Lord of Heroes Guide

Lord of Heroes Guide

Lord of Heroes has a focus on collecting characters, with the combat system utilizing the familiar “stand still and use skill” format.

Heroes will not be obtained through gacha, but purchasable as a full character or obtained through game play.  


Turn-based RPG combat similar to SW or E7. One difference is that your team can change formations, which changes the amount of units in the frontline/backline, enemy target focuses, and passive buffs to units (ex. burst formation is 1 front 4 back, fills the burst gauge [character special skill] more quickly)

3 Campaign difficulties, with hard unlocked after normal, elite unlocked after hard. After completing a region, you can send units there on expeditions (afk questing) where they will come back after x time having earned some exp and items. Progressing in campaign also unlocks certain characters for free.

PVP screen shows 7 opponents for you to choose from to fight which you can refresh. You can’t put defending heroes into your offense team but you can remove them temporarily to use them when attacking and then set them back to the defense team when you’re done with literally no cool down or repercussions.

Dungeons: There are special dungeons for specific gear sets (like stun set) and for various ascending/promoting materials.

Alliance Raid: Not released


Characters start at either *3 or *4 with fire, water, earth, dark, or light elements. Some characters have elemental variations (Not a fan, personally.)

Characters are acquired through story, or purchase with 3,000 crystals, 6,000 crystals, or Renown (I think it’s called) from campaign clears

EXP pots/battling gives a unit EXP. Units can be promoted and ascended with materials from dungeons (no fodder farming here.)

Units have a weapon, chest, glove, boot, ring, and necklace slot, and gear has set bonuses for additional stats.

Gear comes from special dungeons or farmed more specifically from a region where x region drops x set. Gear gets a new substat every 4 upgrades, the usual shtick. You can also get gear from the gacha, which has a general gacha and banners specific to a class/element, or from the mystic shop.


Honor’s Club (Monthly sub pack): $4

750 crystals instantly

3000 energy per day

10% more gold from runs

10% off mystic shop purchases

Release packs: $1, $4, $9:

About 60%+ off compared to straight diamond purchses, but include some energy/gold/exp pots as well.

Character packs: $45

Seem kind of like the Newly Released Unit packs from King’s raid? Character, 6* Artifact, 1,500 Crystals, Exp pots, Gear, etc.

Packs for Skill enhancements/Class Ascension Materials: $45 (on the character recruitment page these show as $55,000 lmao)

Highest Price in the store is $45

For perspective: A 10x gear pull is 1,500 crystals. A character recruitment is 3,000 or 6,000 Crystals. Quests cost 300 energy per run.


There is one Ad spot in the game inside the mystic shop. The ad refreshes along with the shop every hour, and generally gives either energy or exp pots.

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