Pre-Registration for Mobile RPG Hero Cantare Global

Hero Cantare with WEBTOON™ is officially opening its pre-registration campaign for global. The game has seen a crazy reception in Korea with over 1 million pre-registrations and rising to #1 on many korean mobile game charts.

Hero Cantare – has tons of characters from super popular web comics like Hard Core Leveling warrior, tower of god, god of high school and many more, the game brings them together in a massive character crossover role playing game. The heroes from these popular webtoons are being thrown into a new mysterious world called ‘Tetra’ and must fight to bring peace to the world.

The game features turn-based strategy game play with high quality 2D art and animation (similar to epic 7) directly inspired by the amazingly popular webtoons the game is based on. A crazy good soundtrack also enhances the overall experience of the game.

Hero Cantare features:

– Story Battle
Explore the vast realm of Tetra in adventure mod and level up your favorite heroes.

– Hero Dungeon
Individual character dungeon with their own stories with an accompanying web comic.

– Trial Tower
Assemble your ultimate team, climb the tower and gear your characters with better equipment.

-Advent Boss
Fight the last boss and win great treasure

Prove your strength in 1v1 & 3v3 PvP modes

– Game Soundtrack
Full-fledged soundtrack enhances the overall experience.

–  Engaging Characters 

Players can now pre-register through the official website.
Once players pre-register, the following rewards will be distributed at the launch of the game.

  • 1 x Bam, an in-game character, the main hero of Tower of God
  • 1 x Jin-Mori, an in-game character, the main hero of God of High School
  • 1 x Hardleveling Warrior, in-game character, the main hero of Hard Leveling Warrior
  • 1 x In-game SS Damage Weapon
  • 50 x Essence of Dimension (equal to 10 draws)
  • 500,000 Gold (Hero Cantare’s in-game currency)

Pre-register Now: Official WebsiteGoogle Play Store
More information is available on the Fan Community and Official Hero Cantare YouTube Channel

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