One Punch Man the Strongest Burn Team Guide

One Punch Man the Strongest Burn Team

The main purpose of this team is to burn enemies for as long as possible.

The team recommendations are:

Basic: Genos + Lightning Max + Blue Fire

Full Burn Team: Genos + Lightning Max + Blue Fire + Subterranean King + Terrible Tornado + Vaccine Man

As an SR character, Blue Fire is easier to get and level up. On the other hand, his row-attacks will quickly get rid of enemies up in the front.

SSR Subterranean King has the passive skill of follow-up-attacking burning targets. When an ally attacks a burning target, Subterranean King will perform an extra basic attack. He also has an active skill that will attack targets in a row while dealing SSR-level damage.

Terrible Tornado has the biggest attack range. Her skill can affect all targets. Also check out her passive skill “Focused Rage”: Every Injured enemy increases Tornado’s CRIT damage by 30%.

SSR Vaccine Man’s Passive Skill “Earth Savior” can maximize its effect in this way. When an enemy target is suffering from DoT, Vaccine Man can deal damage to all enemies. This damage equals 50% of the DoT on the single target.

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