One Punch Man the Strongest: Boros Guide

Boros Dominator of the Universe

Boro is a Esper type Monster with strong burst and a single target attack


Skill 1: Crushing Hook

Deals damage to a single target and enters [Berserk]

Next Effect: Damage will be increased.

Skill 2: King Flurry

Attacks a single target with 3 consecutive strikes. Esper ally will increase the skill damage.

Next Effect: Damage will be increased.

Skill 3: Restraining Armor

Boros will get healed when an ally is getting healed. Takes effect up to 6 times every round. Permanently increases HP. The passive effect will be enhanced after Limit Break reaching 5 stars.

Next Effect: HP will be increased.

Special abilities

Mankind’s Nemesis: Activates while having Vaccine Man and Deep Sea King. Increases ATK by 10%.

Dark Matter Thieves: Activates while having Groribas, Geryuganshoop, Melzargard and Dark Matter Thief. Increases HP by 10%.

Self-Heal: Activates while having Zombieman and Melzargard. Increases HP by 10%.

Armored Core: Activates while having Hammerhead and Armored Gorilla. Increases HP by 10%

Burn team guide:

Upgrading Hero guide:

Tier List:

GEAR / Equipment

Type 1: Extreme damage

The goal is to maximize his damage based on his role of single-target burst. After some evaluation, we would like to focus on [Martial Arts] and [Prisoner] Gears.[Martial Arts] Increases ATK by 10%.[Prisoner] If Crit is triggered, damage will increase by 15%.Special recommendation: [Martial Arts] Set. Main stats: ATK. Secondary stats: 3 pieces of ATK, 1 piece of SPD. (Or 2 pieces of ATK, 2 pieces of SPD).

Type 2: Survive while dealing damage

Since PvP could bring up some pressure, and Boros is an outstanding damage dealer, you can deploy him in the front row. Even with only 10k base ATK he can still achieve more than 40k damage while in [Berserk] state. You can take [Casual], [Battle], [Suit], [Martial Arts] into consideration.Special recommendation: [Casual] Set. Main stats: HP. Secondary stats: 3 pieces of HP, 1 piece of SPD. (Or 2 pieces of HP, 1 piece of ATK, 1 piece of SPD).

Team Line up

Team 1: Healing style (with Mosquito Girl’s as Core and Boros’ Passive skill)Front row: Carnage Kabuto (or Tank-Top Master), Speed-o’-Sound Sonic (or Subterranean King), BorosBack row: Doctor Genus, Mosquito Girl (Core), Terrible Tornado (or Hellish Blizzard)

Team 2 : Reflecting styleFront row: Carnage Kabuto, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic (or Subterranean King), Deep Sea King (Core),Back row: Terrible Tornado (or Hellish Blizzard), Child Emperor (or Genos), Boros

Team 3: Burning styleFront row: Tank-Top Master (or Carnage Kabuto), Vaccine Man, Genos (Core)Back row: Subterranean King, Terrible Tornado (or Hellish Blizzard), Boros

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