KingSense Best Tier list

[Explore a Futuristic World]
After a great crisis, humanity found salvation by imbuing a select few with unique abilities, creating the first SENSATES. As commander, you must guard humanity from high-tech foes, mutants, and mysterious cultists.

[Fight Alongside over 40 Sensates]
Collect over 40 different SENSATES each with their own quirks and personalities. Increase your intimacy, unlock exclusive gear for specific characters, and greatly increase your combat power.

[Engage in Tactical Combat]
Engage in combat on a 5×9 grid! Mix and match different characters to create awesome lineups! Seize the initiative and control the rhythm of battle!

[Experience an All-Star Cast]
The SENSATES are voiced by a cast of incredible voice actors and actresses who are guaranteed to enhance your gaming experience!

SS Tier:

  • K

She provides a lot of AoE damage, especially with her ultimate Skill, which deals damage to all enemies and randomly pulls five enemies to a location which provides her with a halt.

Her Kit allows you to kill multiple enemies with one skill.

She can cover the longest distance in game.


  • Lohja MR
  • Thion MR

Thion is one of the best healers in the game out there. Her ability, Sidekick, she can summon up to two sidekicks to support you.

  • Mio MR

A Tier:

  • Koubu MR

She can ignore the physical def and power resistances of units.

  • Yugimi MR
  • Shisei MR

Able to stun multiple opponents and deal massive amounts of damage

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