Rohan M Guide

Rohan M Guide


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ROHAN M is a mobile game developed from the original and famous Online PC version, ROHAN Online.

You will explore the world of ROHAN on your mobile with the game systems that you’re familiar with in the PC version. There are many systems such as PVP, PVE, combination system, open world, dungeon unlocking, upgrade system, and more.

Characters: Human, Half Elf, Dark Elf, and Dhan.

Pets: Golden Monkey, Honey Bear, Angel Rabbit

M.KILL system: The joy of exterminating monster.

Character Status: Stats can be set to your own build.

Combination System

Equipment status will not be the same. You can create your own equipment.

Breathtaking PVP

Engage in breathtaking pvp and be the number 1 ranked player.


Play with friends, form bonds and fight huge wars together to be the best guild in Rohan


Sell valuable but unusable equipment in the auction house. No more useless equipment!

Level Packages 

player can purchase packages by level of character, once per account.

Level-up Package (Level 50)
– Immediately receive 200K Crone upon purchase
– Unique Costume
– Unique Crest

Level-up Package (Level 70)
– Immediately receive 1M Crone upon purchase
– Heroic Costume
– Heroic Crest

Level-up Package (Level 80)
– Immediately receive 1M Crone upon purchase
– Heroic Costume
– Heroic Crest

Level-up Package (Level 90)
– Immediately receive 5M Crone upon purchase
– Ancient Costume
– Ancient Crest

Level-up Package (Level 100)
– Immediately receive 10M Crone upon purchase
– Legendary Costume

More info coming soon

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