Road Runner an Indie Mobile Game

this game is created by check him out!

Road Runner is all about trying to dodge the traffic on an endless highway. The player has to tap to make their way across the road to try to get as far as they can without getting hit.

The game took inspiration from Frogger and changed some elements of that game to make into a modern mobile game.

Simplifying the controlls and adding a bit more of a sense of urgency to the gameplay.

The game is simple but very satisfying, and the intense gameplay will always bring you back for more!

I have two tips for new players, first is to be patient and try not to rush.

Second is to remember that there can only be one car in each lane, therefore if you step into a lane after a car has passed you will have a 2-3 second window where you are safe to wait for the traffic to clear up ahead.

Thank you for playing! Good luck and have fun!

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