Moonlight Sculptor Best Class and Guide

In Moonlight Sculptor it is better to meet the required amount of stats to equip your armor and weapon. You do not have to wear specifically the “right” armor for your class. If you need more defense you can wear heavy armor. However you would need the sufficient strength stats to wear them.

Moonlight sculptor Stats

Strength: Melee attack power, maximum weight limit increased

Intelligence: Magic Attack, Magic Attack Critical Chance Wisdom: Magic Attack Accuracy, Magic Defense, Magic Evasion, Max MP, MP Recovery,

Agility: Ranged Attack, Physical Attack Accuracy, Physical Attack Critical Rate, Physical Evasion[6]

Constitution: Physical Defense, Max HP, HP Recovery

Charm: Pet Taming Rate, Pet Stat Bonus

Factors to consider

make sure you have at least 70 agility to ensure you can hit monsters.

agility affects your hit chance.

Moonlight sculptor classes


Recommended stats

  • Strength 70 → Agility (105~115%) + Strength
  • Strength 70 → All Agility


Recommended stats

  • Constitution 70 (legendary weapon wear condition) + strength 65 (legendary Armor wearing condition) → All Agility
  • Strength 65, Agility (105~115% hit) → All constitution
  • Strength 65 (requirement for wearing legendary armor), All Agility → (Initialization) → constitution, agility, power distribution


Recommended Stats

  • Intelligence 73 (Legendary Weapon Wear Conditions) + Charm 33 (Basilisk Taming Conditions) ) → All wisdom
  • A certain amount of strength → (Initialization) → Intelligence 73 → All wisdom


Recommended stats

  • All AGI
  • Attainment 33 → AGI → (Initialization) → All Agility (appropriate charm equipment )
  • AGI 70 → All charm


Recommended stats

  • All AGI (appropriate for attractive equipment)
  • AGI 70 or higher (105-115% hit) → All strength
  • AGI 70 or higher (105~115% of hits) → Power, constitution 4:1 ratio distribution


Recommended stats

  • ALL INT – for more damage and fast mobs clearing
  • WIS – PVP Oriented folks can go this path.

Where to level after 40

[40~65] Lizardman Valley

[55~70] Ant Cave

[70~80] Ravias

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