Kings Raid Epis Guide 2022

credits to u/NiyaSmile

Captivating Demon Epis


Single target magical damage dealer/Decent aoe magical damage dealer (with T3 s4 dark) Ignore def, block (T3 s1 dark)/assassin (PvP)


  • Dives behind enemy
  • High Burst
  • Ignore def and block (T3 s1 dark)
  • 30% magic damage amp, 20% magic def shred (T5 dark)
  • Does good in every content


  • Melee hero
  • Squishy
  • Has no CC
  • Not the best in any content
  • Mana hungry

PvE (C to S): A
Her passive allows her to be good mob clearer, has decent single target and aoe dmg. Decent in non-mob content, but far from top tier.

PvP (C to S): A
Has fast dive, Ignores def and block (with perk), can slay most burst and non-Sonia wall decks. If she appears from the right side of the screen in a match, her s1 will target the second hero in their lineup, as long as it’s melee. This bug allows her to slay Chase walls and stuff.

BD and BD hard (C to S): A
Oneshots phase 1, clears mobs from stage 2, eats big mom dragon for breakfast in phase 3, pretty strong in BD, but far from Roi or Yanne. Mine does 60-100m dps on avarage on BD T8 stage 3.

FD and FD hard (C to S): A
Does really good damage here, but can die from the paw aoe attack because she’s melee hero. If you can make her survive, she does really high damage, Recorded 70-120m dps on FD hard stage 4.

PD and PD hard (C to S): S
Has strong aoe and single target damage to clear all phases of the dragon. As long as she survives, she’s godlike here.

WB1 (C to S): B
She does okay here, but her dmg is far, far from superior. She can provide amp and shred but she’s not worth a WB1 hero slot.

WB3 (C to S): A
She does really good here, but is not Seria godlike tier. She has the ignore def skill, needed in WB3 and amp for the team

GC1 (C to S) : A
It’s like WB1, but with the difference that you can’t shred his def, so she does a lot better here. Still not competitive with Kara and Laudia tho.

Adventure (C to S) : Literal God
Adventure is the only place where Epis really shines. As long as you can keep her alive, she will do amazing damage. Period.

Other contents are not shown, because they are either made for physical or aoe heroes.

Skills and perks

Absorbing Blow (2 Mana, 12 sec cooldown):
Deals M.DMG that ignores enemy DEF, and heals 25% of DMG as HP.
S1 Light: When there is 1 enemy, DMG is boosted by 100%
S1 Dark: Ignores enemy block

Nightmare (2 Mana/3 Mana with s2 dark, 8 sec cooldown):
Moves behind the furthest enemy and deals M.DMG. Hit enemies take 30% increased M.DMG for 10 sec.
S2 Light: Mana cost is reduced by 1
S2 Dark: Mana consumption is increased by 1, and upon using the skill, ‘Absorbing Blow’ is activated. Cannot use when there are no enemies in range.

Devil’s prom (4 Mana/3 Mana with UT3, 20 sec cooldown):
Deals M.DMG to all enemies in range. Gains CC immunity while using this skill.
S3 Light: Dmg is increased by 40%
S3 Dark: Takes 50% reduced dmg while using this skill

Harvest (Passive):
When an enemy is killed by this hero, ATK is increased for 12 sec, and all skill cooldown is reduced by 30%.
S4 Light: Each stack increases mana recovery per second by 50%
S4 Dark: While stack number is higher than 5, Mana is always at 100% and cooldowns are decreased by an additional 1 sec per each sec.

T5 Dark:
All of Epis’s attacks decrease the M.DEF of hit enemies by 20% for 10 sec. ATK rises by 2% per each enemy hit. Maximum stack number is 10.

Epis Best Gears

Epis best Build

Unique Weapon: 3 x ATK % runes OR 2 x ATK% & 1 MP per ATK
Unique Treasure: UT1 is far superior to all other UTs.
Black Dragon/Lava/Manticore(PvE)/Hero suppression (PvP) set: Almost all gear sets work for Epis, depends on how you use her, If you don’t use BD better get a mana battery or some mp ATK lines/rune.

ATK SPD : 1000-1480 (1600 for PvP)
Depending on how much spd buffers you have, build more or less ATK spd.
Penetration : 0
Epis ignores def, so pen is not worth it to take.
Life Steal : 0-120
Epis has self heal kit. Only take lifesteal as a line if you randomly got it, don’t aim for lifesteal anywhere.
Crit Chance : 450+
Depending on the perks you take, your stats sheet crit may be between 450 and 1000, for example, 450+150 (opportune strike)+ 150 (goddess blessing priest T2)+250 (Annette s2 overcharge)
ATK/CrDMG : Get 3/1 crit dmg/ATK ratio because Epis UW/UT1/T5 dark/S4 gives her a lot of attack
MP/Attack: 0-460 (1000+ for PvP)
This is up to personal preference and whether you are running Laias/Shea or not. I run 0 mp/ATK and no mana battery, so I have to use braizer.
Fire Dragon Set: This set could work too, replace the Crit Chance lines for MP/attack lines.Transcendence perks

PvE (Dragons, Adventure, Guild Conquest and World Boss)

  • ATK UP
  • Monster hunting
  • Target Weakness
  • Opportune Strike (optional)
  • S1 light (Drop for T5 dark in WB3, still not optimal, but no better perk to take/Swap for s4 dark in adventure)
  • S2 dark
  • T5 Light
  • T5 Dark(optional)


  • ATK UP
  • HP UP
  • Target Weakness (If 95 TP)
  • Opportune Strike
  • S1 dark
  • S2 light/dark depending on your preference
  • T5 light

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