LYN the Lightbringer Tier List and Guide

How to build a team

The recommended team build is

  • Three classes focused on damage
  • Either two tanks and a healer or a tank and two healers

The most important thing you can do is build a strong team for PvE and Raid progression.

PvP is important later in the game, especially when you’re trying to min-max your rewards and resource income.

Deep has a great tier list with everything in the game so far, so use that to help guide you with everything

Recommended team examples:

Leora or Verulian or Reina / Meldas or Airen / Tia & Tiren or Miriam or York / Aki / Seiji

Leora or Verulian or Reina / Lyn or Micilin / Hayes / Shine / Shukiring

Who to pull for in LYN

Here are some individual heroes you should look out for on your first pulls:



Most defensive tank in the game. She is a starter, but may be #1 for PvE content progression due to her incredible barrier, large DEF debuff, and guaranteed 3-target stun on her ult.


An interesting blend of all 3 of these other tanks. She has a low CD barrier, which is key for survivability. She also has excellent CC on her ult and a taunt for some of the pesky bosses.


More balanced. Has more debuffs, larger AoE, but a smaller barrier. His shield has a reflect that returns damage to enemies and he has debuffs on multiple skills.


He is fully offense-oriented. He has only 1 tool to help with damage taken, but his pull will help you clear pesky marksman killing your tanks or healers making you time-out because of barriers.



She’s currently the strongest healer in the game with little weakness. She can solo heal more than 2 healer teams.


The original ‘solo’ healer. She is strongly overshadowed by Lyn, but can still solo heal teams through pretty much all content.


Airen can solo through some content, but her second active skill is a large single target attack buff. Airen relies on only the tank taking damage, since her heal is over time and the cooldown is 4 seconds longer than the default duration.



  • Yurieh
  • Vekki
  • Hayes
  • Skadi
  • Deshua
  • Seiji
  • Shukiring

Single Target

  • Yurieh
  • Shine
  • Aki
  • Winry
  • Loki
  • Lilith
  • Deshua

These are not the only good heroes.

Thanks to Deep for this guides

Strengthening your team


Equipment on your character is more important in Lyn. The gear is extremely valuable, especially considering the subtle strength of substats

Epics are better even if they are 1 star grade lower due to substats. Reforged epic gear is better than green and blue of the next tier.

Lyn the Lightbringer tier list

you can check out Deep’s guide and tier list here, it is updated quite frequently

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