Ikki Tousen extra burst guide

Ikki Tousen extra burst guide

The game follows the world settings of the series, which revolves around a group of high school students who inherit the power of the ancient fighters.

Players will play as one of the fighters selected by Magatama, which contain the spirits and essence of warriors from the era of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China. You accidentally become the head of the fighters and have to lead them to battle against the mysterious creatures.

The battle system features an auto mode with a maximum of 12 characters joining the fights simultaneously. The characters are differentiated as Forward, Midfielder, and Defender, and their skills will be crucial to win the battles.

Players will be able to unleash the character’s ultimate skills when the skill gauge reaches to its fullest. Live 2D cutscene (for SSR characters) will be available when their ultimate skills are unleashed.

Apart from the main story quests, free quests and boss raids are also available. You can also increase the intimacy level of the fighter and unlock their individual story.

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