One Punch Man the strongest: upgrade guide

Character Stats

1) Different characters have different rarities: N, R, SR, SSR (low-high).

2) There are 4 types of characters: Grappler, Duelist, Esper, Hi-Tech. Every type has its own specialties. You can deploy max. 6 characters for the combat. Remember to try out different ways of lineup for better performance.

3) Now, the important Character Stats: There are 14 kinds of them. Let’s check out one by one.

ATK (Attack): The higher a character’s ATK is, the more damage they inflict.

DEF (Defense): The higher a character’s DEF is, the less damage they take.

HP: The higher a character’s HP is, the harder it’ll be for them to die in battle.

Speed: Decides action sequence in battle. The character with higher SPD will attack first.

Crit Rate: Increases chance to trigger Crit DMG.

Crit DMG: Increases the power of Critical hits.

Crush Rate: Reduces the chance for attacks to be blocked.

Block Rate: Increases the chance to block damage. Blocking dramatically decreases the incoming damage.

Block: Increases the DMG Free effect of blocking, reducing the incoming damage.

Crit Res Rate: Decreases chance to be critically hit by enemies.

Effect Hit: The success rate of inflicting the special effect of attack on the target.

Effect Resist: Resists the special effect coming from enemy’s attack.

DMG Rate(Damage Rate): Affects character’s attack damage.

DMG Free(Damage Free Rate): Decreases enemy attack damage.

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Tier List:

Character Level Up

1) First you can explore game map and combat, or purchase EXP items in the Mall. Increase Character EXP to level up.
Higher level means higher stats. Also other functions for BP growth will be unlocked.

2) Then let’s talk about Character Evolution. When character level reaches certain numbers, you can use several material and Coins to raise the upper limit.

Character Skills

1) Skills can boost the attack/defense effects, or increase certain character’s stats in the battle.

2) Skill level up: Spend Skill Points to increase the level of a random skill, boosting its effect.
Notes: Skill Points are essential and can be obtained in Skill Training.

3) Unlock: After obtaining the character, 2 character skills are unlocked. More skill will be unlocked after star Ascension.

4) Skill Limit increase: Available after meeting certain requirements. After the upper limit of the skill is increased, the skill effect will be greatly boosted. Skill Books are required.

Limit break

The next is our main focus for increasing stats – Limit Break system!
Character’s initial star is 0. Star Ascension will be triggered by Limit Break.
Several Badges, character Shards and Coins are required for Star Ascension.
Star Ascension will increase character stats and Energy Gauge points, and also unlock skill.

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