How to have a good cheap meal in Singapore

Eatigo – Allows you to make reservations and enjoy a flat discount. It’s basically a load balancing tool for the restaurants. You get bigger discounts if you can go at off peak periods. If you go at, say, 1130 AM for lunch, you can get 50% off at some very good restaurants. They also have some promotions, where if you make X reservations (usually 3-5) within a month, they give you $10-20 for buying eatigo vouchers. Used to be capitamall vouchers, but eh.

Chope – Used to be a pure reservation site, but has since transitioned a bit to do some load balancing too. But instead of flat discount, you’ll have to pre-purchase coupons at a discount instead under Chope Deals. Also offers other promotions like 1-for-1s, credit cards, etc. List of venues and promotions available is rather extensive. They also have a Tuesday sales where promotions are even better. Also, they’re having a birthday sale right now.

You also get 100 points for each reservation. 400 = $10 voucher, 1000 = $30

HungryGoWhere – Honestly, after Singtel bought them over, it seems to have gotten worse. But, still, they are now offering hungry deals now, where you get promotions for, usually, telcos and credit cards.

Fave – Used to be Groupon and used to be awesome. Now the deals are mostly crap. But, still, you can probably find some useful ones now and then. Also have FavePay, where you get X% cash back if you pay with it, but list of vendors in the program seems small.

Qoo10 – I seldom use this one, but you’ll get some small and good promotions now and then. Like $10 for 4 jollibean pancakes + 2 drinks sort of thing. Usually not actual restaurants.

Grab App – Only for the App (I think). Similar to Qoo10, usually small items, like 1-for-1 pre-purchase Udders ice cream. Also has Grab Pay, similar to FavePay, but with more vendors.

Entertainer with HSBC – You used to have to pay like $70 to get Entertainer for 1 year, but HSBC has a promotion that with their cards, you get free access to a more limited Entertainer. This one gives you various promotions, usually 1-for-1, but you can only use them 2 times for that restaurant in a year. I feel that this deserves mentioning because the vendors in this program is actually quite good and extensive.

Burple Beyond – Similar to Entertainer that it runs on membership fees. But the list of restaurants seem much larger. I have less chances of dining out now, but it seems quite worth it.

Treatsure– An oddball on this list. This app is geared more to reducing food wastage. Using this app, you can get a box for $10 at one of a few buffets near closing time, and you tabao food back. You might find this working out, but I probably won’t because I working in bloody TUAS.

Me Club Feast – Seems to be a more general lifestyle app that operates similar to Entertainer.

Offpeak – Similar to eatigo, seems to have a smaller list, though.

Quandoo – Pure reservation site. Each 1k points (which is about 10 reservations) get you $15 cashback

Finally, not a direct discount, but this grants a cash back

Shopback – This basically tracks your purchase and browsing habit, but it gives you 1-2 dollars every time you make reservations in Eatigo/HGW via Shopback. Also gives x% back if you purchase chope deals, fave coupons, etc through it. Supports other purchases like fashion/electronics, but you’ll have to check out the list yourself.

Shopback -> Shopee -> Chope Vouchers .

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