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Imperial Chancellor Florentia

r/langrisser - Hero Guide - Florentia Part 1

Hailing from a reputable family and excelling as the Empire’s most influential politician, Florentia is a peerless official and a rational strategist, unlike her warrior sister. After becoming Imperial Prime Minister, Florentia is occasionally forced to make ruthless decisions for the sake of protecting her country. She may not be the best fighter, but she exerts excellent command over her soldiers and is a master of strategy.

Talent & Skill Introduction:

Talent Details

r/langrisser - Hero Guide - Florentia Part 1

Imperial Conquest

When Unit HP is at 100%, soldier stats, excluding HP, increase by 10%/15%/20%/25%. At the start of every battle, you gain 2/3/4/5 [Battle Strategies]. After taking action, if you have a Fusion Power buff, you gain 2 [Battle Strategies]. You can stack up to 10 Battle Strategies.

Before the end of your turn, after taking action, can additionally use a Battle Strategy skill once ([Rush] Increases target unit’s Mobility, [Sudden Strike] Allows the target unit to act again, or [Battle Support] Restores HP to the target unit’s soldiers.)

When Unit HP is at 100%, she gains a stat boost which can reach 25% at 6 stars. Florentia’s soldiers gain higher benefits than those of other heroes, making them even tankier when at full HP.

At max stars, she gains 5 Battle Strategies. The skill costs of these 3 Battle Strategies are not the same. These 3 skills can be cast after she takes action, and the casting range is 4 blocks. Battle Strategies can only be obtained through Florentia’s 3-Cost skill and Winning Strategy’s passive effect.

r/langrisser - Hero Guide - Florentia Part 1


Increases the target unit’s Mobility and costs 2 Battle Strategies. It can boost low-mobility heroes to 5 Mobility. This Mobility increase affects base Mobility, granting the same effect as Breeze, and it lasts for 1 turn.

Rush can be used by heroes with 3 base Mobility and no Breeze enchantment, including Florentia of course, who can use it to increase her threat range and gain the initiative in battle. If a hero is equipped with Speed Boots, they will not affect Rush’s Mobility increase effect (Bozel with Speed Boots and Rush can move 6 blocks). Heroes afflicted by a Mobility reduction effect, including self-inflicted effects, will not be covered by Rush.

However, this Mobility increase effect only lasts for 1 turn and cannot be extended by the Teddy Bear accessory (Battle Strategies do not count as support skills).

r/langrisser - Hero Guide - Florentia Part 1

Sudden Strike

Allows the target to act again and costs 5 Battle Strategies. It’s basically the same as Liana’s act again effect. A 4-star Florentia can hit two targets with her 3-Cost skill, and then allow another unit to act again. Compared with Liana’s Act Again, it has a larger range and is more efficient.

In the Apex Arena, Florentia poses even more of a threat than Liana. However, when using 5 Battle Strategies, you must be sure that the resulting action will give you the advantage. Once consumed, it is not so easy to accumulate another 5 Battle Strategies.

r/langrisser - Hero Guide - Florentia Part 1

Battle Support

Restores HP to the target unit’s soldiers and costs 1 Battle Strategy. The recovery value is 70% of HP and it increases soldier ATK by 10%. This effect can be used as a special single-target damage boost, however, it only lasts for 1 turn and cannot be extended by the Teddy Bear accessory (Battle Strategies do not count as support skills).

You can use this skill to heal soldiers. If you have Forest Priests and the Crystal enchantment, plus a weapon and accessory that boost healing, this skill can directly restore your unit to full HP.

Skill Details

r/langrisser - Hero Guide - Florentia Part 1


[Assist] Active skill. Increases the DEF of a single unit by 20%. Grants immunity to DEF & MDEF reduction and effects that prevent you from being healed. Last 2 turns.

Shield grants immunity to effects that prevent you from being healed. If Florentia is the only healer in her team, and doesn’t have any other shields, she can use this to negate healing prevention from Yusuke and other heroes.

r/langrisser - Hero Guide - Florentia Part 1

Mass Attack

[Assist] Active skill. Increases the ATK and INT of multiple units within range by 20%. Grants immunity to ATK & INT reduction and effects that silence active skills. Last 2 turns.

Mass Attack can enhance units when no Fusion Power is active. It grants immunity to silence and can be selected when you don’t have a buffer.

r/langrisser - Hero Guide - Florentia Part 1

Strategic Regroup

[Assist] Active skill. Restores the HP of multiple units within range by an amount equal to 3x the caster’s INT, dispels 1 debuff effect, and grants the effect: After battle, restores 30% of HP to soldiers. Lasts 2 turns.

This is a super powerful mass healing skill that not only dispels debuffs and heals units, it also heals soldiers after battle. The 3x INT healing effect is extremely powerful, and when used with percentage-based healing increase effects granted by equipment enchantments and soldiers, it can effectively save your tank from being killed. In addition, it can also allow Claret’s soldiers, who attack twice in a turn, to deal higher damage.

r/langrisser - Hero Guide - Florentia Part 1

Winning Strategy

[Passive] When enemies die, gain 1 [Battle Strategy] and all stats, excluding HP, of all friendly units’ soldiers are increased by 2% (up to 10%).

This grants Battle Strategies and increases soldier stats, and works well in both the Apex Arena and in clearing PvE stages.

r/langrisser - Hero Guide - Florentia Part 1

Mass Resist

[Assist] Active skill. Increases MDEF of multiple units within range by 30%. Grants immunity to stuns, effects that prevent you from being buffed, and Mobility reduction effects for 2 turns.

Against Bozel, Angelina, or in PvE, you can choose this when the enemy uses Mobility reduction effects to break Guard.

r/langrisser - Hero Guide - Florentia Part 1

Chaotic Strategy

[Magic Damage] Directly deals 0.25x damage to an enemy unit on the battlefield, dispels 2 buff effects, and renders their soldiers unable to attack. Lasts 1 turn. (This effect cannot be dispelled.)

Chaotic Strategy can debuff the enemy and render their soldiers unable to attack, making them more vulnerable to damage, and because it deals damage, it can remove some effects that depend on having full HP (such as Last Rites and the Holy Light Protection technology).

r/langrisser - Hero Guide - Florentia Part 1

Resounding Might

[Magic Damage] Grants 1 [Battle Strategy] and attacks all enemies in 3 straight lines, dealing 0.3x AoE damage and afflicting them with 1 random debuff effect. Restores HP of multiple friendly units within range equal to the caster’s INT x3 and dispels 1 debuff. If this skill hits 2 or more enemies, gain 1 additional [Battle Strategy] after battle.

This super powerful 3-Cost skill can effectively grant a Battle Strategy, reduce enemy soldiers’ stats, remove full HP effects (Last Rites, Holy Light Protection, etc.), and restore your own unit’s health, while dispelling a debuff, giving it the potential to turn the tide of battle. This skill doesn’t have to hit your opponents and can be used as a super long distance dispel and recovery skill. It can also be combined with Forest Priests to dispel two debuffs.

If you hit two or more enemies, you can get two Battle Strategies. In situations where you need to move again but are not at 6 stars, you need to hit two targets to gain more Battle Strategies. However, the positioning for this skill is relatively dangerous, so it needs to be used wisely to aid your victory, and you need to be certain of the outcome before you use it.

After attacking, because it gets rid of the enemy’s full HP status, this skill makes it easier to kill tanks, or kill or damage multiple enemies through AoE. After using your 3-Cost skill, you can directly use your 5 Battle Strategies to grant act again to increase the advantage of your other units and claim victory.

Skill Set Recommendation:


[Heal] + [Strategic Regroup] + [Resounding Might]

This is a relatively stable skill set that can be used when Florentia is the only healer in the team.

[Resounding Might] + [Winning Strategy] + [Strategic Regroup]

If you have a second healer or a support healer in the team, you can use Winning Strategy to increase your advantage in combat.

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