Kizuna AI Epic Seven collab

Kizuna AI Epic Seven collab

Who is Kizuna AI

Kizuna AI is a Female Japanese Virtual YouTuber who debuted on 29 November 2016. Kizuna is an online virtual character completely constructed using software.

She loves to talk about what she does intelligently and can be spoiled at times. She also likes to explain about the subjects she talks about. She loves dancing, singing and many others things. She is funny although not good at English but tries to communicate with her foreign fans positively. Her dream is to appear in a TV commercial.

Kizuna AI Epic Seven collab

She is aware that she is a virtual character

Kizuna AI has long brown streaked hair with pink highlights and bangs, aquamarine colored eyes and her classic clothes are white sailor suit and short pants with pink.

Kizuna AI skills epic seven

Kizuna AI Epic Seven collab

Voice actress Nozomi Kasuga provides her voice

Sizes: B85 W59 H83

Age: 16 years old

Epic seven kizuna AI collaboration

Check out this trailer on thhe official facebook of epic seven:

Cute! Fun! Fresh! Do you know whose voice this is?
The main character of the new collaboration will be revealed soon!

Will she be red blue or green ? Will she be overpowered or simply average like the recent new releases. But one thing is for sure, she will make your banks bleed 🙂

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