Inuyasha Awakening Tier list

Inuyasha Awakening Tier list

Join Inuyasha and Kagome’s journey to find Shikon Jewel before the great demon has it and destroys our world!

▪️Original Story of Inuyasha
Original story from Manga and Anime Inuyasha with original content.
Join in the Adventure of Inuyasha and Kagome to find the Shikon no Tama
Enjoy the beautiful story of Inuyasha

▪️Action RPG system!
Cool Action RPG system with great skill animations and effects!
Beat all demons with Combo Skill from your heroes!

▪️Awesome PVP System!
Real-Time PVP battle, challenge other players in real-time matchmaking! Defeat all enemies and be the Greatest Heroes in the world!

▪️Wish System
Recruit your Powerfull heroes with Wish and Blessing from the Priestess, start your journey with Powerful Teams!

▪️Various Mode Battle and Gameplay
Story Mode, Treasure Hunt, Mountain Hakurei, Shikon no Tama, and many more challenges await you!

▪️Build your Best Team to defeat all enemies!
Gather all Powerful heroes and make your team
Evolve your Heroes and make them more powerful
Equip your team with Great Weapons

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Inuyasha awakening Tier List:

Kikyo SS

Tsukoyomaru SS

Kagura SS

Toran SS

Inuyasha SS

Sesshomaru SSS

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