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Kalpa of Universe 

is a turn-based strategy RPG developed by ZlongGames.

Characters with five elements and different skills can be assembled. Use different favorable landscapes to defeat enemies and gain experience points.

Besides the main storyline, players can also challenge and complete side tasks. Players can visit different villages, and the choices made by players will alter the universe of the game. 

Kalpa of universe game play

In the game, each level is a battle of chess. Players need to manipulate their own characters who act once in each round to complete a variety of level goals including destroying the enemy, protecting the friendly army, maintaining enough rounds, and reaching the designated location. 

According to the standard of mobile war chess RPG, the screen of the mobile game “Heaven and Earth” is commendable, and it can be said that it is close to the level of console games. 

More importantly, the game has a more Chinese style of art and graphics “Chinese style” is also reflected in the settings, such as the Yufeng class with higher mobility Characters can use “light skills” to climb over cliff terrain.

Yufeng type characters can traverse terrain that ordinary characters cannot reach and arrive at the battlefield in advance

In the mobile game “Heaven and Earth Tribulation”, the difference of “chess” is reflected in different attribute values ​​and skills. Different characters have a character trait and can carry 3 alternative skills, including active skills and passive skills. 

There are two sets of attribute restraint relationships between chess pieces. Ice, thunder, and fire form a triangular restraint relationship from left to right, and light and darkness restrain each other.

In terms of character attribute setting, the mobile game “Heaven and Earth” takes into account the background setting of the characters. For example, Bing Li, Xiahouyi, and Huangfushen in “Youcheng Magic Sword Record” are set separately For the mutual restraint of ice, fire and thunder, this coincides with the fate of the characters in the story.

Compared with the stand-alone war chess RPG, the mobile game “Heaven and Earth” has been simplified in many aspects. The “simplification” here is not derogatory, but more of a feature. It shortens the battle process on the basis of maintaining the fun of fighting RPG, and at the same time makes the operation more suitable for mobile terminals. 

On the one hand, its game characters do not have full-screen active skills like the stand-alone war chess RPG, and can only assign 3 skills in the skill grid at most; on the other hand, the number of moving grids is also compressed to a certain extent. At the beginning of the game, the 3 grid movement distance is the most common.

For mobile war chess RPGs, the limitation of movement distance means controlling the scale of the game. For example, the characters in “Fire Emblem: Heroes” generally have low mobility, which allows the battle to be reduced to one screen, and the playing time is much shorter than that of “Fire Emblem”-for hands In terms of tourism, proper abbreviation is indeed necessary. From the experience of the test version, the scale and time-consuming of the mobile game of “Heaven and Earth” is not fixed, and it is generally between “Fire Emblem: Heroes” and most single-player RPGs.

Like a stand-alone war chess RPG such as “The Legend of Gods and Demons”, the map scale of the mobile game “Heaven and Earth” also has a gradual increase. At the beginning of the game, most levels can be quickly ended. As the game progresses, more Various maps will gradually appear. Taking the mobile game of “Dream Simulated Warfare” as a reference, more complicated large-scale maps may also appear in the middle and late stages of the mobile game of “Heaven and Earth”.

There are battles of different scales in the game at the same time, and they all have their own value: smaller battles are helpful for “storytelling”, and larger battles test the strategy of war chess games.
The poster related to “Youcheng Magic Sword Record” of the mobile game “Heaven and Earth” shows a different style from the original.
The original plot will be reproduced in the mobile game
Of course, the original plot is also a big selling point of mobile games

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