Last Period X Re Zero collaboration

Last Period X Re Zero collaboration

Last Period: Story of an Endless Spiral  is a mobile game. It was released in Japan in May 2016 for Android and iOS devices.

It is a RPG strategy game developed and published by Happy Elements K.K.

Players battle with a team of Periods, fighters of various classes from different realms, who combat against the evil creatures of despair called Spirals.

The young Period Haru, along with other Periods, embarks on an adventure to put an end to the sorrowful cycle and gain everlasting peace.

In the endless battle, it features cute chibi characters in SD form with flashy moving and exhilarating battle Fantasy RPG.

TV anime adaptation of the game was also aired from April 12th, 2018 to June 28th, 2018 that had twelve episodes. It was adapted by J.C.Staff

Collab with Re zero

A reprint collaboration with “Re: Life in a different world starting from zero” will be held next month! In addition to past events and reprints of calls, new units will also appear ♪ Please look forward to it!

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