Magatsu Warheit Best Tier list and guide

Introducing Magatsu Wahrheit

Magatsu Wahrheit

Magatsu Wahrheit is a multi-online RPG where KLabGames welcomes gorgeous creators and opens up new experiences for smartphone games .

Real-time communication using chat, such as co-op play with friends, is also possible while realizing high-quality scenarios, gameplay, and graphics .

Magatsu warheit battle


Magatsu Wahrheit uses a symbol encounter system where the battle begins when you come into contact with an enemy on the field .

You can enjoy it in a free play style , such as clearing the quest with the minimum necessary battle, or challenging a strong enemy unrelated to the quest .

Magatsu warheit combo


Battle is triggered by auto- normal attack and, to activate by tapping the skills icon skills will continue fighting in the center of the.

If the attack hits continuously within a certain period of time, a combo will occur, and the attack power and soul gain value will increase. Match the timing of attacks with your allies and connect combos.

Magatsu warheit Awakening


Awakening is a strengthened state that activates when the soul is accumulated to the maximum value of the awakening gauge, and all parties can benefit from the AP full recovery and status increase required to activate the skill .

The awakening gauge also exists on the enemy side, and the enemy also awakens when the gauge is accumulated. In the battle against strong enemies, it is also important to look at the awakening gauges of both the ally and the enemy to determine the future development.

magatsu warheit character


In Magatsu Wahrheit , you can freely customize the appearance and gender of your own alter ego, My Character . There is also a system such as ” appearance equipment ” that allows you to change only the appearance of the equipment , so you can enjoy the adventure with your favorite character.


Magatsu warheit best class

Warrior CorpsThe cornerstone of a physical attack. An attacker who specializes in dealing great damage to enemies.
Knight corpsThe cornerstone of defense. Specializes in attracting and catching enemy attacks.
Priest CorpsThe key to recovery. Supporting friends such as recovery of physical strength and treatment of abnormal conditions.
Wizard corpsThe cornerstone of a special attack. We are good at attribute attacks and range attacks, not physical attacks.
Hunter corpsThe key to restraint. Weaken and obstruct the enemy, and advance the battle situation in an advantageous way.
Gunner CorpsThe key to the combo. Connect combos with wavy attacks by shooting and lead to awakening faster.

At the beginning of the game, the player selects the unit and job to which he belongs . The role in the party is clearly decided for each job, and even beginners can experience cooperative play like an online RPG.

Other than the job you select at the beginning, you will be released as you progress through the game, so it’s a good idea to start with the job you like.

magatsu warheit story


In Magatsu Wahrheit, a human drama that confronts disasters and threats is depicted in the story set in the world ” Varheit ” that is destroyed by the ten lights .

A full-voice adventure part by gorgeous voice actors and powerful 3D graphics will direct the story.

Welcome to the world of Magatsu Wahrheit.

This game is a open world mmorpg .

there is no pvp and u can cooperate between players to fight together.

The gacha is only weapons and armours.

So basically there are 6 basic jobs in the game . please see this image for

basic jobs. You can choose the job u want to be and train them.

Most people will recommend not to train multiple jobs

But only two jobs if you are not going to be a spender.

Magatsu warheit tier list

Magatsu Warheit best job

Magatsu warheit best class

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