Kings Raid Siegfried Raid Guide

Stage 1-6 Team Composition

by Cyphaerus game id: 1513715

All members are flexible except Evan and Taily. UT1 and S1L taily, UT1 and S1L Evan.

All members minimum 1000 pblock except DPS, bracelet also recommended
Craft a secondary gear with any 3 option selector with 3 lines of pblock, craft the 4th line to pblock and enchant it with pblock from poison dragon scrolls to make a piece with 1000 pblock easily. Siegfried does 0 magic damage so leave it 0 star.

DPS and Evan are only invested units, all other 0star a0+ uw. The more the better for both evan and your dps. 

All runes except dps (standard dps runes) – Weapon 2 ptough, 1 pblock def, pblock/pdef in chest, pdodge in secondary.

Artifacts – pocket watch for evan, fantastic hybrid animals for DPS and any other artifacts that increase enemy damage taken, reduce player damage taken, increase player attack or increase player defense.

EDIT – This team is 100% auto viable but is less reliable with lower quality pocket watch on evan and has some variance on 2/3 star clears due to boss skill preference and dodge luckiness.

P.S. Plug ate my almost 3000 word guide and did not let me save a draft so if you have more questions on specific class replacements pm me in game

all heroes except pansi have at least 80k pdef and 1000 pblock with 2 ptough runes in weapons, 1 pblock def in weapon and pdef/pblock in chest and pdodge in secondary.

Gear key – artifact, gear set, uw*/ut* A0+00 – perks

Pansi – Fantastic hybrid, manticore (with bracelet), uw5/ut4 5 a2+20 – atkup, monster hunting, target weakness, pressure point, special bullet, T5 L and D

Taily – Pumpkin stuck, random pieces all 0 star except for 5 star bracelet, uw1/ut1 0 N/A – hp up, experienced fighter, battle cry, S1L S3L S4L

Talisha – Academic achievement, random pieces + 5 star bracelet, uw4 (NOT REQUIRED)/ut4 0 a0+0 – hp up, def up, monster hunting, eagle eye, S3L T5 L and D

Nia – Abyssal crown, random pieces +5 star bracelet, uw4 (not required)/ut2 0 a1+5 (not required but a1 has amp) – hp up, def up, monster hunting, vital detection, S1L T5L

Priscilla – Infernal whip, random pieces +5 star bracelet, uw2/ut2 1 a0+0 – def up, monster slaying, offensive guard, tactical foresight, S2L T5 L and D

Cain – otherworldly helm, random pieces +5 star bracelet, ut0/ut3 0 a0+0 – hp up, def up, moral rise, S2D S3L T5L

Evan – pocket watch (the higher star the better), random pieces with 5* bracelet, uw5/ut1 4 (both not required 3*/3* is fine) a1+15 (a0+0 is also fine but a1 adds extra healing and mana) – atk up, def up, goddess blessing, inner peace, S1L T5 L and D

Requina can replace talisha but she’s not as reliable as some of her debuffs have downtime and her block reduction isn’t needed or enough to solo reduce all of the block (only 500 of the 1000 on stage 1-4 or 2000 from stage5+) because of Taily. The mana reduction is moot because you should have enough pblock on all heroes to negate it. Her attack down and minor phys amp from S4D is useful but tbh even 0* talisha is much more useful. If you are not going the taily route for block reduction im sure shes required unless some dps you use ignores block somehow (yanne? idk others). Block reduction is only needed to increase your dps but again taily reduces block to 0 with 1 skill.

Annette as mechanic replacement for additional buffs and healing.

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