (3rd Award) – STR and INT hybrid monster. Access to Stun and Petrify, great BP cycling with a 2BP skill and access to INT debuff from free version skill inheritance makes Thomas the best pierce-type character for a long while.

Sarah (“I like these times”) (3rd Award) – High DEX archer with great 6BP 2-turn cycle skill. Tension IV and Bow Equip Mastery makes Sarah incredibly great. Access to Arrow rain from Valentine S style makes her good for autos.

Last Emperor (Deathmatch with Termite Queen) (20mil DL) – 2BP AOE light attack with a physical defense buff to all turn 1. Has a buffed up version of “Double Crash” that is light element and effective against devils. Has Tension IV and Greatsword Equip Mastery.

Asellus (Before the Decisive Battle) (1Yr Anni) – 4BP AOE INT debuff. Has chance to deflect any damage. Access to stun.

Ellen (Before the Abyss Gate) (1Yr Anni) – AXE. (She’s an insane DPS with self-STR up when HP is full and opponent is weak against Slash).

Mage Liz and Phoenix Polka (1Yr Anni) – Has a unique 3rd passive at level 30 that gives them the ability to counter physical attacks with a ST spell of their respective elements. Also has insane resistance for their respective elements. Great ST nukers in general. (Polka can get Parry!)

Julian (“Get on!”) (1Yr Anni) – Cover tank with 2-turn 4BP self mitigation buff and a 1-turn mitigation buff when hit. Great for AOE spamming bosses.

Other notables: [Romancing Festival Monika, Mikhalis and Last Empress], [3rd Award Ellen and Claudia], [20Mil Celebration Sophia and Hannibal] and [1.5 anni Monica and Ferdinand]

Romancing Saga Re:universe Tier list : continued

Notable Characters in JP – Seasonal

Most people are probably saying she’s broken → 

She’s not (anymore).

White Rose (Valentines) – Great self-heal, strong ST heal with status cleanse, AOE 4BP skill with agility debuff and access to stronger AOE spells. However, you need a strong team that doesn’t end up wasting her LP to heal. I still think she’s very game changing if you have expeditions and other stat grind places open, but you won’t get anywhere by just expecting her to be broken out of the box. The biggest problem about her is her low AGI. White Rose ends up going last out of most of your party members. Award version gives her access to a 9BP AOE attack with Spirit debuff alongside a 6BP ST light nuke.

Honestly? I prefer her as a healer: → 

Sea Princess (New Years 2) – 9BP party full-stat buffs, good water mage kit that also can buff party’s quickness and has decent BP cycling. However, when she gets KO’d, she heals the entire party (does not revive). Inherits a heal from her free version that increases Constitution. She is much more consistent and carries her weight better once you start getting a team that doesn’t rely too much on healers going. Her INT and heal amount isn’t insane, but her AGI is much higher then White Rose.

If Sea Princess actually used her all-buff on auto, she would definitely be the better choice. 

However, I prefer Sea Princess in the manual boss fights.

For these:

Cordelia (Christmas 2) – 4BP AOE spear attack, Tension IV + Weakness Damage bonus makes her insanely good for autos and bosses.

Labelle (Christmas 2) – 2BP status ailment heal with high DEX Bow (with DEX self-buff) DPS and self-heal. Very versatile.

Bernie (Halloween) – First of the actual good Gun users, high DEX/AGI gun user with a 10BP 1-3 times attacking skill. With Tension IV and Yuken III, having 3 hits on the 10BP makes her DPS insane.

Coppelia (Valentines 2) – 99LP character that uses 48/98 LP on some of the hardest hitting skills in the game. Turns into a suicide bot for auto-farming while turning into a fast boss clear character for others.

Pixie Brownie (Valentines 2) – Hard hitting STR/DEX spear user based on ST nuking. Can heal and STR buff on attack hit alongside access to a skill that does a self-STR buff.

Aisha (Onsen) – STR/AGI Slash DPS with a 4BP AOE axe attack. Tension III and Yuken III is a downgrade from Tension IV, but she has access to a medium chance of self-heal on turn start.

Ginny Knights (Onsen) – STR/AGI Strike DPS with 4BP INT debuff. Christmas variant gives a 9BP AOE Stun. When attacked, Ginny also can debuff enemies INT by a lot, making her very good as a debuffer choice for INT-reliant bosses.

Selma (Summer) – Strong DEX pierce DPS with 6BP cycling skill with chance of insta-kill. Can increase party’s entire damage with 3rd skill. The to-go filler for a lot of pierce (Spear/Bow/Rapier) DPS rushdown teams and invaluable in bosses. (Summer Azami’s also a good choice, as she has one of the best parry in the game)

Wil Knights (Christmas 2) – Starts with +2BP than others during first turn and debuffs enemy AGI first turn. Also can buff other people’s STR with 4BP. Very high STR to boot makes Wil a really good choice for a Strike damage-type team.

Notable Characters in JP – 30th SaGa Anniversary

Yeah… I didn’t know if these were Seasonal or Award… So I made a new slide for them.               

Asellus (Blood in Hikiyama!) – Amazing character with the addition of Tension V, which generally is a good upgrade from Tension IV.

Has a manual 0BP cost +1BP skill that gives Morale/Guard up for 2 turns. When used, it boosts her damage by around 25%, which is insane.

Combined with Mirage Step (4BP crowd-attacking -Int debuff skill) from her Award version, Asellus becomes pretty much one of the best Slash DPS for not only bossing, but also a great auto-farmer in general due to her deflect passive and HP regen. Great STR/AGI style boost to boot.

Asellus was falling out of favor but really has come back with a vengeance this banner.

Rocbocquet (The best squid ever made!) – The first and probably the best lightning mage for a very long time. She has Tension V…

But also carries Weakness Amplification III, which ends up with a total bonus of 35%. When put with 96% + 12 INT multiplier, a
chance to charm all enemies at round start, a 5BP cost thunder/shadow B-rank ST Nuke and access to a 30-attack Shadow/Water staff at the event, Roc becomes probably one of the best characters to have for role-filling in general. She used to heal, she used to ailment and now she has damage.

Talia (Focus on the Porcelain) – Insane INT multipliers, two INT boosting effects and Tension up IV. Combine that with a water version
of Delta Petra that can petrify all enemies and you got a pretty solid character when it comes to auto-farming. With a 10BP nuke that
has fish-killer and SS damage, she also works well on a OTKO team based on just nuking certain bosses in one turn. Good to have
around in general, especially since (like Roc) she can be outfitted with a healing skill from her other styles.

T260 G (New Mission: Gutterlympics!) – At the bottom of the group is T260 G… However, as a last place prize, she’s really good.
Her DEX/AGI isn’t really much to write home about and her skills are pretty basic. But she does have Tension IV and a physical counter.
Her Detox has been buffed considerably to work on end of turn instead of beginning, meaning that she is able to counter.
With a stun-probability skill able to be inherited from a A-rank style, T260 isn’t really that awful to pull if you are missing Strike-users.

Notable Characters in JP – “Normal” Pool (UDX)

UDX exclusives are only available in UDX banners and will probably appear in Award banners.
The other two other characters who will be added to the general pool.
I.e. (Vs. Death) Albert/Strife from UDX Death’s banner and Premiere/(Vs. Egg) Ginny have been added to the general pool. Same for every other banner.

SS Death (For the honor of Death) [Others: SS Albert/SS Strife]
Honestly, Death is pretty generic for the four so far released. He comes with an whopping 93% + 16 INT rating and Tension IV/Shadow Enhancement for some great damage boost in general. Access to stun from his free “S rank” version and a high probability Stun on SSS damage + 11 BP cost makes him a solid Dark Mage. If you have SS Rogue from the “Rogue vs. Blue” event and SS Death, then you are well off for shadow element.

SS Gustaf (The Two Legendary Swords) [Others: SS Primiera/SS Ginny]
The second unique but the least notable due to how “Slash” attribute is so diluted, Gustaf comes out with a unique passive that gives him a “Last Stand” once for the entire fight. If he reaches 0HP, he heals back to 50% HP without losing LP. This only happens once, though, so he’s not too unfairly broken. Skillset-wise, he acts like a fire element version of Urpina, where he has a 0BP skill that boosts his BP by +3 for a total of +6 BP per turn. This is great on manual, awful on auto as Urpina and Gustaf never uses this. So he’s a solid boss-killer.

SS Mirza (The Legend’s True Form) [Others: SS Neidhart/SS Diane]
The most unique in that Mirza completely ignores shadow damage and has a counter to physical damage with a row-range counter attack. This ignores a LOT of awful attacks that involve shadow element, making it a really great passive to have for auto-farming on high-aggro places. He has a good 5BP all-attack that works well for auto cycling and can inherit a 8BP dragon-killer skill.
As much as it sounds broken, the counter is not really broken if you’ve used Phoenix Polka or Mage Liz.
Some physical moves will just hurt regardless. If it kills Mirza, no counter. F.

SS Silver Emperor (Entrusted Hope for the Future) [Others: SS Selma/SS Butcher]
The least unique out of the bunch. He nullifies 2 hits for a fight and has Tension IV alongside Yuken Attack IV, so he will deal amazing damage for 2 turns at max HP. Due to this, he’s good for ST  bosses who doesn’t rapidly use AOE’s. Still, good STR and AGI multipliers in general.

SS Gustave (Leading the Steel Army)
This version of Gustave ends up generally giving Gustave a much needed boost in Passives/Skills.
His biggest mechanic is that he has a high chance to heal large amounts of HP each time a skill lands. However, his skillset is a bit awkward as the skill that is meant to capitalize this the most, Double Slash, is in a weird situation of costing 7BP. Coursing through 5BP to 7BP, he ends up doing 3 attacks instead of 4 attacks per turn to capitalize on this. However, he can easily still do 2 Double Slash in the first parts of a battle thanks to Power Charge II. He’s a bit more interesting then Silver Emperor but only barely. Still helps him out a lot, though.

Notable Characters in JP – Normal Pool

What you want is few in between:


Blue (“Battle of Fate”) – Amazing ST Light nuker. Has 4BP AOE Light spell and also gotten a SS light staff from the event, making SS Blue ascend to probably the best Light DPS in the entire game.

Mirima (“Romancing Saga 1 Anniversary”) – Amazing AOE Fire mage with a great inheritable ST nuke. Has a 3rd skill that can stun almost certainly (especially if partnered with someone like Julian, who can reduce Stun resistance).

Rouge (“Battle of Fate”) – No SS dark staff, but has HP steal (inheritable), 4BP AOE Dark spell and generally is one of the best characters to bring against human-type monsters. Overall really good.

Judy (“Welcome home, Dad!”) – 4BP AOE Dark Spell, access to INT/SPI debuff and insanely strong Shadow + Fire SSS nuke.

Albert (“Battle against Death”) – 6BP AOE Light Spell that can stun everything it hits. HP regen and damage mitigation + damage increase when max HP. Very versatile for auto.

Gustave (“Battle of Buckethill”) – One of the strongest slash-DPS with introduction of Double Crash, a two-hit nuke with random targeting. Insane 6BP cycling with his free versions to boot and Tension IV alongside chance to increase STR.

Galahad (“The Ice Sword!”) – Meme character turned deadly. 2BP all-attack Ice AOE, access to counter and has +2BP on first turn of a fight and has a very strong 13BP AOE skill. The problem is you need to choose between him or a SS weapon.

Other Notables: Ginny (All Versions), Riki (“Saga frontier banner”), Gray (“Romancing Saga 1 Anniversary”), Rocbocquet (Holy Tower), Moonblade Last Empress, Release Koumei, Fulbright the 23rd and Fatima (Gustave UDX) and Sophia.


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