Magicami Best Reroll Guide

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What is rerolling?

Rerolling is repeatedly creating new Nutaku accounts to get free Gacha pulls.  This works for many Nutaku games.  In Magicami, new players are granted a free stash of jewels and Gacha tickets which can be used to roll repeatedly for strong starting units.

Why reroll?

By using this guide to reroll a few times, you can get a nice starter set of strong dresses that will make the early game much easier.  

Who should reroll?

All new players, and any player that doesn’t have at least 3 UR (Ultra-rare) dresses yet.

How long will rerolling take me?

Getting an arbitrary UR takes about 5 min.  2 URs takes about 15 min.  3 URs takes about an hour.  If you’re aiming for a specific UR, take the estimate for 1 arbitrary UR and multiply by the total number of URs in the pool (12 at launch).

What are the best UR dresses?

UR Magica Round 1 Seira, Ao, and Cocoa were popular among PvP players at game launch.  UR Magica Round 1 Seira is an insanely strong attacker that remains one of the strongest units in the Japanese version: her AoE attack up and enemy defense down skill can multiply a party’s damage.  Ao has a damaging AoE bleed attack that’s especially effective in PvP.

But I just want to see the story.  Do I need to reroll?

A better team will allow you to gather dresses and other items more efficiently.  More efficient farming = less grind, which even casual players will appreciate.  Plus you get access to side-stories for the rare dresses you obtain.

How to reroll

What you’ll need

  • If you want more than 10 rolls: A VPN, proxy, or IP address you can change on demand.  The browser Opera has a built-in VPN feature.  ZenMate is a commercial (not free) VPN plugin compatible with multiple browsers.  For a browser-independent option (useful for rerolling in multiple windows at once), you can also use SoftEther VPN Client with the VPNGate plugin or BetterNet.  You’ll have to experiment because other users might use the same public IPs and get them blocked by Nutaku.

Why do I need to spoof my IP?  Will my account get banned?

Nutaku will ban an IP address from creating more accounts after 10 accounts created.  They do this because rapid account creation (especially if automated) stresses their registration servers and floods their database with inactive accounts that take up space.  Otherwise, they don’t actually care about what you’re doing and haven’t been known to go after users and punish them, especially since rerollers tend to also be paying customers!


  1. Log out of any Nutaku accounts.  Don’t try to play while you’re doing this!
  2. (Optional) Connect your VPN/proxy to spoof your IP address.  Some servers are better (less laggy) than others.  You’ll be going through them quickly so unfortunately you can’t be choosy.
  3. Create a new account for Magicami on  Favorite the link to speed up the process.  A fake email address is fine, as you’ll get the opportunity to change it later without email confirmation.  Use the same password for each account.
  4. Skip the tutorial when prompted.
  5. Collect Gacha tickets/jewels from the mission board and from your gift box.
  6. Use your tickets to roll Gacha.  Skip the animation.
  7. Use your free jewels to roll one of the available Gachas with the desired URs.
  8. If you get at least one UR, record the email address and password you used (e.g., in a spreadsheet) and which dresses you got.
  9. If you didn’t get anything worth keeping, erase the account.  Favorite the link to speed up the process.  Make sure you’re not logged into any other accounts in the same browser when you use this!  Do erase useless accounts or you’ll be contributing to junk on Nutaku’s servers, which could cause Nutaku to crack down on rerollers.
  10. Repeat until you get your desired result.  1 specific UR or 3 arbitrary URs should be a good balance of time/reward for most users.  If you don’t want to use a VPN, the best of 10 accounts should give you at least 2 URs.
  11. If you get the error, “”There was an error with your information: Creating account with your IP address is restricted,” then change IP addresses in your VPN/proxy and try again.
  12. (Optional) Reroll in 2 or more *different* browsers simultaneously, side-by-side, to increase your throughput.
  13. Change the account email address of the account you want to keep to a valid email address.  Also change the password.

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