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Many people have differing opinions on the state of the game right now. However, I believe much of the late game community agrees that molagoras have become a serious issue with the game.

I have seen a few people say that molagoras are not a serious issue. Here are a few points as to why they are a serious issue.

1. Molagoras are not farmable.

They are a currency that overtime becomes locked behind a paywall. You get 3 a week, but as for most 5 stars, you need over 30 molagoras to max out their skills. This means that for many characters, you need to wait over 10 weeks to max out their skills.

Yes, Smilegate gives you many molagoras in the beginning of the game and there is a constant stream. However, it is clear that the supply of molagora in intentionally capped so as to force the decision of buying molagoras onto the player.

It is a drought which is causing people who take the game more seriously to either buy the packs or causes players to micromanage every resource.

2. To the people who say micromanaging your resources is something you should do, of course I agree.

However, this is not strictly applicable to molagoras: 

Everyone skilled up that one useless character early in the game and regret doing it later in the game. There is no reason for late game players to be capped over mistakes they made hundreds of hours earlier in the game.

As you need so many molas for every character, even with micromanaging, the molas provided go away very quickly, and leave you with 6-8 maxed out characters on accounts that have been playing for over a year. For a year of constant playing, these results are very underwhelming. 

Micromanaging resources is not fun. People generally don’t like to have to scrutinize over every last resource they have and plan for every step in the future. Many people and prominent Epic seven content creators are moving to other games, such as Hero Cantare, and a widely praised portion of that game is the provided reset ticket. Many players I know have been quitting or considering quitting the game for other games that allow them more flexibility in their mistakes and decisions.

3. To those that say Smilegate is not responsible for just giving free things to its player base:

Of course they are not, there are plenty of currencies in the game and you see many people are not asking for free gold or hunt crafting materials. However, with molagoras, both the whales and the free-to-play player base have to come together on this issue.

That means that it is a problem that is causing detriment to the quality of the game. It is affecting peoples desire to continue playing which obviously should prompt a corrective response from Smilegate.

The ratio of molagoras to skill ups is out of balance. An adjustment is being called for, not free resources. Adjustments are good as they keep raising the quality of the game and the player bases enjoyment from the game. Thus the argument that this is just a call for free resources is nonsensical as people are just calling for a much needed balance for the game.

The final argument that I believe resolves all of these points is a simple refund ticket. Perhaps one that can be bought every two weeks or whatever with skystone that allows people to reset a character of theirs and reacquire the molagoras from the unit. It allows people to recover the molas from units they are not using, constantly try out new units, and does not just give out “free” molagoras to everyone.

There have been several posts detailing the way Smilegate can change its monetization over the game. There was a excellent recent post describing how much Smilegate can capitalize on skins. Smilegate can release many cool skins for each character, and people will buy them. This is how games like League of Legends get a lot of money.

This is a method that doesn’t cap the quality of the players characters, but still gives them a window into monetization. Regardless there have been many suggested methods for monetization throughout this forum, and so molas should not be the bottle necked currency for money as they cap the player’s characters.

Many people have ideas on how molas should be handled. From changing the amount of molas needed to removing them entirely, I am not sure where I stand on the solution. However, I believe a refund ticket is a good first step to help resolve the issue as a more permanent solution is created.

Anyway I hope this post helps people understand why molagoras are a bigger issue than some people take them to be. It has gotten to the point that people do not bother pulling on new banners as they do not have the molagoras to skill that character up, which is the opposite effect that Smilegate wants.

Many people that do not have the molagora issue are those that have not seriously built a few characters and played the game for a while. No serious content creator you see will say that molas are not an issue. I hope Smilegate takes care of this issue asap before more damage is done to the player base.

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