Lost Lineage Mobile Game Guide 2021

Lost lineage skill guide


As a newbie in Lost Lineage, with a warm heart to save the world, you can not fight powerful boss monsters with your bare hands!


Lost Lineage Class Skill

You get more Class Skills when upgrading your level, other Class Skill can be obtained once you finish Rebirth.


Lost Lineage Rebirth guide

Rebirth is Class Switching. After promotion, your CP will increase.


How to Rebirth?

Once you meet the level request and pass the trial, you will succeed! Let me tell you a secret, the required level of Rebirth I,Rebirth II,Rebirth III and Rebirth IV are level 150,210,280,355.


What are the advantages of Rebirth?

When you succeed, you will gain certain benefits such as enhancing skills, unlocking specific items, obtaining new character images and so on!


When you reach certain personal points, you can activate Personal Skill.

There are three types, Sly, Kind and Rage.


There are three basic skills, Titan,Weird and Flawless. Upgrade demands source.

How to get source? You can choose Wild Botting, Gold Dungeon or Limited Store.

Different skills have different effects.



There are Breaking, Dragon and Guardian. Usage is similar to Sly.



There are Giant, Ruthless ATK and Raid.


Reach certain points, you can unlock new skills.

Sly Skill increases damage in a range area and stuns target.

Kind Skill removes debuff state and restores HP.

Fury Skill increases damage in a range area and upgrades self PVP damage.


Rhyme Skill is totally different from Class Skill because you need to upgrade your level and also reach certain requests to gain it! Completing server event Mantra Training is one way to activate certain skills. Besides, you can pass Soul Trial to acquire other skill such as Light Feet.

div skill.jpg

As the name suggests, with divine skill, you are as powerful as a God. How to get it ? Once you complete the advanced target of Supreme VIP, you will own it.

Offline Clone, adding 3 hours offline time.


Eternal Power, increase your HP


The Escape, gets you up when you are stunned


Nine-sun Aegis, decrease damage


Lost Lineage beginner guide


Pay attention! There are different mounts at different levels. So you have to play hard to get what you want.

Also, certain levels have certain basic skills to unlock,.


Besides, to buff stats, you can use Mosoul

Namely HP Mosoul, Defeat Mosoul and Omni Mosoul


How much do you know about the Fuse function of Lost Lineage? Costume, Treasure, skin, all can be gained from Fusion.

You can fuse costume, treasure, skin, etc with shards via Fuse function, you can view what you can fuse and the corresponding; fusing material and amount in fuse page.

What about if i do not have enough shards? Double click the one you want to fuse to check the quality of it and the ways to obtain the shards~ each item will need certian amount of shards.

If i obtain lots of shards and fuse it with same item, it seems in vain. As for this issue, if you fuse into same item, the remaining can be used to star up correspnding item and increase CP.


Lost Lineage Gear Guide

You can enhance, purity, gem your gears to increase your CP to defeat enemies.


Gears are ready, but the CP of them is low without enhancement. If you do not want to be defeated by others easily, don’t forget to enhance your gear


Gems can make your gear more beautiful and gain Gems Buff to increase CP


After mounting gems, your gears can become better by forging. Gather required materials and luck, you can forge more advanced gears by yourself


You can fuse high level Gems when you gain certain amount of low level Gems.


Lost Lineage Rank- Round 1

Each game will have Rank to show the top players in game. For Lost Lineage, there are Ranks of CP, Level, Gear, Eirei, Costume, Guild.

In Advance Rank, it is divided into Pet, Baby, Mount, Partner, Wings, Armament, Arms. Training rank includes Popularity, Eirei Tower, achievement and so on.

The functions will be more as your character’s level become higher.


CP rank

This rank depends on the CP of players,from top to bottom, it will be refreshed each 5 minutes. If there are two players with same CP, it will depend on which player reach the CP first.

If you want to be the No.1 of CP Rank, you will need to improve your Mount, Wings Mounts, etc. to improve your CP in the general.


Level Rank

This rank depends on the Level of players, from top to bottom, if the level of players are same, it will depend on player’s EXP. Once the EXP are same, it will depends on which player reach it first. Top Level do not means that you have the top CP.


Gear Rank

Gear Rank depends on the CP of Gears that players have equipped, from top to bottom. It is necessary to equip the Gear to increase CP. The total Gear CP = Suit Gear Cp Plus basic CP of Gear.


Eirei Rank

Eirei Rank depends on the CP of Eireis that player have placed, from top to bottom. Clear Eirei Tower can unlock Eirei slots, place more Eirels can have higher Eirei CP.

Eireis can be gained from Eirei Summon as well. Summoning 10 times can get SR or higher Grade Eireis.


Mount Rank

Mount Rank depends on CP of Mount, from top to bottom.


Lost Lineage Rank- Round 2

Partner Rank

Partner Rank depends on the CP of Players’ partner. Partner inherits CP of players. ATK will be higher as the Partner’ Grade and level are higher.


Wings Rank

Wings Rank depends on CP of Wings, if the quality is same, it will depends on the Cp of Wings.


Armament Rank

Armament Rank depends on depends on the CP of players’ Armament, from top to bottom. Armament inherits CP of players, ATK will be higher as the quality of Armament is batter.


Arms Rank

Arms Rank depends on the CP of player’s Arm, from top to bottom. Players can use Arms Rune to strength Arm to obtain higher CP. It will activate other skills when the Arm reach certain level.


Popularity Rank

Popularity Rank depends on the Popularity of players, from high to low. You are the super star if you are the No.1 on this list.

Popularity gained from the Gift that other players give to you. Besides, the member in the Guild of the No.1 player in Popularity Rank will receive a reward after resetting.

Individual Reward is A LOT, do not miss it. Tip: Popularity Rank reset every Monday.


Lost Lineage Rank- Round 3

Eirei Tower

It depends on the floors that players have cleared in Eirei Tower. The higher cp and level you are, the easier to clear the Tower. You can gain daily reward in Eirei Tower. The Daily Reward is refreshed at 00:00 every day.


Achievement Rank

Achievement Rank is decided by the achievement level of players, from top to bottom. You can click the character image to enter the achievement system and view level and you can also check the progress about Growth , Gear, Social and journey of your character. Level up achievement can obtain higher CP.


Costume Rank

Costume Rank depends on the Players’ Costume CP, from top to bottom. The rank is refreshed every 5 minutes. Activate more Costume can gain higher CP.


Guild Rank

It depends on the total Cp of Guild, it is refreshed real time.


Each Rank stands for achievement of different fields, if you want to show yourself to others, you can try to rush on the rank.


To avoid danger, Partners will hire adventurer to protect them.

As an adventurer, we are willing to protect others to gain rewards.

Let me tell you more details about Partner Escort.


Players can accept mission via Partner Escort page, the mission consumes Escort Token. Players can obtain rich Reward after escort.


After finishing Partner Escort, except golds, players can gain a large amount of EXP. You can obtain 2X reward if you escort Partner during 16:00~16:30 or 22:00~22:30 every day. Please pay more attention to the time~

red gear.jpg

Lost Lineage Red gear guide

High CP is not just a dream! Lost Lineage Red Gear can make CP surge

Do you have met such a situation as well? You have the same gear, same Lv, but your CP always lower than others and always lose during PK.

What?! How come they can obtain higher star Red gear?let me clarify the Red Gear to help you Star up gear more easily~

You can insert the related materials to craft the S2 or S3 via Red Gear, at the right down concern of this page, you will see the channel to obtain the corresponding materials .

The more sufficient materials you insert, the higher success rate is. You can still craft it even you do not have full material, but please remind that there will be chance of failing ~

In addition, you will need to input the correct material to craft, the material of different gender is not available~( Tip: you can deal with players to exchange the material in market~~)

it seems so easy! After you battle the boss and gain 2S orange gear, do not devour it anymore, use it to craft gear and improvde your CP now ~


Lost Lineage – how to earn money

Gears are an important part in Lost Lineage. In order to gain better gears, we challenge bosses day by day, but the result is not always satisfied. But we always see system notice that someone gain the God-Lustre Gear.

When i am envious of the Red Gear, i see another system notice: Market System unlock.

After entering the market, there are lots of Top gears, rare materials and pets. Players can trade all the things unbind in market.


The Gear you want is on the sale list, but you find that you do not have enough diamond? Do not worry, you can sell the gears in your bag you do not need anymore to earn diamond.


With the market system, you don’t need to worry about diamond problem anymore. If you are lucky enough, you may gain sth you need urgently to craft 3S Red Gear and increase CP.


Eirei is a magical system targeted to improve speciality, you can make your own plan to what you want to highlight and become stronger. The decision is on your hands.

Eirei System has 8 slots to be unlocked by clearing corresponding Eirei Tower Fl. Eireis with same stats cannot be embedded together


Leveling up Eireis requires Eirei Essence obtained through clearing Eirei Tower and dismantling extra Eireis . It’s advised to upgrade the Growth Eireis first in the early stage to Lv up quickly, allowing players to clear higher Tower Fl as well as unlock extra slots with more Eireis.


In addition to basic stats, Eireis also have Ultimate Stats by Devouring Eireis of the same type. There are different Grades in awakening, higher G consumes more Eireis.


It’s believed that Original Eirei has only a single basic stat while the Awakened Stats are diverse, including Anti-DEF, HP, ATK and DEF etc. In other words, you are able to balance development of several attributes meanwhile. Therefore, we’re supposed to take great advantages of Eirei System to boost our CP!


Clearing Eirei Tower gives Eirei shards used to redeem Eireis——Feed Eireis consume least shards while SSR Eireis consume most shards,in other words, Higher tier Eirei requires more shards.


Pet in Lost Lineage.

Pet not only have lovely appearance but also have high CP.


Level Up Pet

The capacity of Pet can be stronger if you take cared of them. Pets will level up if you feed them daily.


Star Up

Consume certain amount of Pet shards can star up Pet, players can gain Pet shards by Special Event. Pay more attention to activity information in game, and join the activities to obtain the Pet shards.

Moreover, if you Star up the Pet to certain level, it will unlock corresponding skill.


Marriage Bond

If you consider that only character can have marriage in game, you would be wrong. Pets can have marriage bond as well. Some pets have more than one marriage bonds, pet can obtain Buff stats after activating the marriage bond!


Newbie may have all sorts of problem. Don’t worry! Let’s see whether you can get answers below!

Unable to Login

Q1: What to do when you get notice that Your network is unstable, please recheck your network settings and try to reconnect?

A: Click the retry option or clear the phone’s cache to re-enter the game or switch your network and retry

Q2: What to do when you get message that Get server configuration…?

A: Wait to get the configuration or exit the game to clear the cache before entering or switch your network and retry.

Q3: What to do when you get notice that Get server port data exception, please re-enter the game?

A:Clear cache to re-enter, or switch your network. If it doesn’t work, contact customer service to process.

Q4: What to do when you get message that Login failed, please contact GM?

A: Log in again after logging out completely. If it doesn’t work, contact GM to deal with.

Q5; What to do when you get message that The connection has timed out, please login your account again?

A: Exit the game, clear cache and re-enter. If it doesn’t work, switch your network and try again.

Q6: What to do when you get notice that Access to server version. cfg file is abnormal, please check the network connection?

A: Click the retry option or clear cache to re-enter the game, or switch your network and retry.

Q7: What to do when you get message that Failed to retrieve server data, please log out and log in again?

A: Exit the game, clear cache and re-enter, or delete suyou/ MXXX…/Reload the cache directory.

Q8: What to do when you get notice that Access to server server.cfg file is abnormal, please check the network connection?

A: Click the retry option or clear cache to re-enter the game, or switch your network and retry.

Q9: What to do when you get message that Platform account verification failed?

A: Click retry or exit the game and enter again. If it is invalid, contact the corresponding platform or channel for customer service.

Flash back& Lag

Q10: What to do if there is a flashback or lag problem?

A: Please check the following factors one by one.

1. For network , please try 4G network or wifi .

2. The system version is too low/inconsistent.Thegame will be updated with the version of the mainstream system in the market.As a result,if your system is not updated for a long time, flashback/lag problem may happen.

3. If the game cache is too high, the solution is to clean up the cache or load the game and re-install it;

4. The mobile phone is out of memory.The game needs to occupy the mobile phone memory during the process. If your mobile phone is out of memory, flash back/lag problem may happen, please clean up.


Fairy maiden- The skills of feeding Lost Lineage Partner

A Partner is the first helper players meet in the game. With pretty appearance, Partner also has high CP, once it grows up, you will become more powerful. Partner is easy to be strengthened as well.

Partner System is divided into 4 parts, Advance partner can gain new appearances and skills, strengthen stats can increase CP. Equipped with Warsoul and Level up Wings can also gain Buff stats and CP.


Advance Partners need Blue or Purple Partner Gem, Blue Partner Gem can be obtained from Partner Dungeon and B.Diamond Store. The Purple can be gained only by Special Event.

Cultivate Stats needs Spirit Gem, different color Gems have different effect. You can use them to meet your needs.


Partners will have new appearance after Advancing , besides, they can transmo to different skins. No matter cute or cool, here are whatever you want.


Wings can be gained from different activities, can Star up with P. Wings Rune. Wings can provide Buff stats, gain passive skill highly increase CP for Partner.


Now, you know better about partner, just get a partner and have a wonderful adventure with Partner!


Other than stunning skill effects, eye-catching characters and dazzling costumes, how could you miss the unique costume skins?! Want to leave nothing to be desired? Let’s take a look at the Treasure Costumes!

The skins can be activated by consuming the corresponding number of items. After activating treasure, check the box of Trans. so people can see your unique costume images~


It’s not only decorative but also highly functional. Strength is everything!


The corresponding stat buffs are displayed on the right side of Treasure. Tap the small box at the bottom of skins to view its CP buff and source


After activating a skin, extra items can be used to star up treasure to improve its stats and CP

Activate and showcase your treasure costumes now!

Abyss Ghostdom


In Abyss Ghostdom, you get Ghostdom Daily, namely Elf King entrustment and crystal collect.


Complete daily quest, kill boss or collect crystal, you may get bounty points~


Bounty point equals to diamond in Bounty Shop. It can be used to buy shard or giftpack of Envoy.


Realm Boss


When you reach LV.240, Realm Boss opens door for you.


Recommend level varies from different floors.

The higher the floor is located, the higher the recommend level is.

On different floor, there are several boss of diverse level.

Come and pick one that is suitable to you!

Let’s check our rewards after defeating Boss..


Partner Dungeon


Click Partner Dungeon, let’s see what we can get!


Oh, there are different guardians in different level, with different rewards. You may find that generally rewards includes giftpack and gem. How to use gem? You may use it to advance your partner~

Click Purge

If you have Purge Ticket, You may get all rewards directly!


Defeat waves of enemies to confront Chief. Then we get massive rewards~ Gem and giftpack are waiting for you~


Pet Dungeon

pet d.jpg

What I gonna do if I am cray for a cute pet? Let’s collect shard to redeem it!


There are golds, shard and pet snacks such as pet chocolate and pet shaved ice, which can be used to upgrade exp.


Click Purge, you can directly get all rewards if you have purge ticket~

Or you can click enter to battle~


Defeat enemies to confront Boss!

Keep up, cute pet is waiting for u~

Gold Dungeon

gold d.jpg

Click Purge, you may get all rewards if you have purge ticket.

Didn’t get one? Don’t worry! Let’s battle!

Defeat enemies!


Defeat energy crystal!


gain fabulous rewards



Realm 正确.jpg

There are total 9 floors in the Realm. Defeat enough enemies in each floor to exalt. Players can gain Warzone point by defeating monster and enemies.


Players may drop to previous floor when killed but you can use Instant Revive on battlefield to not risk of floor dropping.


First 3 players who reaches Floor 9 gains a bonus Sunrise rewards, the Warzone lasts for 20 minutes, after which the Warzone ends automatically.


Here is a warm reminder: Since the Realm can attack each other, if your CP is not high, you might be easily defeated by other players. You can consider to wait by side and attack the enemies with low HP.

Peak Arena


There is limited time of Peak Arena, and you can see the count down time after you enter the Peak Arena page. And you can see the Season Point Ranking on the right side.


Peak Arena is a 1V1 PVP Gameplay between players,and all battle grant a great amount of Glory Pt. Players can gain more of it to tier UP.


This activity open on every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 21:00~21:30, please do not miss the opening time or you will miss lots of rewards!

Each event match pairing of 1, 5, 10 battles grants Match Reward, and after Tier up, players can receive Tiered Reward. Besides, players can claim Daily Rewards each day, Tiered Rewards are sent according to player’s ranking.


After the season is ended, according to the season point you gained, you will receive the Season Rewards via email.

You can also use the Glory Point in store to purchase something you want.


Just a tip: Before you enter the Peak Arena stage, you can set the Skills which can let you win the PK easier.


Diamond League


1V1 passionate battle – Lost Lineage Diamond League

As there are different kinds of battle activities in Lost Lineage, each activity is full of passion. Diamond League is one of those activity with knock-out.


Diamond League only available each Monday from 21:00~21:30, players can obtain Brawl Entry Ticket by daily first Top- Up.

During Brawl day, registration opens by 00:00 until match start, players are required to storm into the field, once you missed the entry, you cannot join the match.


Each 1V1 Brawl match is exceeds the quota, players with lower CP are disqualified and will have their Reiteration Ticket refunded.

When the match enters Top8 phase, the Server Guess will be available stand to win huge amount of diamond.


Earn more EXP and increase CP to gain the qualification to join Diamond League! Great amount of Diamond is waiting for you!!

The Chosen One


Every Tues,Thurs and Sat evening 2000 starts on time!

After entering battlefield, you will be assigned color identity randomly.

Kill the player to get the corresponding color medal.


According to the number of color medals you receive to conduct point ranking


Don’t forget that you may get massive rewards with color medals~

Solo Boss


Challenge the Boss and get the gear- Round 2, Solo Boss.

We have talked about Whole server Boss and Nether Boss last time, and today let me tell you more about Solo Boss.

Players cannot challenge a Single boss with higher level than their character’s. However, Solo boss drop rate 2X of other boss’s . Besides, Solo boss can only be challenged alone, that means you cannot ask for help and not be attacked by other players.


Challenge chances are limited and are reset at 04:00 am daily, players VIP4 or VIP7 will have more challenge chance daily.


Solo boss is different from other bosses, there is no CD of Solo boss, that means you can challenge Solo boss again immediately as soon as you challenged it.

Whole Server & Nether Boss


Challenge the Boss and get the gear, Lost Lineage- Whole Server & Nether Boss- a great way to gain excellent gear.

All of us want to be the NO.1 in ranking, however, G8 is better than G7, 2S gear is batter than 1S, everyone hope to have 3S Red gear, but cannot craft with insufficient material. Challenge Gear dungeon day by day, the gears are same and materials are still not enough.

Except Gear dungeon and Auto batting in wild, boss is a good way to obtain gear!

Since there are 4 parts of boss, today let’s know about Whole Server & Nether Boss first.

Players can challenge Whole Server bosses 3 times daily, challenge chances are reset at 04:00 am daily. (Tip: players can use Boss Chance Potion to increase chances of Server Boss) Players can gain rich rewards after they defeat the boss.


You can check the recommend challenge level of the boss or you can choose to challenge same or lower level bosses.

As it is called ‘ Whole server’ , you can challenge it with your friends, when players challenge a boss that is marked with ‘ Peace’ , players cannot attack each other. Peace Boss is no-PVP and drop rates are reduced.


The boss map that is not marked with ‘Peace’ is free-to-challenge zone, you might encounter attacks from other players.

What about Nether Boss? What are the differences between them?

1. Nether Boss do not take up Boss chances, you can challenge the bosses as much as you want. VIP 4 and above players can enter for free, different Nether Boss floor corresponds to different VIP Level requirement, 200 B. Dia will be consumed if players do not meet the requirement.


2. There is no’ Peace’ mark in Nether Boss, you can attack other player in non-safe-zone. But to avoid argument, we suggest you to click ‘Peace’ if no one rob the boss.


3. The higher level, the higher the no-drop level.


How to know the refresh or the Bosses in time? You can click the ‘Follow’ besides the Bosses you want, the system will inform you 1 minutes before Bosses is refreshed.


Baby Dungeon

baby d.jpg

You can enter the Baby Dungeon daily to grant rewards, the Dungeon progress is reset 04:00 am each day.


There are clear requirement of each Wave, You can obtain corresponding rewards after you clear each wave. The higher CP you are, the more wave you can clear, and the more rewards you can obtain.


Wish all of you can have a strong and lovely baby~~~

Marriage Dungeon

marriage d.jpg

No worries, you can still purge marriage dungeon even if you are single. Let me tell you more details about Marriage Dungeon.

You can click auto match a different gender player to enter the Marriage Dungeon if you.

That means you can just enter the Marriage Dungeon with different gender player? No, no ,no , you can still enter the Dungeon with same gender player if the intimacy of you two upon 99


The harder of the Marriage Dungeon you enter , the richer reward you would gain~

(tip: If you enter the Marriage Dungeon with your lover, you will obtain double reward! Consider to marry a handsome boy or pretty girl in the game

Eirei Tower Dungeon


Eirei is a special existence in game, it can improve different capacity, since Eirei Essence is needed when you level up the Eirei , so to challenge the Eirei Tower is a way to obtain Eirei Essence and unlock more Eirei slot.

The higher Level and Cp you are, the easier for you to clear Eirei Tower.


You will gain the corresponding Eirel Lucky Bag and Essence when you first clear the floor . Besides, there are daily rewards for you according to the Eirei Tower floor you clear

Open the Eirei , you can check the request floor of next Eirei unlocked.


The more you clear in Eirei Tower, the more Eirei you can carry, and higher CP and faster Level up speed you will have.

Ranked and Pro Challenge


You may battle any three of them. If you win, you will take his/her rank.

Also you may click Refresh to change another group of people to battle.


Choose anyone of them, fighting! You get 3 chances!

Benefit Hall


Benefit Hall contains Pray, SVR target, Investment and Benefits.


Click Pray, you may pray Gold or Exp. When consuming certain number of diamonds.


Let’s check SVR target!WOW~ You may claim massive golds here once your CP reaches specific points!


You may ask how to let money produce money. Investment

Do your homework~ Find out how to take advantage of the diamonds you have


I can’t help telling you how wonderful Benefits is! Fabulous rewards are waiting for you here!

LV. Rush, Online Reward, Check-in… Promise me, come and have a look! You won’t regret it~



When players battle with others, we all hope that we would not be defeated and have a shield to decrease Damage. We want to be protected~

Envoy is designed for this.


After you activate the Envoy, you can summon God when you challenge, battle in wild and so on. Envoy protects players from damaging before the HP of envoy ends. Envoys have their own skills, it attacks enemies during the Envoy mode. Each 5 minutes players can activate God Summoning States once.


Only Deployed Envoy be able to grant player CP Buff. Upon entering Summoning States, Players will deploy Envoy in sequence every 20 sec.


There are Envoy and Godso, you can check in Index.


As for the Envoy protection rules, players have fixed deployed slot, each deployed Envoy can be equipped with 2 Protection Envoys.


Players can gain more Envoys, Envoy exalt and lv up materials by summoning.


Baby System


Online Parenting, every growth of the Baby gives you sense of achievement.With baby system in Lost Lineage, you can bring along your baby to adventures. Babies are a pro in battles too, they will keep up with you. Have a guess, is it a baby girl or a baby boy?


New experience

Parenting is optional, player can decide whether to have a baby or not after completing Lv. 300 main quests. Cultivating baby brings CP BUFF. As the baby grows, the CP will increase too. Of course, the growth of the baby depends on the hard work of the parents. Complete daily quests to obtain baby Growth Pt.



Babies start to learn talents at G1. Each baby can learn 6 talents. Players need to complete specific quests to obtain Talent Book, deciding the future development of your baby. Baby’s strength will improve as time goes by. Upgrade the talents to make your baby more excellent.



Can infants go in battles? Yes, you can bring your baby to battles at any time. A carrier is the top choice to go traveling. There are 2 carriers available, Baby Stroller and Dragoling, solving your baby’s walking problem easily.


Supreme VIP


Lost Lineage supreme VIP – Grow faster than others

There are some players who can have higher Craft chance,more Solo Boss challenge chance, etc. They seem level up much easier than normal players do ~. All of these privileges are because of Super VIP.

There are lots of privileges of Supreme VIP, and it divided into Privilege Trial and Permanent Sole Privilege.

With only 88 Diamond, you can be the supreme VIP and have the Privilege Trial.


For Privilege Trial, players only have access to Trial Privilege shown on above picture except the last one. For Permanent Sole Privilege, Player’s entry chances for Solo Boss can be increased by 1, 1 Luxury Giftpack can be claimed from Supreme VIP interface each day.

Besides, there are daily quest for Supreme VIP players, they can gain Supreme coins after finishing the quest.


The coins can be used to purchase items in shop, purchase last item can unlock the next one.


Complete Advance Quests, players can get Divine Skill. Each Divine Skill has different Buff, receiving passive skill of current secret scroll will auto progress the next one.


If i want to enjoy Permanent Sole Privilege, what can i do?

Here are two methods for your reference to activate :

1. Account Top-Up 100 Diamonds for 7 days

2. Spend 999 Diamonds to purchase and own all permanent privileges.


VIP System


The whole world is full of competition,

But there is always someone who enjoys privilege and lives a comfortable life.


It is not so difficult to become VIPヽ(°▽、°)ノ You only need diamonds to buy it! Besides the price is really nice~ For Sliver VIP, 288 is needed, Gold 666, and Diamond only 999.


Upgrade VIP

Everyday you login, you may gain 5 points VIP Exp.. Using 100 diamonds may increase 1 point. (*︾▽︾)PS: remember to gain VIP Exp. when you login on VIP interface~


Marriage System



In the Hall, everyone publishes their personal information here. If you are attracted by someone, don’t be shy, follow him/her and flirt with flowers.



The most romantic thing I can imagine is to age with you. I would like to spend my rest of life with you. Will you marry me? Lost Lineage is also available for lovers to get married here~



Love will be stronger after you confront difficulties together. Come and defeat enemies with your spouse in Marriage Dungeon.


Ring does not only symbolize love but also increase buff.



A kit shows your love~ One day a surprise, let your spouse feel sweet all the time.


Guild System


If you want to grow and get a foothold in the world, you will need a reliable and strong organization to back you up!

A Guild is undoubtedly the most cohesive organization of all. Joining a Guild does not only provide you with various benefits, but also allows you to meet powerful partners!

Today, I will introduce how to find and join a strong guild!

You can choose your own guild. You can also choose to create your own Guild. Whether you want to be a guild president who leads, or just a member of a guild. All depend on you.


You will get to know the guild status after joining the guild.

The guild status is closely related to every guild member, and individual efforts will eventually become the driving force for the guild to grow stronger.


Everyone can contribute to the guild by donating supplies. Submission of Beast Food can summon the Guild BOSS.

Besides guild members can also donate their unwanted materials to the guild storage and receive Guild Points. Guild points can be used to exchange for the equipment and materials you need from the Guild Storage~

By donation, each guild member makes help in building up the guild. As the guild grows stronger, the guild stats will repay the guild members and make its members stronger!


Of course, there are a lot of Guild events!

If you want to upgrade fast, don’t miss the Guild Gala where you can receive massive EXP~ There is also fun poker, let’s see who is the Gambling God of Guild!

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